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  1. Under the current situation that Chinese citizens generally lack financial knowledge, most people’s understanding of investment is limited to real estate speculation and stock market. Real estate speculation is also due to the need for life, the development policy and urbanization process since China's reform and opening up. These made a cognitive behavior for Chinese. The Chinese stock market is like a playground for giants and powerful people. It is more like an abyss that can't be entered for ordinary people. So, what investment methods are suitable for ordinary people who have a poor understanding of financial knowledge? I believe that the most important thing is to understand the two core points of investment: First, the investment target must be beneficial to society. Second, the investment target is a new thing that a few people know. The first point is linked to risk awareness. As time goes by, those industries that are beneficial to society will continuously rise. This is an inevitable trend. The second point is linked to the benefits. Only a few people know that the marginal benefits can be maximized and the best return on investment can be obtained. Bitcoin, born in 2011, its underlying technology(blockchain) has become a revolutionary technology that is transforming the global financial order. As everyone knows, the maximum limit for Bitcoin is 21 million, each of which can be divided into 10 squares, and the mining revenue is halved every four years. So far, 17 million coins have been mined, so the last bitcoin will be dug in 2140. After that, according to the Bitcoin agreement, no coins can be dug. The problem here is that not all of the 17 million bitcoins can be traded. According to a research report by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, about 4 million bitcoins are currently lost and cannot be retrieved. The main reason is the loss of private keys. This means that the 4 million bitcoins cannot participate in real circulation, it just be displayed in the data of circulation. Therefore, we can understand that the total amount of bitcoin involved in circulation in the world is about 13 million, which means that the total amount of bitcoin will be less than 21 million. So it will become even more rare. According to Statista, as of the end of September 2018, the number of bitcoin wallets registered in the blockchain exceeded 28 million, but the number of truly active wallets is less than 40%. Currently, the global population is 7.6 billion, that is, as long as one has Bitcoin, he/she has surpassed 99.9% of the world. Based on the above data, it can be concluded that Bitcoin, born in 2011, is a relatively stable investment option. But for most Chinese citizens, whose monthly income is below 10,000 Yuan, fixed investment is the best choice. The bitcoin price of is 45,094 RMB when the author is writing the article. Even though it is calculated by 45,000 yuan and the monthly fixed investment is 0.05 piece of Bitcoin, it is 2250 yuan. That is not more than half of the monthly income. It is a safe strategy. 1.2 bitcoins will be held in two years in the way of investment, and as the price of bitcoin fluctuates, the monthly investment amount will fluctuate. Bitcoin price have fallen by 72% from the peak of $22,618 at the beginning of the year to the current $6,380, and the long-term bear market may be the best time to enter. A Harvard scholar predicted that bitcoin prices could exceed $100,000 by February 2021, and the price is nearly 16 times higher than the current price. The scholar announced that Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to follow Moore's Law. In an email to Business Insider, investor Dennis Porto said that after analyzing the performance of Bitcoin, Bitcoin is the "first" currency that follows the rules of encryption technology. As every country constantly improve their cryptocurrency policies and do more construction on the ecological application of Bitcoin, the value of Bitcoin will also rise as time goes by. Whether it is investment or the cultivation of personal values, it should be a long-term goal, taking time as the most important wealth to accumulate more value. Forward-looking people can see five or even ten years of future financial technology development. They are either entrepreneurs or investors and their discount factor are also much higher than ordinary people.
