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  1. Things change so fast. In Dec. 2017, the cryptocurrency market was so hot. The bitcoin reached twenty thousand dollars and all thought that would never be the limit. However, after a whole year, the bitcoin is now below four thousand dollars, 80% less than that of 2017. Not only bitcoin, but also other mainstream cryptocurrencies showed us the same performance, and it is not easy to predict when the bear market will pass. No matter whether you believe in the cryptocurrencies or not, if you want to stay in the cryptocurrency market, you have to look for some methods to appreciate your cryptocurrencies. However, if you just hold your cryptocurrencies, things will not be better in short times. The price may keep in the low price, you can’t make benefits and the liquidity of fiat currency is also lost. So you see that’s not a good choice. Sell your cryptocurrency? Then you get liquidity, but if you believe the price of your coin can rise in the future, you must not be willing to do that, even you want to purchase more to wait for the increasing. So that’s not what you want, either. So how to do? Vena Bao offers you a third choice. Vena Bao is a financial product for cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currency. You put your cryptocurrencies, such as USDT or TRX in Vena Bao, and you get interests and principal back. You will not lose your cryptocurrency and you get the appreciation you want. Isn’t Vena Bao just what you need? So, you may wonder where does the interest come from. The borrower includes many miners. The miners don’t want to sell their bitcoins, but they need capital to promote their business. So, they offer their bitcoin as collateral and get capital from Vena Bao. So you won’t be worried since bitcoin is there as collateral, which must be real. But what to do if the price of bitcoin decreases? That is just what has happened even what is happening. However, solving that is not difficult. In Vena Bao, if the price decreases under a certain line, let’s say, 120% of the value of the collateral, Vena Bao will immediately deal with the collateral to make sure the loan can be paid. I hope the explanation above can illustrate to you that Vena Bao can make sure the security. The product has its Chinese version online now and the English version is on the way. Keep on eye on Vena Bao and you will experience the amazing advantage. Now join the telegram @vena_network, and you can get more information, more candy and more prizes.
  2. Vena Bao App has been publicized on 4th December, this is an investment management App based on Tron provided by Vena_Family. Vena_Family will run for SR and the profit of SR will be fully returned to voting users, users can search vena and vote for Vena_Family. Vena Bao supports TRX and contribute to prosperous Tron ecosystem Vena Bao will satisfy needs of financing and investment, TRX holders can gain benefit by using investment tool in Vena Bao and new users can easily plays Tron Dapps without need to buy TRX, Vena Bao will help provide financial tool and help user quickly get TRX with collateral of digital asset. Vena Bao will use digital asset as collateral and ensure the safety of investment. Vena Bao supports TRX and will supplement the financial infrastructure in Tron. Community + Code, contribute to Tron ecosystem Vena Bao has more than 40,000 community members and will keep promoting Tron by holding various online and offline activities and help users get to know Tron and join in the Tron ecosystem. Vena also will work closely with Tron Reviewer and Tron101, provides more content about Tron to community members. There are a lot of experienced developers and Vena will analyze Tron public chain and provides technical guideline, also will hold activities to make alliance of developers. Vena_Family has been fully devoted to development of Tron ecosystem and will promote Tron blossom with multiple sound products including Vena Bao. Vena_Family will provide Tron resources like energy to projects and Dapps that need resources and help them to quickly launch project and work together to make Tron ecosystem prosperous.
