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  1. Considering doing an ICO? Read our new blog post on ICO features to consider: https://tokenmint.io/blog/ICO-features-to-consider.html
  2. New blog post to help you choose the best web3-enabled Ethereum wallet (for interaction with dapps): Ethereum Wallets Guide We've selected wallets for Android and iOS too.
  3. Promo period: price is now $29.99 for ERC-20 and ERC-223 tokens! Go to https://tokenmint.io
  4. Hello CCT community, we started a token mint service to help people with no coding skills mint their own Ethereum tokens. Currently we support: ERC20 standard tokens ERC223 standard tokens. You'll need to have Metamask extension in your browser, or just your wallet app running in background. You can watch our demo video to see how simple it is. DEMO VIDEO Here's the link: https://tokenmint.io We want to hear from you what you think, how we can improve our service, and general feedback.

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