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  1. Hello crypto community. A few weeks ago, I posted on this forum about a Bloomberg-like crypto trading terminal, that will give real-time info to traders with trading functionality over 60+ exchanges and received positive & valuable feedback. We launched v1.0.0. a few days ago to our users. It's on this forum that I get the best advice and I'd like to know what you guys think about this. Web version of the terminal(with limited functionalities): terminal.cryptocontrol.io Downloadable version: content.cryptocontrol.io/terminal While developing this, I realized it was becoming more of a tool & I want to make this more of a community of traders. So, I was thinking giving away CCIO tokens to anybody who can help me grow the community by doing positive actions like submitting research papers, or helping the community grow in any way (referral, submissions, survey, signups, etc). CCIO token will pay out monthly dividends from the revenue of my entire company, CryptoControl.io Your honest opinions are appreciated!
  2. Hello guys, so I was using the Bloomberg terminal a few weeks ago & realized how under-utilized the crypto trading space was. So I decided to make something like the Bloomberg terminal but for crypto. Today, I'm launching the alpha of the terminal. You can download it from the github repository; https://github.com/cryptocontrol/trading-terminal/releases Currently the terminal allows traders to view charts and perform arbitrage across Bitfinex, Binance and Bittrex. I'm looking to add 30+ exchanges in the coming week and more than 100+ data points. I'd very much like to know your suggestions on this.
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I am Ena Marley, an independent singer, composer, and songwriter. I have always loved to write songs following the art of storytelling. Now I have created a platform where people can directly submit their stories to me, and I can create the lyrics of the songs based on them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDtWvB1XWUY

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