  2. Vena Network is an open protocol for tokenized asset financing and exchange. We are building a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network, in which everyone can process P2P cryptocurrency collateral lending and OTC trading anytime and anywhere, enabling free exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. The investors and partners include DigiFinex, KuCoin, tekrise, F’enhance, vipexc, etc. Know more: Website:https://vena.network/en Telegram:https://t.me/vena_network you can follow us in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. just by searching ”Vena Network“. Vena will start ICO in the end of October or the beginning of November, on three platforms: TOKENPLUS, Leek ICO and KICKICO. The way to participate is very simple. You only need to register the ICO platform and complete the ID verification. Here is the detailed guidance for Leek ICO: 1. Visit the website Website: https://www.leekico.com/ 2. Register Click the “REGISTER” button after you enter the website. Register with email, and set logging in password and trading password. Pay attention that there must be upper case, lower case and number in logging in password, and logging in password should differ from trading password. 3. ID verification After register, click “IDENTITY VERIFICATION”. Fill the blanks to enter information. Be attention that a photo with you holding your ID/Passport and a note with phrase “LEEKICO” + current date is also needed. The information should be clear and complete in the photo. One workday is needed to verify. 4. Start the purchase After the verification is done, you can get back to the main page, and there is a ICO project list. You click the project you want and you can start the purchase. Code of Lucky Draw: AONUFQMA Use the code in VENA LUCKY DRAW
  3. Recently, T2Lab Lab and Consensus Index Institute released a new market research report. In the report, combined with the market response and the opinion of the opinion leaders, the company officially released the “China Top Ten Blockchain Projects” and “Annual Potential Projects Lists". Vena Network was selected as one of China's top ten blockchain projects with its professional technology and operational strength. The agency expects the blockchain technology market to grow to $2.3 billion by 2021. It is also expected that the global blockchain solution market will reach $10 billion by 2020. In the context of the current global economic recovery, those blockchain projects that are working hard are being highlighted from the big environment. So what are the blockchain technology service companies that deserve our attention? This time, we will focus on the project's technical maturity and the ability of blockchain technology to design solutions in specific business scenarios. The selected list has certain reference significance and can be used by industry professionals and blockchain investors for reference. Top 1 Huobi Even though there are many product problems such as exchanges, high-priced coins and other rumors that rumored out of the fire coins, the fire coins became the first place in this selection. The main reason is that the ability of Huobi to integrate product matrices, technical strength, and technology with offline business scenarios is very prominent. On the one hand, the exchange is positioned as a “one-stop platform for blockchain + industrial services”, and it has jurisdiction over the Huobi Research Institute, China Huobi University, Huobi Labs (Lab), Huobi Talents, Huobi Counselors. The five major business divisions of the law forest provide consulting, training, technology, incubation, talents and legal services for the industry. The Science and Technology Department of Hainan Province invited the fire coins to settle in Hainan, and also showed good political and commercial relations with the fire coins. Under the policy conditions of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong), the fire currency has a high probability of achieving more breakthroughs in technical practice, helping the blockchain to enter more enterprises and create practical technical practices. Top 2 Vena Network VENA is a foundation project registered in Singapore, but its technical headquarters is located in China. VENA describes an open protocol based on blockchain. Protocol users can define a series of decentralized asset-issuing methods in accordance with the rules of the contract, helping offline asset-winding. At the same time, financial activity rules such as lending and trading are also part of the VENA platform trading market. We know that cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly popular payment solution that meets the requirements of the digital economy. However, the security of funds and how the funds are connected with digital currency has always been an area that is difficult to break through. VENA's technical team consists of the original financial big data company team, which has strong strength in risk control, compliance and product definition. This helped them get a high score. In addition, VENA investors include well-known institutions such as Capital and HOMERUN, and their team has been widely recognized. At present, VENA has achieved very good results in investment and financing, user financing and other businesses. TOP 3 NEO The US independent rating agency, Weiss Ratings, once gave the A-A rating to the Small Ant Project, which made NEO the only A-class encrypted digital currency in the world. Bitcoin and Ethereum have not been reached. I have a lot of criticisms at one time and think this is a public relations event. However, the high popularity of small ants in the world is an objective fact. The research report reveals that small ants have strong technical strength. Formally established in 2014, real-time open source in Github in June 2015, NEO as a non-profit community-based blockchain project, using blockchain technology and digital identity for asset digitization, using intelligent contracts to automate the management of digital assets To achieve the combination of digital assets + digital identity + smart contracts, this is also the signboard of the smart economy. TOP 4 Bitmain