  3. Good ICOs are not easy to find. There are so many ICOs that it’s a hard work for us to identify. So, method seems important to make our decision accuracy and efficient. We may do that in several steps. First, primary selection. We can’t study every project, we don’t have so much time and energy. Someone is working on ICOs professionally, like some rating organizations. For example, you can refer to ICObench, and scan the project, select high-rated ICOs. Like this: Now you have some ICOs to pay attention to. Then what to do? Following points are what you have to take care. What is the project doing? Is the business logic clear and operable? Can the project make benefit constantly? What about the team? Is the team experienced and professional? Do they have enough resources and capital? How is the project doing? Have they done what they’ve said in the roadmap or the whitepaper? They can’t be just saying, they must be doing. So, you know, a right team is actually doing a white thing, that makes sense. And we are doing this. Vena Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer asset financing network. At present, Vena Network (vena.network) have issued its MPV entered the internal testing stage (website: vena.app). After registering in Vena, users will be able to conduct OTC and authorize lending of digital currency. It will also support more financial derivatives such as cryptocurrency transactions, collateral lending and so on in the near future. Vena’s investors include 2 exchanges Digifinex and Kucoin. (The full list of investors is shown below) The Value of VENA Token · To establish a verified Vena node, a certain number of VENA Tokens should be deposited in Vena Foundation. · To become a Vena juror, a certain number of VENA Tokens should be deposited in Vena Foundation. · Paying OTC trade service charges in VENA Tokens can enjoy discount. · Users borrowing money with VENA Tokens as collateral can enjoy discount, and obtain higher loan-to-value ratio and lower liquidation limit. · The order of borrowing money with VENA Tokens as collateral shall be highlighted. External Evaluations. Let’s see how professors in the field talk about Vena Network: 1.“Happy to see that VENA NETWORK is trying to rebuild the principle of financial industry. Traditional centralized business has a more transparent and fair logic.” BY Johnny LYU VP, Strategy & Investment Department, Kucoin 2.“The team of VENA NETWORK has wonderful power on implementing and learning, when innovation become hard, VENA make us see infinite possibilities, with excellent product and sound business mode.” BY Leon Liu, Senior Partner, Excel Investment Management 3.“The blockchain finance makes big sense. Five years later every one of us will be with it. The asset mortgage, on chain service, etc. of VENA are all financial ecosystem industries that value a lot, which shows the foresight of VENA.” BY Zemin Mao, founder of Monster Capital, Monster. One 4.“VENA can be actually described as a classic business example, it has done the work soon when building the financial business. After the product is online, VENA invite users to test, which shows me a team that is really willing to and able to do things.” BY Ge Heng, founder of Transference Fund 5.“Strong financial thinking and acuity of market direction, that’s the first impression that VENA team shows on me. Help the whole industry to better develop with technique innovation, that’s the core value of VENA. BY Kevin, partner of Consensus Lab If you are interested, you can visit our official website, vena.network/en, and you can also search “Vena Network” in Facebook, twitter, telegram, reddit, Instagram, etc. Code of Lucky Draw: AEKWFXQK Use it in VENA LUCKY DRAW
  4. Consumer Credit Research Institute gave a report about the liability condition of American, which shows American have a 53.8 thousand dollars liability on average. The reason is very simple. As long as the debt is maintained at a certain leverage, the more you borrow, the richer you are. Statistics show that listed companies with high debt ratios in the A-share market are not uncommon, and 18 stocks even have a debt ratio of more than 100%. It is worth noticing that under the background of the continuous decline in investment growth, with the deepening of de-leveraging, the profitability of different industries has different degrees of differentiation, and the impact on the A-share market is also changing. Although US stocks is not worrying about high leverage, the situation is still not ideal. In the case of aviation giant Boeing, Boeing Company issued $900 million in bonds last year. The result was that Boeing had its first net debt in six years at the end of last year. There are many examples like this. The larger the company, the higher the cash flow that needs to be turned over. Making use of stock market and bond market financing to boost business development has become the choice of most companies. While it is more appropriate to wait for cash to be credited, the demands of developing companies and the desire to expand the scale of business have forced corporate decision makers to choose a route that continues to welcome high debt. It is the same for individuals. Personal debt is almost a must for expanding resources and investing money. A well-regulated worker can only accept the fact that his money is borrowed by a bank to do business for others. In the past few years of real estate speculation, a friend often said that the interest rate of buying a house is very low, and interest can be ignored in the future, because the RMB has to depreciate. Nowadays, there is something wrong with real estate speculation, but thinking about the relationship between interest and income is a correct concept of financial management. The reason is very simple. From other places, as long as you have the means to borrow 1 million, if you use 100,000 a year, and you have a way to earn 200,000 through 1 million, then you can earn 100,000 by relying on a debt of 1 million a year. If the business can be copied, then the debt is 10 million, and you can become a millionaire by the end of the year. It must be realized that the capable people have to think about how to borrow money and use other people's money to realize their dream of wealth. For example, credit cards. In the long run, as long as we pay back in time, we can get a interest-free loan from the bank, if our ability is strong enough, the bank can even give us tens of thousands of quota. For example, with my card, the overdraft limit is 60,000, which means with no cost, I get 60,000 per month for turnover. If I live for a few more decades, that is equivalent to the bank confessing the 60,000 yuan to me for decades, and I don't have to pay any fees. But the reality is, many people are afraid of having a liability. When the potential benefits and stability days are put together, everyone will tend to emphasize the risk behind the big gains, but actually forget another key thing: the stability is the most risky.
