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  1. We've already found the solution of this problem. Just follows the news of our project.
  2. We strive to add all the necessary features for miners. You can try to test, and then leave me a review, what else would you like to see.
  3. Minerboard is a software for management and monitoring mining Minerboard is currently implemented only with free accounts and contains the following functionality: -All-in-one dashboard -The ability to connect an unlimited number of any kind of devices -Tools for managing and configuring hardware groups -A comprehensive device analytics (hashrate and shares for each algorithm, uptime for each of the connected devices, ,locations of devices, consumed electricity, pools, balance and etc.) -Display of collected information in the form of graphs -Application and configuration of almost all mining software parameters. -Ability to expand the list of mining devices and algorithms -Equipment sharing platform that allows you grant access for minerboard users with payment in n% of device capacity -Presence of user settings (alerts, tags and etc.) -Affiliate program -No need to buy any additional equipment for connection to Minerboard More details about the project can be found on our website or on bitcointalk. We will be glad if you join us! If you have any questions during the registration, please contact our online consultant, we also advise you not to skip the tutorial when registering.
  4. Why this telegram group is better than others.
  5. Some time passed and nothing changes. So dogecoin isn't a good investment.
  6. I think in the same way. It's worth to trade cryptocurrency
  7. I think yes. Because I prepare to believe in the idea and don't want to speculate with btc. So I invested in it and now I keep holding😃
  8. I'd like to invest 30 % in BTC, 30 % - in popular altcoin and 20 % in altcoin that I'll choose by myself as a more promising. And others I invest in deposit and fiat.
  9. No people are completely without emotions, including investors.
  10. Only analysis, analysis and analysis will help you choose a successful ICO.
  11. I stopped looking for such new groups. There are really a lot of them at the moment.

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