Recently, Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd. officially released the first 28nm cloud chip BM1880 to the outside world. Also released are the cloud-based artificial intelligence chip BM1682's counting intelligent server SA3, embedded AI mini-machine SE3, 3D face recognition intelligent terminal and BM1880-based development board, AI module, baton and other products. Together, these new products and chips form an AI solution. Bitmain is listed in Hong Kong, and its financial strength allows it to build its own moat system and carry out technological research and development and innovation. Bitmain's sales revenue is divided into four major parts, namely mining machine sales, mining pool operations, mine services and self-operated mining. These four businesses are also very competitive. In particular, the mining machine sales contributed more than 940 million US dollars. Together with the other three, Bitcoin's sales revenue in the first half of this year was 1.03 billion US dollars, and its net profit reached 742 million. TOP 5 BYTOM Compared with Bytom, it recently won the second place in the global blockchain hackathon launched by COSMOS, which is also the best result of the Chinese team. This shows that the team's technical strength has been recognized by the credibility agency. Bytom is expanding the market in the United States, Japan and South Korea. At the same time, Bytom has passed the US Securities Regulatory Commission Howey Test certification, and will further promote legal compliance operations on a global scale. The company Blockchainer aims to be the chief market partner of the blockchain industry, serving the global blockchain format, providing objective, scientific and innovative perspectives, providing the development of blockchains in the world of theory and practice. Government supervision and support policies, community development level, new company development direction and level, etc., release future direction data and reports and create cutting-edge innovative organizations of ecological communities. As a member of the International Economic Digital Alliance's governing unit, The Blockchainer is obligated and capable of promoting the ecological development of the global blockchain and contributing to the global influence of the Chinese blockchain. To be continued. Join Vena Network Community: Official Website: http://www.vena.network/en Telegram: https://t.me/vena_network Twitter: https://twitter.com/VenaProtocol
  4. Lending behavior is very common in our lives, and each of us is intentionally or unintentionally related to lending behavior. The lending behavior is also accompanied by risks. The degree of risk is determined by various factors of the lending behavior, such as the amount of loan, the quality of the borrower, and the interest rate, etc. Among them, the loan period is also a very important factor, and the impact on lending behavior is in all aspects. First, the loan period will affect the interest rate. We all know that, in general, the longer the loan period lasts, the higher the interest rate is. On one hand, the longer the funds are lent, the greater the risk that the loaner will bear. On the other hand, because the funds are loaned out, it means that the funds have completely lost their liquidity and can’t be used for other investments or production & operation. This is why interest exists: to pay “liquidity compensation” to the loaner. The longer the loan period lasts, the longer the liquidity loss, and the greater the liquidity compensation is required. However, one of the exceptions is short-term bridge funding. For a variety of reasons, companies or individuals may need a very short-term funding, which may be as short as a few days or ten days. According to what we said above, the interest on such loans should be low, but in fact it is not. The interest rate of such short-term funds may be very high. The reason is that the loan period is very short, and if the interest rate is also very low, the loaner can receive little interest after the loan behavior, so the willingness of the loaner to provide funds is very low. On the other hand, such short-term funds are often used for turnover, and failing to finance may cause very large losses, so the borrower's demand is strong. As a result, the demand of the supply side is very weak, and the demand of the borrower is very strong, in order to reach a transaction, the price has to be raised - in the case of lending, it is interest. In addition, loan period will also affect the loan-to-value ratio in mortgage lending. As mentioned above, the longer the loan period lasts, the greater the risk loaner will suffer. In order to control the risk, naturally, as the loan period becomes longer, the loan-to-value ratio will also decrease. This is especially true for collateral with relatively unstable value. Take cryptocurrency mortgage lending as an example. The most important problem in this type of business is the decline in the value of collateral. It is true that the interests of the loaners can be protected by setting a warning line and a forced liquidation mechanism, so that the loaner will not suffer losses, but if the forced liquidation occurs frequently, it will definitely cause bad user experiences for the loaner and the borrower. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically determine the loan-to-value ratio when designing the product. In our previous article we mentioned that the loan-to-value ratio setting can be done by Monte Carlo method, and we know the more random events that the Monte Carlo method simulates, the more accurate the results will be. Then, when the loan period is lengthened, the random period available for simulation is reduced, and the simulation accuracy is reduced. Obviously, for cryptocurrency mortgage lending, the lengthening of the loan period is an important concern for the increase in risk. Therefore, in cryptocurrency mortgage lending, the loan period should not be too long, and can generally be controlled within 6 months. For loans with different loan periods, different loan-to-value ratio should also be set. The longer the loan period, the lower the loan-to-value ratio, so as to better ensure the financial security of the loaner.
