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  1. skynavpro , the first revolutionary and global ecosystem for general aviation including drones, which is designed to increase flight safety for everybody. Pre sales started yet with a discout of 50%. Be Part of the in-flight revolution. Check this out 👉 https://skynavpro.io/
  2. DRINKEY - Financial And Ethical Network That Allows Real-Time Gross Settlements, Remittances, Currency Exchange And The Exchange Of Water And Beverages - https://drinkey-ico.com/ Drinkey will be a decentralized financial and ethical ecosystem where remittances, real-time gross settlements, currency exchange and the exchange of water and beverages and realized by means of a digital currency that is backed by an underlying non-depleting physical asset or natural resource, in our case water.
  3. SKYNAVPRO – BE PART OF THE IN-FLIGHT REVOLUTION https://skynavpro.io/ We are proud to announce today the start of our ICO. Just another ICO?NO! We do have 12,000 registered pilots, 8,700 APP downloads and a working appliance prototype. Invest in the next phase: global marketing of sky[nav]pro for manned and unmanned aircraft's (drones), a multi billion US$ market. We welcome you on board as part of the in flight revolution.
  4. All cryptocurrencies will be mined (total supply) It is predicted that by 2033, all cryptocurrencies will be mined (total supply). What will mining riggers do with their machines after that?
  5. IDAMFX | DIGITAL ASSET MARKETS https://www.idamfx.io/ iDAMfx Digital Asset Exchange iDAMfx European Digital Asset Exchange iDAMFx Cryptocurrency Exchange Buy, Sell & Trade Digital Currencies, Utility Tokens and Fiat Money in a Safe, Compliant and Secure Way
  6. ART CRYPTOCURRENCY - The ArtCoin is an investor-driven collective whose function is to guide the investor through the notoriously opaque art world and its nontransparent dynamics. The use of the cryptocurrencies will enable the investor in taking advantage of the Smart Contracts platforms for added transparency and protection. https://www.artcoin.ai/ The fund’s objective is to gather information inaccessible to the general investor, to fully capitalize in the art market, while acting as the sole buffer between all art world components and our investors.
  7. BITRUS | One Step Further 👉 https://bitrus.com/ Register now with bonus code 💵 ✌ BTFRNOV18 and receive 250BTRS + 80BTRS ✌ Follow ► https://www.facebook.com/BitrusExchange/ to know the latest promotions.
  8. ✅ ADAPTABLE BLOCKCHAIN FOR ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS ✅ ► Nuls is a highly customizable blockchain infrastructure, most modules of which are pluggable. Nuls enables companies to customize different side-chains to support different applications. https://nuls.io/
  9. We offer professional configurations and signals for the Cryptohopper bot! The average daily earnings are 0.75-1.5% per day. Start your adventure with automatic trading: https://www.crypto-set.com/
  10. Most definitely 2019 is a sure year. If nothing happens this year between November and December.
  11. Will Bitcoin become the reserve currency of the world? -- No clue, but I bet a bunch of people hope so.
  12. MyTopExchange is a top cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria. Buy and Sell bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in Naira -- http://www.mytopexchange.com #bitcoin_exchange_nigeria
  13. Crypbot - Crypto Trading Platform ► http://crypbot.pw/ is a automated Crypto Trading Bot It uses a lot of individual strategies that are completely customisable to fit your trading style. Crypbot works on Binance, Poloniex and Bitfinex. ✅ It's absolutely free!
  14. 👉 AFEXCOIN 👈 THE MOST ADVANCED DECENTRALIZED, SECURE & SCALABLE BLOCKCHAIN IN THE WORLD ► https://afexcoin.io/ A cryptocurrency market where selling and buying are made easy!

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