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  1. Announcement: Scammers are selling the FDN coin which is not supported by our network, they have sent personal message to potential buyers to spoil the Project Reputation.So, Private Sale , Bounty-Referral System is postponed for now. Links will be taken down.Stay updated for further updates about fixing this issue. Also please be safe that all your balances are safe and we will make everything possible in our capacity to make the project in the right track with supporting peoples. Any FDN transaction from now onwards and those bought from scam pools will be invalidated. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any other questions. If you are associated with 1pool we are sorry for your loss. Those mining pool which are supporting us , contact us as soon as possible. Thank you Fundin Team
  2. The wait is over, PRIVATE SALE IS OPEN JOIN US HERE
  3. Our Official Website We're very happy to unveil Private Sale, we'll accept: BTC, DASH, PIVX and LTC. Private Sale starts on : 28/11/2018 Private Sale ends on : 31/12/2018 Week 1 Bonus. : 10% Week 2-3 Bonus. :5%

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