  5. In China, the rise of mobile payment is very fast. In 2011, Alipay obtained a third-party payment license, in 2013, WeChat followed the payment function, in the Spring Festival of 2014, the red envelope war occurred. The penetration rate of mobile payment has been increased rapidly, and now it has become a national-level payment method in China. Although there are many objective reasons for the rapid development of mobile payment in China, one of the points we can pay attention to is the offline payment scenario. If we discuss the reason why middle-aged population can accept mobile payment quickly, we can say that the offline payment scenario is a very important factor, which has driven the development of mobile payment, and even promoted online payment. So can cryptocurrency payment do this again? In fact, cryptocurrency payment and mobile payment are not concepts that can be compared directly. The cryptocurrency payment can be mobile payment or not. But on this issue, we are not entangled in the logical relationship between these two concepts. We just want to consider, why do people tend to use mobile payments instead of cash in the offline scenes? The answer is convenience. Mobile payment brings convenience in such ways: No need to carry cash; No calculation and charge; No counterfeit currency; Easy to keep accounts; …… It can be seen that in offline scenes, the mobile payment is not only to use mobile phone instead of wallet, but to optimize the whole offline payment process. Then, can cryptocurrency payment optimize this process again? It seems difficult at the moment. Mobile payments have not changed the nature of the cash, but this is not important for offline payment. The cryptocurrency gives the money a decentralized character, which has no direct effect on the development of offline scenarios. Even if you use cryptocurrency to make payments offline, you still need to scan the QR code, or you still need NFC. These process methods are the same as the previous mobile payment. So is there any more particular field that allows cryptocurrency payments to take advantage of it? Of course there is. Due to its special attributes, a major advantage of cryptocurrency is the cross-border payment, which eliminates the cumbersome fiat currency exchange process and high fees. Therefore, the development of cryptocurrency payment offline scenes can be combined with cross-border tourism. If the tourists can easily use the cryptocurrency to make the payment when traveling in a foreign country, the degree of such process optimization can be compared with that of mobile payment made to cash payment. In 2017, the number of outbound tourists in China exceeded 130 million, and the average consumption was 2,600 US dollars. Therefore, outbound tourism consumption is a $300 billion upward market, and this is only the consumption scale of one country. We can imagine that if cryptocurrency payments can gain a place, it will have a very positive effect on the spread of cryptocurrency.
  6. Today, from 6:00 to 12:00, except ETH, the trend of the other mainstream currencies is very stable, only a slight increase in the 11:20. Except for BCH, the other increases are minimal. From 6:00 to 12:00, the BTC trend was very stable. It only rose 0.62% in 2 minutes around 11:20, but it began to decline at around 12:00, eventually rising 0.03%. During the same period, ETH fluctuations were relatively large, with a final increase of 0.04%. During the same period, the EOS trend was stable, rising by 1.37% in 2 minutes around 11:20, and the final increase was 0.06%. During the same period, the BCH trend rose in a steady period. There were two significant increases at around 8:40 and 11:20, and the final increase was 1.25%. Half of the rest currencies went up and half went down, with PCH as the highest increase in the afternoon, which was 30.18%, and the largest decline of SIM, fell by 87.47%. From 6:00 to 12:00, the outflow of BTC and BCH funds is greater than the inflow, and the inflow of ETH and EOS is greater than the outflow.