  5. The APP of Vena Network is About to be released on November 24th . Vena Network is an open protocol for tokenized asset financing and exchange. We are building a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network, in which everyone can process P2P cryptocurrency collateral lending and OTC trading anytime and anywhere, enabling free exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. The investors and partners include DigiFinex, KuCoin, tekrise, F’enhance, vipexc, etc. The product of Vena network has been online on PC ( visit vena.app) , and the APP, Vena Bao, is being developed. The APP is expected to be online at the end of this November. Code of Lucky Draw: FEC5ZC7V Use it in VENA LUCKY DRAW On the PC website, users can lend their cryptocurrencies and get interests, or exchange their fiats and cryptocurrencies into each other through OTC. On the APP, despite the function above, users can also borrow money with their bitcoins as collateral. The interactive engineer of Vena Bao, Jiu, says the APP is now being tested, and the developers has been full-time working to make sure the APP can be online in time. “At the product level, the Vena team completes a major version every 2 weeks and adds new feature services to the product. From the earliest online digital asset trading, to the current authorized lending and mortgage lending services, the products can provide users with full-cycle services of digital asset management to meet the needs of users at different stages.” As viewing the page on PC and mobile phone differs from each other, there is an important problem to solve, that is adaptation problem. Vena has taken several ways to deal with that. “On mobile devices, we use a lot of card-style design, which can expand or shrink to fit any screen size, allowing users to have a consistent experience on different devices. At the same time, the card can be laid out with more details and complex fonts to provide users with a richer visual experience.” Jiu says. The APP, Vena Bao, was designed to make the users have the best experience from the beginning. To achieve this target, the Vena team has done series of work. “First of all, it is product positioning. Who are the users of our products? what problem has been solved for the users in what scenario? The second step is to organize the ideas into product requirements: the functional requirements of the product, and what are the non-functional requirements? The third step is to complete the design according to the product requirements. In the fourth step, the designer will output the design drawing; In the fifth step, R&D colleagues conduct front-end development based on product documentation and design drawings, and test after development is completed; Finally, after the product delivery test, it will go online to all major channels for everyone to use.” Jiu illustrates. So let’s wait and expect Vena Bao to be online. To know more, join our telegram group: @vena_network.
