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  1. A little bit off topic, but I wrote about an ICO project called Trakx. There is a airdrop bounty program ongoing for the moment. Please have a look if you are interested. https://faucetexpert.wordpress.com/2018/09/15/ico-airdrop-trakx-token-tkx/ To join the bounty program: https://bounty.trakx.io/6217/4922840
  2. Update - Offerwalls have been added into Yannik.biz faucet. Now we can reach the minimum withdrawal amount faster. https://faucetexpert.wordpress.com/2018/08/27/faucet-yannik-biz/
  3. This is a newly launched Bitcoin faucet. There are 3 ways to earn for the moment: 1) 5-minutely faucet (solving one short link) 2) PTC ads 3) Offerwalls The referral commission is 50% (Offerwalls earning not included). Earning from faucet and PTC can be withdrawn instantly to Faucet Hub account if you have one. Otherwise, you will need to accumulate at least 10K Satoshis in your account balance before you can request a direct payment. Offerwalls earning and referral commissions are credited into the account balance as well. There is also a task list where we can earn some bonus after we complete all the tasks required. Click here for registration! Check out my blog here for updates. https://faucetexpert.wordpress.com/2018/10/14/testing-eldiclaim-need-your-help/
  4. Update: Due to a few recent negative updates, CoinHeaps is not recommended anymore. Check out my blog for more info. https://faucetexpert.wordpress.com/2018/09/18/testing-coinheaps-need-your-help/
  5. Ever heard of Febbit? It is an easy to play Bitcoin mining simulation game. https://faucetexpert.wordpress.com/2018/08/26/faucet-febbit/
  6. Hit lvl 7 and gain access to exchange! This can greatly increase the payout for your favorite coin.

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