  7. Predicting the future is what humans have been dreaming of for thousands of years, but so far, humans have been very limited in doing this. Considering the current level of technology, it is obviously impossible to accurately predict future events. However, predicting the future is something that every one of us likes, after all, in daily life, we need to make judgments about the future to decide our current action. This is also widely reflected in the financial market. Perhaps the most common thing for investors to do every day is to predict whether a stock will rise or not in the future. Venture capital institutions are also predicting whether their investment projects can develop well in the future, and the government's forecast has also never stopped. These predictions have their own basis and reason, but from the probabilistic level, there are also some mathematical methods that can give relevant predictions from different angles. The Monte Carlo method is one of them. This is widely used in the fields of financial economy, computer technology, statistics, machine learning, etc. The person who proposed the Monte Carlo method is John von Neumann, and Monte Carlo is the name of the casino street in Monaco. As can be seen, this is a way to study probability. Although the descriptions we have used so far are very exclusive, in fact this method is not difficult to understand. The Monte Carlo method does not have profound theoretical support, and its simple description of the basic principles is very easy to understand. Let us imagine an example of a square with a side length of 1. How can we calculate the area of the inscribed circle? I believe this problem is very simple. The radius of this inscribed circle is 0.5. According to the area formula of the circle, the area is equal to π multiplied by the square of the radius. We can know that the area of this circle is 0.25π. But what if we don't know the area formula of the circle? Or what if it is not a circle, but an irregular figure? At this time, we can use the Monte Carlo method to find the approximate area. Let the machine generate a huge amount of random points, let’s say, 10,000 points, in this square. Then we can see how many points fall within the circle. If there are 8,000, then the area of this circle is four-fifths of the square area. That is 0.8. The more random points there are, the more accurate the final result will be. Therefore, we can see that the basic idea of Monte Carlo method is to obtain a large number of random events, and then to obtain the probability of occurrence of such events, based on the ratio of the number of times and the total number of times. The larger the sample size of a random event, the more reliable the results are. In the financial market, the application of Monte Carlo method is also very extensive. To give an example, we can randomly select a large number of points in the historical trend of Bitcoin, and then observe the ups and downs of these points over a period of time. Then what do we get? We get the probability that Bitcoin would go up and down over a period of time. Such a probability has limited uses for individual investors. After all, it cannot predict when bitcoin will rise or fall sharply. But this probability has other meanings. For example, in the digital currency mortgage business (that’s what Vena Network is focusing on), the mortgage rate can be determined from this. For example, we see through the Monte Carlo method that, the probability of bitcoin dropping by 30% in one month is less than 1% in history, so we can determine the loan-to-value ratio as 70%, or slightly lower. This example is not necessarily accurate, but it will minimize the occurrence of collateral value falling below the value of the loan. This is a way to predict the future with the past. Of course, this method does not accurately predict the future, but it can judge the most likely events in the future based on a certain probability, and provide a reliable basis for our judgment. Now Vena Network is working on bitcoin mortgage with Monte Carlo method. Vena Network is an open protocol for tokenized asset financing and exchange. Vena is building a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network, in which everyone can process P2P cryptocurrency collateral lending and OTC trading anytime and anywhere, enabling free exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Vena is going to start ICO in the end of October or the beginning of November. If you are interested, you can follow us in Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, etc. just by searching ”Vena Network“. Our partner includes KuCoin, DigiFinex, tekrise, F’enhance, vipexc, etc. And the ICO will be held on Leek ICO, KICKICO and TOKENPLUS.
  8. Today, from 6:00 to 12:00, except for a significant increase in about 7:30, all major currencies have a trend which is relatively stable, the rise and fall are no more than 0.5%. From 6:00 to 12:00, BTC rose 0.56% in 10 minutes around 7:30, and the rest of the time was stable, with a final decline of 0.09%. During the same period, ETH rose 1.27% in 5 minutes at around 7:30. The rest of the time was more stable and steadily increased slightly, with a final increase of 0.46%. During the same period, EOS fluctuated relatively, with a final decline of 0.34%. During the same period, the trend of BCH was similar to that of ETH, and the trend was stable, with a final increase of 0.27%. Among most of the remaining currencies, the rising currency was over 60%, and the CHX, with the highest increase in the afternoon, rose by 24.04%, while the CSI with the highest decline fell by 32.78%. BTC and ETH maintain a net inflow of funds from 6:00 to 12:00, and BCH and EOS have a clear net outflow.