  6. Recently, it is reported that Sony will launch a game named Plague Hunter in May next year. The game has already attracted a lot of attention because in this game, players can trade their game assets in the market based on blockchain technology, and it is said the trading market will be based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The game's page is now visible on the Steam platform. From the trailer, we can see this is a 2D horizontal version action game, whose style is dark, and the story is set after the epidemic. But according to developers, Plague Hunter will be a strategic RPG game with PVP elements. Blockchain games have a lot of precedents, but the current blockchain gameplay is mostly limited. Simple raising games take up the majority, and gameplay often lacks. So games like cryptokitty showed a significant decline on key data like DAU, and the life cycle was much shorter than that of ordinary games. Plague Hunter is a rare example that international game manufacturer involved in the blockchain field, and the game will also log into PS4, Switch, Xbox, etc.; regardless of the game form is RPG or horizontal version, it is also a rare case above the mature mainstream game type. We notice that the combination of Plague Hunter and blockchain technology is game asset trading. Although the trading of game assets is already relatively mature on platforms such as Steam, it is very difficult for a certain game to establish a long-term stable game economy, so that if you search for "game economy" in search engines, the results of are all related to the blockchain. This illustrates the lack of economics and in traditional games and on the other hand, it also shows that blockchain technology is an important direction for empowering games and establishing economic ecology. The key factors that make it difficult for traditional games to build an ecosystem are as follows: 1. The issuance of game assets is severely centralized and completely controlled by game makers, so there is a danger of depreciation at any time. 2. The value of the game assets is fully tied to the game life cycle. Once the game enters a recession, the game assets depreciate rapidly. 3. In order to avoid affecting player consumption, game makers restrict the trading of game assets, or provide no mechanism for economic ecology. 4. In the case that the game manufacturer cannot provide management and support for the game economy, the player is easily deceived when performing OTC transactions, and the experience is poor. Some third-party trading platforms have emerged, but the actual situation is more complicated. Looking at these points, can blockchain technology solve the above problems? Code of Lucky Draw: LAOWNJ6E Use it in VENA LUCKY DRAW 1. One of the core functions of the blockchain is decentralization. Even if it is impossible to achieve complete decentralization at this stage, the blockchain can still play a huge role in changing the unfair relationship between game makers and players. 2. The blockchain cannot change this because the blockchain does not change the core gameplay of the game. However, if game assets interoperability of different games can be achieved by the blockchain technology, the condition can also be improved. Of course, there will be a lot of resistance in this. 3. This is limited by the game maker and the gaming industry's environment. The blockchain can hardly directly affect this part. 4. Blockchain-based third-party trading platforms can solve the trust problem of third-party platforms, and even use smart contracts to complete transactions, which can have a positive impact on the player's experience and even on game makers. Plague Hunter may be the first step in the transition of blockchain games from small game makers to giants, and from niche game types to mainstream game types. And how much can the blockchain factor play a role in it? Since there is very little information we can get at the moment, it is still difficult to make a conclusion. However, for the player, if the game assets can be reliable traded within the game, or even between different games through the blockchain technology, it means that the player can make the most benefit for every penny in the game. The expense is saved, and players can even get rich through game asset trading; for game makers, although it will affect their direct income in the short term, under such a general trend, who can be explore a reliable new profit model in the new environment will be able to find new growth points, and new opportunities.
  7. Today, from 6:00 to 12:00, compared with the sharp trend of the previous two days, the mainstream currencies showed a relatively stable small increase. From 6:00 to 12:00, BTC showed a slight increase, and did not experience a significant decline, and eventually rose by 1.58%. During the same period, the trend of ETH was similar, and the fluctuation was relatively more frequent, with a final increase of 1.93%. During the same period, the EOS trend was similar and relatively stable, with a final increase of 1.39%. There was no significant difference in the trend of BCHABC during the same period, and the final increase was 1.48%. Among most of the remaining currencies, the decline currencies was over 90%. The MMC with the highest increase in the noon rose by 124.43%, while the ETP with the highest decline fell by 22.65%. During the noon, except for the net outflow of ETH funds, the inflow and outflow of other mainstream currencies are more balanced.
