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  1. I will share the CPS Coin Withdrawal Tutorial to exchange with other coins. Tutorial with pictures to make it easier to read. It's easy to do, and the interesting process doesn't take long. After the CPS coin is already in the exchange, please save it first or want to exchange it directly with another coin. The requirement to get this tutorial is very easy, just by being my ref on this account https://m.365.stream/r/114021, register until the account is verified. Then PM me with the email and the account ID, if the email and ID have been verified then the tutorial will be sent directly to the email address you are PM. If interested please click on this link https://m.365.stream/r/114021 If in the tutorial anyone does not understand I will help until I can. Once again the PM email and ID do not reply to this thread for the sake of data security. Thanks. https://m.365.stream/r/114021

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