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  1. Hello all crypto fans, we offer 6h, 12h and 24h service for mining power rent - no registration required! Supported algorithms at the moment: - YesPoWer / Cryply / -> 16-17 kH/s - Lyra2z / Vertical, BOBA, Bankitz / -> 12-13 Mh/s - Cryptonight Heavy / Veronite, Bixbyte / -> 2.5-3.0 kH/s - Cryptonight v7 / Electroneum Classic, X-Cash / -> 5.5-6.0 kH/s - x16r / GPUinon / -> 15-20 Mh/s Prices: - 6h contract – 7,99 $ -> 5,99 $ - 12h contract – 12,99 $ -> 9,99 $ - 24h contract – 22,99 $ -> 18,99 $ Payment: - PayPal ONLY ! Next step: After the payment, you just have to send us: - URL of mining pool / if you prefer specific /, otherwise we will use official pools; - Your wallet address; The idea: Our philosophy is to mine start-up or just released coins with low difficulty and not a big number of miners. This way you can invest in a particular coin in the very beginning and have a decent number of coins to HODL. Mining coins with already higher difficult and most of them already mined will not give you the value you want in eventual price rise in next year or two. Important notes: Once the purchase is completed, the buyer will receive a message stating an approximate start time and date. After payment been cleared in PayPal, the buyer will be notified that mining has begun. We are not responsible for anything the buyer mines. Coins will be sent to your wallet address/username when the pool decides /pool payment interval/. The pool hash rate is not guaranteed to be equal to the miner hash rate. Miner run-time is guaranteed. We are not responsible for downtime caused by the pool. Downtime such as power loss or network connection issues on our end will be compensated on an hour to hour basis /1 hour lost - 1 hour added/. We will add up to 30 minutes bonus if downtime is on our end. We will notify the buyer of any issues. In case of any other issues, please contact us and I will work to fix them asap. We are not responsible for wrong or unclear address sent! The miner is fully functional. Hashing in a cool, clean environment. The quicker the payment is provided the quicker the contract will start. Providing mining details /pool, address/ in checkout will prevent further delays. An open contract can be extended. Send us message and terms can be negotiated. There may be a time gap between the original purchase and the extension. Contact us For algorithms not listed above or if you have any questions: - Telegram: @stan_btc - Discord: stan_btc #9118 - Email: [email protected]

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