  8. Agree with you. Blockchain can be applied in many aspects. It will save much time and cost in future.
  9. Since the creation of currency, micro-credit loan has never been interrupted. However, due to the difficulty of supervision, the trust relationship between people is often vulnerable to money, and the performance of lending behavior is not guaranteed, which causes endless social problems. In the last 20 years, with the big rise of the Internet and the advancement of mobile payment technology in China, micro-credit loan has begun to break through geographical restrictions, the scope of influence is more extensive, and the types also differ, and the social impact is even worse. Campus loans and bare loans have received the most attention from the society and the media because of the student group and the porn industry, and plastic loans, training loans, and rental loans have also surfaced. In practice, micro-credit loans often have many ways to raise their actual rate. For example, the "cutting interest", the contract will be 10,000 RMB but you will only receive 7,000. Another example is, although the interest rates is not high, the overdue management fee is horrible. Once the overdue period occurs, the loan amount will increase at a speed that you can't imagine. The reason why micro-credit loan has been growing for a long time even if it caused many problems is that the demand does exist. Therefore, although the irregular loan is not a good thing for both borrowers and lenders, it still has a huge market. Code of Lucky Draw: HWZNBLPS Use it in VENA LUCKY DRAW It is difficult for ordinary borrowers and ordinary investors to judge the platform qualification. Therefore, the best way is to believe in a well-known big platform, and not to believe in small platforms that provides abnormal high interest or low cost. So, it has become a question of trust in third-party platforms. When it comes to the trust of third-party platforms, of course, we will think of blockchain technology, and finance is the best landing scenario for blockchain technology. If blockchain technology can be used to protect micro-credit loan, it is believed that it can provide greater convenience and guarantee for the implementation of regulatory policies. All along, the financing of individuals and small and micro enterprises can be regarded as a difficult problem in China and many countries. How to make micro-credit loan standard, transparent and convenient to provide financing services for individuals and small and micro enterprises is a concern of many researchers and individuals who seek financing. Nowadays, the emergence of blockchain technology and its application in the financial field is undoubtedly a symptomatic solution to such problems. Let micro-credit loan can truly solve the funding needs, which will be another mission of blockchain technology. Vena is working hard for this mission, whose financing product allows miners to make full use of the bitcoin in their hands to finance and improve their capital use efficiency. For details, join our telegram group @vena_network.
  10. Today, from 6:00 to 12:00, after all the major currencies have reached new lows, the fluctuations are more intense. After 9:30, the trend is rising, which makes a wave of gains before 12:00. From 6:00 to 12:00, the BTC trend was steep, with a large increase and a large increase. After 11:30, the increase in the 15 minutes was 3.69%, and the final increase was 2.72%. During the same period, the trend of ETH was similar. After 9:30, the increase in the 50 minutes was 9.04%, and the final increase was 0.35%. During the same period, EOS was relatively stable, with a final decline of 1.36%. During the same period, the trend of BCHABC was similar to that of BTC and ETH, and the final increase was 2.27%. For most of the remaining currencies, the rising currency is still less than 10%. The highest growth rate of ELI in the noon was 88.6%, while the ETT with the highest decline fell by 29.78%. During the noon, except for EOS, all major currencies have begun to show a clear trend of net capital inflow.
  11. The power battle between Bitmain and Craig Steven Wright has just turned off. Many people haven’t been recovered from this battle. Another fierce of bear market has hit. Bitcoin has fallen 14% in 24 hours and the price has fallen down to below $4,700. It has fallen into an abyss that never bottoms out. I believe that this result has already defeated most people's psychological defense. The technical term of blockchain seems to be tied to a financial war. Although the financial scenario is the most successful application area of the blockchain, it should never be a tool for capitalists to collect money. Jump out of this capital carnival and let us think about the point of penetration in the blockchain expect for the financial scenario. Throughout the history of mankind, the rise of every technological revolution has been accompanied by a substantial increase in production efficiency. As the productivity increases and the quality of life is improved, human needs for the spiritual world are more eager. After eating my fill and dress warmly, I began to think about the ultimate proposition of the soul torture type of "where to come, where to go." We are eager to realize our ideals. This ideal must be unrelated to the power of money, or weakly related, and all technological revolutions are, on the surface, a mechanical conclusion that raises production and creates new tools, but fundamentally All of them have improved the happiness index of human beings through the improvement of technology. Only