  9. On October 15th, the CEO of Vena Network, Ching Zhu, had a livestream titled as blockchain & finance. Ching Zhu first introduced Vena Network. Vena Network is an open protocol for tokenized asset financing and exchange. Vena is building a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network, in which everyone can process P2P cryptocurrency collateral lending and OTC trading anytime and anywhere, enabling free exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Vena Network was invested by 13 investors in June, including 2 exchanges, Kucoin and Digifinex. Now Vena network is focusing on OTC and collateral lending. Ching Zhu mentioned that in Sichuan Province, China, there are lots of bitcoin miners who need capital to expand their mining business, however, they are lack of cash and they don’t want to sell their bitcoin. Their channel of financing is limited so bitcoin mortgage is a perfect way for them. On the other hand, many individual investors could not find a method for secure investment despite of depositing in the bank with a interest rate of maybe 3% or so. Thus, what Vena network is doing become meaningful, both for the miners and the investors. Then Ching Zhu introduced the advantages of Vena Network. First, the transaction is transparent. Vena manages your assets and transactions through smart contracts. Mortgage tokens are locked into smart contracts, and various states are processed through smart contracts that define rules in advance. Your assets keep being in the chain, and are safe by doing financial services through the Vena node. Second, risk control. First of all, Vena will provide professional KYC services for Vena nodes that need KYC services; Then, to solve the problem of fluctuations in the collateral of digital assets, Vena has a warning line and a forced liquidation line for the mortgage party. Through the analysis of the fluctuation of historical data, it links the deep data of major exchanges to do the risk control, and further ensures the financial security of the fund side. Third, high liquidity. As mentioned before, vena aims to build a distributed financial network where all nodes can share orders in this network. Simply put, orders submitted on different nodes can be combined with each other, and transactions between regions are not superfluous when the network is mature. Fourth, the VENA Token economic model. If the user wants to get some discounts from the services provided by the Vena node, they can mortgage a certain number of VENA Tokens to become a member of Vena to enjoy the discount. Secondly, everyone can apply to become a juror, do the right judgment to get the token reward, and the juror needs to mortgage the token in advance as a punishment for fraud. At last Ching Zhu said that the product of Vena will be online in the next month, and Vena is expecting anyone who is interested in Vena nodes, collateral lending, ICO, etc. to keep attention. After the speech of Ching Zhu, the business director of Bitcoinvietnam, Verena, was invited into the livestream. Verena said that Vietnam is a very potential market for cryptocurrency and blockchain, and Bitcoinvietnam has a wonderful cooperation with Vena Network.
  10. Vena Network is an open protocol for tokenized asset financing and exchange. We are building a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network, in which everyone can process P2P cryptocurrency collateral lending and OTC trading anytime and anywhere, enabling free exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. The investors and partners include DigiFinex, KuCoin, tekrise, F’enhance, vipexc, etc. Know more: Website:www.vena.networkwork/en Telegram:https://t.me/vena_network you can follow us in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. just by searching ”Vena Network“. Vena will start ICO in the end of October or the beginning of November, on three platforms: TOKENPLUS, Leek ICO and KICKICO. The way to participate is very simple. You only need to register the ICO platform and complete the ID verification. Here is the detailed guidance for TOKENPLUS: 1. Visit the website of TOKENPLUS:https://www.tokenplus.co/home 2. Click the “Register” button. 3. Register with email, and set logging in password and trading password. Pay attention that there must be upper case, lower case and number in both logging in password and trading password, and the two passwords should differ from each other. 4. After clicking ”Register”, an email will be sent to you. Click the link in the verification email, its done. 5. After logging in, click ”Profile”-“Account” to start ID verification. 6. Click “ID Verification“,enter relevant information, and upload ID/Passport page with photo & ID/Passport selfie. 7. Waiting for pending. 8. After the verification is done, get back to the main page, find the project list, and you can find the project of Vena. 9. Get into the detail page of project, and you can start your purchase.
  11. Vena Network Facebook Livestream at October 15th,2018 GMT+8: 10:00PM "Blockchain+Finance Value Investment in Bear Market"' How to watch: Add us as your friend through: https://www.facebook.com/vena.protocol or scanning code as follows See you there!
