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  1. LABH is potential altcoins that have a good scope of rising in future . These coins have good potential to rise up in future and can give you a good amount of profit for the investment you made in it. I recommend you to diversify your investment in these coins. Right now the altcoin market is facing a down trend and it is a very good time to buy . So make a wise decision.
  2. LABH is one of the low ranked coins with potential will be suitable if you want bigger profit. In fact, most projects started with low rank. So, I think investing in the ‘right” project is more important than looking at the rank. this coin will perform very good in future I have done lot of research on this project coming quarter will be very good for investors as coin will perform good In coming future
  3. LABH price is very good for accumulating it is very affordable now, watching the road map of this coins, the past quarters team as performed well in listing and implementing the coin , coming quarter team as good plans this coin this will make the coin price higher in few months investors should not leave this opportunity they can get good returns from small capital
  4. best coins to hold are coins which has low value right now but has a very strong platform and team I can buy good amount amount of this coins because its inexpensive now I am accumulating LABH right now which is very cheap at the moment if you read the whitepaper and see the progress in every quarter , this project will go to good price in the next few years.
  5. good developing coin I have seen coin as good future , staking in this coin is very good no tension in any sort of things
  6. I'm currently staking LABH. The rewards are quite nice and I'm really satisfied with the returns I'm getting
  7. Every investors like to track the coin price traded volume and other trading info of coins , I am really happy that this coin provides many coin tracker platform for the investors it is very easy to track this coins trading information
  8. if we can find the right coins and right place, then we can make profit too. because there is too many coins to be choose and we need to select and search one by one until we can found the right one. and i am agree that now maybe its the right time for us to invest in labh coin...now its the best high pos coin available on market.
  9. what i knew is coin and project is good , i think investors should play smart they should know when to get in and out and make profits , or they should have patience and wait for long term to get good returns
  10. No don't worry, I have also faced similar problrms , nothing will happen it will be paused, when you unlock it it continues rather than starting from beginning
  11. you can deposit many times as you would like and coins will be staking begin soon , once it started to meature , you will be getting more rewards as your weight of coins also increases
  12. Never Submit you Private Key In Any Form. Never Store Yor Private Key On Google Drive/Email. Write Down Your Private Keys You Don't Need to Login to your wallet every time to check if you received a coin from airdrop or bounty. Use Cold Wallet
  13. It is depend upon how much coin your maintaining in wallet and if u having more coin in wallet means you wallet going to hit the stake early, there is no need of minimum coins how ever if you hold more coins you get good rewards and faster it is almost same for solo and pool staking but solo you will get rewards later in group you wiil get stake faster
  14. For any more clarifications and for regular updates follow us on discord https://discord.gg/KJDUcEN
  15. LABH team is awesome they have provided many platforms where you can track LABH coin data coin market daddy : https://coinmarketdaddy.com/currencies/coin/labh-coin/labh/ Coindata : https://coindata.vc/coins/labh-coin Coinlib : https://coinlib.io/coin/LABH/Labh+Coin

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