when the technological achievements are widely applied by all mankind, and not just a lazy carnival, will it become truly universal and valuable. It is same with blockchain. We will not talk about the distant concepts of the universe and AI, a new technology should aim to solve the basic needs of human beings, or to improve efficiency on the basis of the original. From this perspective, we are more grounded. Then we can list what are the basic needs of human beings? Eating, wearing, living, travelling, sex and love. Looking back at the historical scientific and technological revolution, the emergence of steam engines has driven the development of metallurgy, coal mining and textile industry. Industrialization has made textiles no longer a burden for ordinary families. In the Internet era, China has a website where merchants can build their own online stores, and goods can be sold at a lower price than physical stores, thereby increasing competitiveness. Consumers can browse thousands of dollars in one hour without leaving home. A product, low-cost purchase of novelty fun things and stylish and comfortable clothes, the site name is Taobao. The above two technological revolutions have solved the human demand for “wearing”. The steam engine also gave birth to the emergence of trains, which brought the booming of the transportation industry, accelerated the transmission of goods, and stimulated the replacement speed and population flow rate of commodities in different regions. After that, energy continued to innovate, from firepower and gasoline to the current electricity-fueled high-speed rail. These inventions solved the human demand for “travelling”. The electric lamp prolonged the time of production and life, and made mankind get rid of the shackles of the night. The invention of electricity also produced household appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, computers, etc., and solved the demand for “living” in a certain dimension. The emergence of the Internet has brought about a big explosion of information. Information flows at high speed in the network. We can find anything we want to find through search engines. Besides knowledge, it is also filled with the "beautiful things" that most people can't touch in reality. Tokyo-Hot, Aoi Sola and Japanese Adult movies, if the other party suddenly talked about these terms in your chatting with friends and colleagues, everyone will smile and will have suddenly a tacit understanding. We can't deny that watching movies is detrimental to physical and mental health, but it does solve the most basic physiological needs. Thus,Internet solves the human need of "sex". In 1997, a thing called a chat room was born on the Internet. In the same year, a network novel called "First Intimate Contact" became popular. It described a romantic and beautiful story that the lovers cannot be together. The story is that the boy and girl who had never met before. They met, dated, and fell in love in the chat room. Then the girl left without saying goodbye, and finally concealed her leaving because of illness. This is probably the online version of "Your Name", which triggered the resonance and fantasies of countless netizens. Since then, people have begun to explore the Internet with eagerness, try and expect themselves to be able to marry a certain kind of romance. The Internet stimulates and satisfies people's desire for love in the subconscious. Everyone suddenly finds that in the unknown and huge There seems to be an infinite possibility in the online world. Two years later, in February 1999, a tool that focused on instant online chat was launched, and later became the largest chat tool in China. Its name is QQ. This is the Internet to solve the human need for "love." And for the basics of the basics, we seem to be not good enough to "eat". After the documentary "Food Company" revealed the high development of industrial civilization, food safety has reached a point that cannot be ignored. The fast food industry has become a means for large food company operators to accumulate wealth and realize their desires regardless of human health. On this issue, our positive textbook is Grandpa Long ping Yuan , which also allows me to tell the truth, this hybrid rice has solved the demand for “eat” of 7.1 billion people around the world. In short, the problem that the blockchain will solve should be based on the above-mentioned scientific and technological revolution, and first deal with the basic survival problems of mankind. At present, many high-quality projects have been developed in the above fields. From this perspective, it seems that more attention can be paid to these projects. Just in the most successful financial field of the moment, the blockchain attracts the attention of the widest public, but there are still many things that the blockchain can do to improve happiness. Code of Lucky Draw: DGZC0UWT Use it in VENA LUCKY DRAW
