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  1. in altcoin, there are also lots of potential coins so I think investing in Altcoin is also good idea besides its cheap price than Bitcoin, fortunately also quite big and my favorite altcoin suitable for my investment use is LABH because listing are being almost over and in coming quarters coin will be performing very good we can expect good profits
  2. i have done staking in 2-3 coins before in those in some team response was not good in some staking rewards was crap , at last i have this coin found what all i needed so far staking is going good i am little concern about price now , how ever rather than investing in some crap coins i will be hold this coin price will go up in coming days ,
  3. this coin is very good i really like the compound interest for staking although there are many coins which offer compound interest but those coins are improvements are not good this coin improvements and tam activity support is good investing in this coin really helps in gaining passive income
  4. my favorite coin is LABH, because the transaction withdrawal and deposit fee is 0. and i know in a span of 6 months or more price will be above 500 sat
  5. yes this is good coin we dont know when price will increases so we should wait with patience as risk of holding is really less and targets are higher its worth holding
  6. I was waiting for this price so i can add some coins at low price , this is good opportunity to add some i dont think price will fall from here as many will be buying coin for this price now volumes will increase for sure
  7. I think investing in bitcoin is better option as i can get good returns from it , i can get profits faster , what are the benefits of investing in LABH , can i expect good profits in LABH for shorter period ?
  8. what is public key and a private key ? can i get private key generated from public key
  9. how much time we required to withdraw coins from staking pool ..how to withdraw money
  10. when we are staking the coin in stake pool means if the reward points will come to our wallet or where it will deposit, after coins get staking whether the coin will get once again mature for staking?
  11. when we are staking the coin in stake pool means if the reward points will come to our wallet or where it will deposit, after coins get staking whether the coin will get once again mature for staking?
  12. how can we know how much ROI we are getting from pool daily does it will be mentioned in Wallet or should i search somewhere ??
  13. The plan of investing comfortably will get collapsed when a trader gets greedy. if you have invested in coins be patient coin progress and achivements will make you profit , i have invested in LABH coin and i dont want be gready and forget about the price fluctation as its common i have seen this coin specs and goals it is good i wont sell this coin until i get my expected target
  14. In my own opinion, the best investment in this market is to buy LABH coin i have read the white paper of this coin features and specs are awesome, i have also seen the road-map of LABH coin team is working hard it is very good opportunity to invest in this coin i can expect good target soon
  15. I personally think that the new coins have more potential and i move my investment in new and quality coins, this when new coins have good potential In my opinion LABH is an extremely promising project! You can receive a stable passive income even by investing small the rewards are awesome

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