  12. On October 9th, the CEO of Vena Network, Ching Zhu, had a speech titled as blockchain & finance. Ching Zhu said in the live broadcast: Everyone knows that the market will not warm up in the future for a long time. This market is now so cruel and real, but if you can find a business scenario that generates cash flow in a bear market, you will have the opportunity to survive and develop. Vena Network is an open protocol for tokenized asset financing and exchange. Vena’s 13 investors include two exchanges: Kucoin and Digifinex. At the end of July, Vena went online with the first test version and will be first applied in mortgage lending and OTC scenarios for digital assets. Finance is an always-active industry, and Vena is building a technology financial business model that uses the blockchain as the bottom layer and combines information flow with capital flow. In this way, Vena can redefine the financial protocol on the blockchain. If the logistics and the physical assets are worked out, the value of Vena will be immeasurable. The first scenario of Vena is locked in the direction of cryptocurrency mortgage. Through such investment, these users can constantly understand the cryptocurrency market and deepening their understanding. In the future, they will also become potential investors. Ching Zhu believes that what Vena is doing is very beneficial to this market. Vena will bring incremental growth to the whole market. After that, Ching Zhu shared the advantages of the Vena protocol, including transparent transaction, secure risk control, high liquidity, and the VENA Token economic model. Vena's node in Singapore opened the beta test on October 10, and plans to ICO in the late October or early November. Now Vena is holding activities for individuals who are interested, and the Lucky Draw is one of them. To participate, you just need to subscribe Vena’s Reddit community ( https://www.reddit.com/r/VenaNetwork/ ) and comment as the post described. Once that’s done, you will get a code, and you can try to win the huge prize. If you want more codes, you can invite your friends to participate, thus you and your friends can all get the codes you want. The Lucky Draw will last to October 31st, and more activities are being held for amazing prizes. To know more you can join the telegram group ( @vena_network ).
  13. Recently, there are news that fans of the Championship Club Hull City plan to acquire the club from the current team chairman for £45 million. The way to acquire is through a company called SportyCo, by issuing cryptocurrency. Under this plan, a small number of fans can enter the team's board of directors, and fans can also use the cryptocurrency to buy tickets or goods. Compared with the news of the acquisition of the Italian team Rimini by Bitcoin in the previous period, the Hull City team obviously has to be more heavyweight. After all, this is a team that often competes in the Premier League. But this is not the most exciting part. We have noticed that SportyCo: what the company is doing makes us think about the future. On the official website of SportyCo, we can see that SportyCo is positioning itself as a “decentralized sports investment and financing ecosystem”. This statement may be too broad, but the official website also provides a typical example, if you are a senior sports fan, you must be able to realize the excitement. For example, if you are a senior tennis fan, you find a guy you think is very promising, and this athlete named Claire needs to raise funds for better training and development, then Claire can turn to the blockchain platform of SportyCo to raise funds, and you can invest in this athlete you are optimistic about. In the future, if this athlete successes, then you will be able to get a good return. God, isn't this a realistic version of the Football Manager which can make money? Imagine if you voted for a sum of money when C·Ronaldo or Mbappe was 18 years old, and at the speed of their rocket-like soaring, you will soon get rich. If the business of SportyCo really develops mature, I believe that a large number of sports fans are willing to study the athletes who are still unknown and actively invest in them. Of course, calm down and you will find that this business model does not solve the problem of information asymmetry. As an ordinary sports fan, the channel and speed of obtaining information is far less than that of professional organizations. Really potential players may have been first promoted by professional organizations. There is no necessary for potential players to exchange future income for fund at the present, so can the ecosystem of SportyCo be maintained? Things may not be that easy. Think of the players like Mane and Kante. They were not discovered by professional organizations before they emerged, and such athletes are still ubiquitous. In addition, SportyCo may also help more athletes with poor economic conditions, giving them the opportunity to realize their dreams. Currently, SportyCo's token SPF is already on the well-known exchanges such as OKEX and KuCoin. Let us look forward to becoming a real football manager, investing in young players, and watching their step-by-step growth. One of the exchanges above, KuCoin, is also investing in a project named Vena. In Vena, you can do OTC exchanges, cryptocurrency mortgages, etc. If you are interested, you can follow us in Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, etc. just by searching ”Vena Network“. (Vena’s partner includes DigiFinex, KuCoin, tekrise, F’enhance, vipexc, etc. And the ICO will be held on Leek ICO and TOKENPLUS.)