  12. VENA NETWORK is a sample of the next generation financial agreement. What has VENA NETWORK invested by LD Capital been doing? At present, VENA NETWORK has launched Vena Cryptocurrency Loan Rewarding Activity. During this time, users will be invited to register and credit the loan, and they will get a lot of commission. If the project party or individuals with mortgage financing needs register and load, they can also get incentivize prizes of interest. It is reported that to celebrate that the accumulate the amount of the mortgage, loan and lending is more than 30 million, from November 15th, 2018 to January 1, 2019, Vena Cryptocurrency Loan will provide a maximum of 10 million incentives to encourage users to participate this rewarding activity. Pledging Bitcoin is the only way to obtain legal tender without suffering losses due to falling during the “bear market”. In most cases, we get cash from cars, real estate and jewelry. For a long time, the form of mortgages has not changed much, only the collateral has changed. At first it could be cattle, land, houses, luxury goods, then stocks, bonds and other securities added to this list. With the development of digital technology, we can talk about a new type of collateral - cryptocurrency. Why not use money to make more money? Vena Cryptocurrency Loan was born under this goal. Through digital currency mortgage lending, Vena Cryptocurrency Loan can make Bitcoin held by users the best tool for financing. In the past few months, Vena Cryptocurrency Loan has quickly started the international business, and has already became one of the head items in the field of mortgage cryptocurrency lending. This aspect shows that the market demand is strong; on the other hand, the platform strength and credibility are guaranteed. This model is similar to the P2P model, which raises some mainstream digital currencies or legal currencies to cover the needs of borrowers. Throughout the transaction, the lending platform will adopt a loan contract management agreement. For example, the lenders can issue the corresponding loan amount and terms on the platform. When the borrower selects the corresponding loan product, the platform will start a three-way visible wallet, and the borrower will transfer the corresponding digital currency into the wallet, and then the platform locks the wallet. After the specified date is reached, the lender needs to transfer the borrower's account to the legal currency or digital currency on a monthly basis to complete the entire loan process. At present, Vena’s highly competitive interest rate concessions and the financial background and focus on data security, it becomes more and more popular. Some insiders commented that this business model has the advantage of easy transfer of digital assets, transparent transactions, and the inability to forge. The ultra-low risk of digital currency pledge and efficient business process design can help both parties to complete the financing at a lower cost. transaction. All in all, the opening of this tens of millions of rewards will help Vena Cryptocurrency Loan have a further development on the market share and provide more and better services to the market.
  13. The ICO of Vena Network ended in November 15th. The public sale finally had raised nearly 4000ETH, which seems good in the bear market. Now let’s review on the ICO progress. On November 5th, the ICO started at 20:00, UTC+8. As the public sale has been promoted in communities, once the ICO began, soon fans started to participate in the public sale. Just in 2 hours, the ICO had reached the soft cap, 1800ETH. The ICO last ten days, from November 5th to 15th. In the whole period, about 600 people participated in the ICO, and raised nearly 4000ETH. During and after the ICO, participators also had series of questions. These representative questions may be useful to many people who are focusing on Vena Network, so let’s have a look at these questions. Q: Is there any product for Vena? What is the value of Vena Token? A: The product of Vena has been online, but there’s only the PC version at the time, version for mobile phone will be ready soon, you can visit vena.app to experience. Vena will promote financial products based on the collateral of bitcoin, with Vena Token, you can purchase product with a interest of 20%. Q: What is the rate of Vena? Who are the investors? A: Vena has a rate of 4.5 on ICObench, and the investors includes KuCoin、Digifinex, etc., to know more, visit vena.network. Q: Will Vena be on the exchange? When and which exchange? A: The investors of Vena includes two exchanges, KuCoin and Digifinex, and KuCoin may be the first exchange of Vena. What’s more, there are more exchanges keeping in touch with Vena and Vena will be on more exchanges. Q: What is the total amount of Vena Token? What is the distribution plan? A: The total amount is one billion, and 30% is for sale, 30% is for the foundation, 15% is for incentive pool, 15% for the team and consults, and 10% for reserve. Now the ICO has come to an end but Vena is still holding more activities such as the bounty and the lucky draw, and lots of Vena Token and prizes are waiting for you. To participate or know more, join our telegram group @vena_network. Code of Lucky Draw: DV9COHLL Use it in VENA LUCKY DRAW
  14. From 6:00 to 12:00 today, the major currencies showed a significant decline at around 10:20, and only BTC performance was relatively stable. From 6:00 to 12:00, BTC had two declines at around 9:10 and 10:20, but the overall trend was relatively stable, with a final decline of 0.81%. During the same period, ETH plunged around 10:20, fell 4.52% in 5 minutes, and eventually fell 3.22%. In the same period, EOS trend is similar to ETH, with a decrease of 4.79% in 5 minutes and a final decline of 2.95%. During the same period, BCHABC was similar to BTC, but the decline was much more significant, with a drop of 7.55% in 80 minutes and a final decline of 6.22%. Among most of the remaining currencies, the decline in currencies was over 90%. The GSC with the highest increase in the afternoon rose by 70.18%, while the DTRC with the highest decline fell by 19.33%. During the noon, except for ETH, all major currencies are mainly net outflows.

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