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  1. Yes, contact us on discord for further details about our bounty program...
  2. PLACEHOLDERS (PHL) UPDATE as of November 7, 2018: Coin Cap: 10.5M Presale: 0 Premine: 0 Circulating Supply: = Coin Supply: 2007101 Proof of Work: Sha256 Difficulty Re-targeting: Dark Gravity Wave ICO Hard Cap: Not applicable Max Supply: 10.5M FROM: 2) Zero premine - just started in april - still less than 1% of the total supply has been mined. 7) GPU / Asic resistant coin 9) Artifact loader is coming by December 12) Version 2 coming in early 2019 with major upgrades. TO: 2) Zero premine - just started in april - still less than 20% of the total supply has been mined. 10+ Signed Artifacts 7) GPU / Plan to make Asic resistant coin 9) Thin Client Artifact Loader delivered in October. Thick Client Artifact Loader planned release early 2019 12) DONE, and done ahead of schedule.
  3. Our coin is NOT listed to any exchanges yet, this is a high-risk coin but might have a huge upside and we have active Community it has active developers on the project.
  4. @fitsbach Please join our discord channel https://discordapp.com/invite/m5EFJaJ, I'm NOT a miner that's why I can't tell you why but our supportive developers are there even our active miners, they can answer your question accurately.....
  5. Hi everyone, We launched a new altcoin called Placeholders (PHL) COIN DETAILS: ICO NAME: Placeh.io Website: http://www.placeh.io Faucet:http://www.placeh.io Coin Cap: 21 Million Coin Supply: 1706601.18756223 as of 2018-10-07 Consensus Algorythm: PoW (Proof of Work) Blockchain Explorer URL: http://explore.placeh.io:8080/exp-1.0-SNAPSHOT Mining Pool: Description: Open Source Fork of Bitcoin Token name: Placeholders Token symbol PHL Token abbreviation: Þ Used blockchain (Ethereum, Omni, building a new one, other): Bitcoin How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects: Adding certain mutability to designated fieldsets in an otherwise immutable blockchain. ICO Hard Cap: 21 Million Price per token: 0.00395 USD Associated Blockchain Platform: Bitcoin ICO Category / Industry: Business / Research and Development Token Type: Mineable / PoW / Coin Does your ICO require KYC: No Which countries cannot participate in the ICO: None Max Supply: 21 Million ICO Round:(Pre?Main? Pre,Main?)N/A Start bonus: N/A Location: North America / Canada Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH Are the Team Tokens locked/vested? No When are token issued? As mined (Feb 11 2018) What will be the Token Usage / Token Role? The token will enable holders to send secure containers or "artifacts" of data. What role does blockchain technology play? The blockchain enables a record of the artifacts transit and revision history to be view-able and audit-able. Token type: Utility token Total Supply: 21 Million Premine: Zero Block Time: 10 Minutes Coin Creation Process: PoW (+ PoS TBA) Roadmap: {Coming maybe} Circulating Supply: (~200K) See block explorer TXfee per transactions? the user can choose how much they would like to set the fee at, the default fee is 0.01 PHL Here’s a couple of reasons why you might want to consider holding our coin: 1) Low circulating supply 2) Zero premine - just started in april - still less than 1% of the total supply has been mined. 3) Bounty program 4) Unique functionality/project 5) Functioning block explorer, active miners 6) Low barrier to entry for "the little guy" 7) GPU / Asic resistant coin 8) Fast growing community of wallet holders. 9) Artifact loader is coming by December 10) Proven track record on reaching milestones and deliverables. 11) Coin launched in "Satoshies way" as opposed to a premine. 12) Version 2 coming in early 2019 with major upgrades. 13) Paper wallet solution 14) Mobile wallet (in development - unstable alpha already released) 15) Virtual box clustering scheduled for mid 2019 16) Passed the PoC stage Here’s our Bounty Program details: 1. 150 PHL will be offered to the next 20 those who host a full node. 2. 1K PHL for the first other person to host a block explorer for placeh 3. And other bounty program just contact us thru discord if your interested We also LAUNCHED a new feature called ATOMIC SWAP so Placeholders (PHL) can easily be converted into Bitcoin (BTC) or vice versa. Example: PHL TO BTC PHL TO LTC PHL TO RVN PHL TO ETH PHL TO BTC TO Other coins (Check out placeh.io website for details) So hurry up grab a slot because it’s convertible into money (BTC/LTC/ETH/RVN ETC) Check out http://www.placeh.io to download mining kit, placeh wallet, and android wallet….. And lastly for GPU MINERS, Are you looking for a new altcoin to mine? Placeholders (PHL) is ready to mine and can easily be converted to BTC or other coins you preferred with our special features called ATOMIC SWAP wherein you can convert the coin you mined into BTC or other coins you preferred. Coin Update: Coin Supply: 1793701.43342173 as of 2018-10-21 Blockchain Explorer URL: http://explore.placeh.io:8080/exp-1.0-SNAPSHOT Mining Pool: Algorithm (Algo): sha256 (equihash / 256 variant - a forkgen fork) GPU mining: ccminer.exe [Use connection string: ccminer.exe -a sha256d -o stratum+tcp:// -u FRjsZ19dpsAuRRJRLVCAH9HBciujtr8DBZ -p x (Change address)] Price per token: 0.00395 USD Here are some SWAP EXAMPLES of how to interface with the placeh network to perform the desired swap/exchange. Please be aware that the spread between bid and ask is large and as the price volatility decreases the spread will close in towards equilibrium. SELL PHL SWAP 10000 PHL TO BTC SWAP 5000 PHL TO BTC SWAP 1000 PHL TO BTC SWAP 500 PHL TO BTC SWAP 250 PHL TO BTC SWAP 150 PHL TO BTC SWAP 100 PHL TO BTC BUY PHL SWAP 0.1 BTC TO PHL SWAP 0.05 BTC TO PHL SWAP 0.02 BTC TO PHL SWAP 0.01 BTC TO PHL SWAP 0.005 BTC TO PHL SWAP 0.0025 BTC TO PHL SWAP 0.0015 BTC TO PHL Example: PHL TO BTC PHL TO RVN PHL TO LTC PHL TO Other coins (Check out placeh.io website for details) Check our website (www.placeh.io) for other informations like Atomic Swap conversion links, gpu mining software, pool software, Placeh wallet etc For other concerns kindly join our discord channel (https://discordapp.com/invite/m5EFJaJ) (We have active community with active developers as well) or email us at http://[email protected]

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