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  1. Consider the waste that occurs, for example, when foods spoil, dishes are dropped or meals are sent back by customers and replaced. Use a macro calculation to determine how waste affects your food costs. Do this by comparing your weekly or monthly food invoices against your weekly or monthly sales. If the percentage of food invoices compared to total sales exceeds your overall target food percentage per meal, adjust your menu pricing or look at ways to reduce waste.
  2. Increasing revenue is one of the biggest challenges today. There are numerous tools available that works wonder for this purpose. As a marketer, you can incorporate these tools easily. But, a worth considering is moLotus rich media mobile video messaging platform. This innovative medium displays your dishes and ambience while enhancing the response rate. It also transforms and automates your marketing processes at a cost-effective rate.
  3. Once again, it depends on the type of product or service you sell and also your budget, but there are a few easier ways to get started with small business marketing. Content Marketing. Most consumers search online before buying a product, so content marketing allows you to establish your business as the place with all the answers (which builds trust, and that is crucial for a small business). Networking. You have options with LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and also co-marketing tactics that can always help you branch out. Social Media. It’s a great place to invite consumer feedback and share your content, but also post updates about any sales or contests you might have going on. The key to social media is to encourage engagement.
  4. What is the fastest and most efficient web hosting service?
  5. I would definitely recommend the GetLark - actually the simplest hosting platform I’ve ever worked with. This project is unique as its key features are focused on making the collaboration between webmaster and client as easy as possible. It also has one of the simplest and fastest dashboards in the world of web hostings.
  6. It depends on what type of website if it’s cryptocurrency news them knowledge and sources and writers. If it’s a more technical website like trading you would need a whole team of people to build the platform.
  7. There are a lot of them actually. And all developers say their products the best. As it usually happens on the market. But be careful of scammers. You`d better first use Free Email Verifier to be on the safe side. This verifier https://proofy.io/free-email-verifier/ helped me a lot actually.
  8. Im also interested in this topic. I would like to listen to it too. The price is really to high for me
  9. Eris - This software allows any developer in the platform to create and run an application from anywhere. This is dependable on the Blockchain or any smart contract technology . A government can use these smart contracts to do business with Eris automatically. It is a free software that permits to completely commence and build an own secure, low-cost, applications using blockchain and smart contract technology.
  10. The point is that you shouldn’t get hung up on how other people rate your personal relationships. There’s a good chance their situation wouldn’t work for you, either, and history has shown many, many times that whatever is considered weird at any given point could very well become perfectly acceptable only a few years down the line. Now, if you get into a relationship like this and then YOU decide at some later point that a relationship without ever being in the presence of your significant other is unfulfilling, that’s a different story. But then it’s you making the decision about what does and doesn’t work for you, and if you don’t have a problem with the internet-only arrangement, then I think you have your answer already!
  11. None, because I’m married. 🙂 Previously I used okcupid because it seemed the most likely place to meet people interested in a real relationship rather than just hookups (tinder) and I didn’t want one of those super specific ones that would probably rule out a lot of great people (ones that specialize in specific religion, ethnicity, location, hobbies, etc.).
  12. Great service, hope to use it one day
  13. The truth is that you can earn money with Forex but for the most amount of users general profit isn't so high as it's wanted. For me finding a reliable and professional broker is the most thing because all your financial operations will be connected with it and scam is a widespread thing among them. CFD Forex Brokers This section contains a list of Forex Brokers that offer CFD trading and have a wide range of financial instruments. Main underlying assets are currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Also from my own experience I can recommend you to start from investing small amount of money and demo account in order to get knowlegde and practice with Forex operations/tools firstly. This will be very helpful for you for preventing possible big money losses in the beginning
  14. I dont trust his currency anymore. Comparing with it forex is much less regulated but in case of the last one it means a worse protection too and higher risk for possible scam in case of brokers too, that's why for example it's recommended to find new brokers only from special safe lists Forex Brokers List of Forex Brokers providing access to foreign exchange markets for companies and individual traders. Find the most suitable Forex Broker for you with use of our special filters and tags.
  15. Why do people go for hunting?

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