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  1. I see that hedging the risks in the crypto world is still not quite possible, as this market is still gaining its pace. Short sale is still not possible, although future are, so majority of small traders need to rely simply on their assumptions on the future price moves.
  2. Bitcoin is a “cryptocurrency.” Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are competing against existing money to replace them with a truly global currency. Ethereum is a “token.” What Bitcoin does for money, Ethereum does for contracts. Ethereum’s innovation is that is allows you to write Smart Contracts.
  3. No. Also, there are no standard tools for trade automation. Thousands of robots have been developed for MT4, none of them can be used on the exchange. On the exchange, all operations are performed manually, if you are not a high-level programmer and are not able to write programs to access the open API of the exchange.
  4. The London spot fix is a daily price per ounce for each of the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) determined daily by a brief conference call among the five members of the London Gold Pool, The London spot fix price is the price fixed at the moment when the conference meeting ends.
  5. I always have a huge interest in the action thrillers and Call of Duty is one of the best in this regard. I would recommend you people to play this game and you would love the fan film related to it as well. I am it will derive your interest towards it!
  6. Yes, people try to bash on the Bitcoin by their curse words but the Bitcoin takes benefit of that as these bashing news are the real publicity of the Bitcoin. By the way, it is really wrong to bash anything in this world. So, please do not waste your time in such activities!
  7. Hello. I like to welcome you to this amazing forum on behalf of the members. This is a really good forum. You can talk about anything in here. The members are really good and polites. They will provide you with insightful knowledge. So, be comfortable as you can and express yourself truely here.
  8. I am an entrepreneur and I love to participate in these contests as a single win can take you above the horizon. You have to work hard in order to compete well with other participants. But, if you have the skills and knowledge then you can win them quite easily. Thank you
  9. Artificial Intelligence is quite amazing innovation in the field of the technology. It will be the future's most reliable technology in all sectors of the life. I have huge interest in the future prospects of AI in the trading world. What do you people think about it?

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