  14. Today, from 6:00 to 12:00, affected by the turmoil in the international financial market, all major currencies experienced a sharp drop between 8:40 and 10:00, with the declines approaching or exceeding 10%. From 6:00 to 12:00, BTC dropped by 9.18% in half an hour after 9:00, and rebounded after hitting the bottom, eventually falling by 5.77%. During the same period, ETH fell by 11.50% in 1 hour. After the bottoming, ETH began to fluctuate, eventually falling 10.77%. During the same period, EOS fell by 11.70% in half an hour, with a final decline of 8.93%. During the same period, BCH fell the earliest, and the decline was also the biggest, with a one-hour drop of 16.31% and a final decline of 12.91%. Among most of the remaining currencies, declining currencies was close to 90%, and the BYC had the highest increase in the afternoon, rose by 141.87%, while the WTL with the highest decline fell by 23%. From 6:00 to 12:00, all major currencies are mainly funded out.
  15. Except real estate, vehicles and other physical objects, there is a very important kind of collateral among common collateral, that is, financial assets. Financial assets as collateral are often dominated by notes, because their value generally does not fluctuate, and financial assets such as equity, as collateral, have to face the problem of fluctuations in their value, and thus cannot obtain large-scale development. Due to its security and standardization, note mortgages occupy a very important position in the mortgage financing market. The note itself is difficult to falsify, even if it is fraudulent, it can be discerned. Therefore, we can see that note financing is known for its security in the market, so its interest rate is often lower than other types of borrowing. In addition, the notes are handled much simpler than the physical collateral, unlike the treatment of real estate, which lasts for half a year. However, although note mortgages have many of these benefits, they are far from being a perfect collateral. Although the falsification of bills can be discerned, this discrimination is still too difficult for ordinary investors who know little about this. In most cases, it depends on the intermediation platform. On one hand, investors must get to know the level of risk control of the platform, make sure that fake notes are not taken into; on the other hand, it depends on the platform's own behavior, because the platform may create related financing notes for their own interests, or privately discount the notes, so that the notes lost mortgage effect. It turns out that cases like that are happening. Some platforms make notes between two companies associated with them, such notes cannot be fulfilled at all; some platforms admit that they discount the collateral notes to obtain liquidity, and such discounted bills can no longer afford the loan. Even the banks have also reported cases of failing to distinguish between fake notes, with amount of hundreds of millions or even billions. Therefore, we can see that although the note itself has been standardized and has high security, it has a certain threshold for the identification of ordinary investors, and the platform in the middle is easy to falsify, and there are obvious loopholes. It can be seen that it is necessary to improve the authenticity of the collateral, not only the nature of the collateral itself, but also the problem of the intermediation platform, and the problem of trust of the borrower and the investor to the third-party institution. Obviously it is what the blockchain technology is trying to solve. As an alternative, we can also turn to cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, as collateral. If bitcoin is used as collateral, that will never be a fiction. No one can falsify and everyone can confirm it easily. No controversy or uncertain comes about. When dealing with the collateral, it also keeps easy. So Vena is working on that. We build a platform where you can get a mortgage with your bitcoin as the collateral, or you can invest in a mortgage with bitcoin as the collateral. If you want to make use of your bitcoin without selling them, it is a good choice to regard bitcoin as collateral. If you want to invest in a reassuring mortgage, Vena may be your perfect channel. Certainly, you may wonder, what will Vena do if the price of bitcoin, the collateral, decreases? We know it is normal for the price of cryptocurrency to fluctuate, so if the value of the collateral decreases to a particular level, let’s say, 150% of the loan amount, we will inform the borrower to supply new collateral in time, or the bitcoin (the amount equal to the capital and the current interest) will be compulsively transferred to the loaner. So you will never worry about the fluctuation of the bitcoin price. The loan will be safe and convenient. Vena is now building such a network for capital financing, for both borrowers and investors. Vena is going to start ICO in the following 1 or 2 weeks. If you are interested, you can follow us in Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, etc. just by searching ”Vena Network“. (Our partner includes DigiFinex, KuCoin, tekrise, F’enhance, vipexc, etc. And the ICO will be held on Leek ICO and TOKENPLUS.)

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