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  1. hello from Japan We are fixed the error. Now our site is working. For a long wait, our finance department decided to provide compensation of 10,000 yen for each our customers, which can be spent on the investment contract oil.vision. Despite the fact that the site is open, we have not yet completed the internal work. We will make a new message when everything is ready. Stay tuned Thank you!
  2. is our now: https://github.com/kurokin-project/kurokin see https://oil.vision/kurokin/ for the latest information [KURO] 黒金 KUROKIN 黒 [kuro] - Black, 金 [kin] - Gold, Money The Japanese company eKen has created the Kurokin for work in the oil industry in the Japan and World Wide Website Kurokin https://oil.vision Specification Scrypt PoW RPC port 9888 P2P port 9888 Block reward 50 coins Total coin supply 88m coins Premine percent 0 First letter of the wallet address J Coinbase maturity 8 blocks T timespan 3.5 days T confirmations 4 blocks Equal opportunities for all participants We do not do mining in advance, i.e. all have an equal opportunities. Download Windows v1.0.0.8 Win 32-bit https://market.oil.vision/downloads/kurokin/win7x32/kurokin-qt.zip Win 64-bit https://market.oil.vision/downloads/kurokin/win7x64/kurokin-qt.zip Linux v1.0.0.8 Linux 64-bit https://market.oil.vision/downloads/kurokin/linux/kurokin.tar.gz Source v1.0.0.8 https://github.com/kurokin-project/kurokin Business accept We accept the Kurokin as payment for any oil.vision product: Oil & Gas trading Researching Oil extraction Transportation Oil refining Oil & Gas industry equipment Crisis management Audit of facilities BlockExplorer lists http://kurokin.lchain.cc/ Pool lists 0.2% fee, 10 min after block confirm oil.vision's pool Weekendpool.org https://weekendpool.org/ A new mining pool can be listed in the Kurokin website for free if the following parameters are met: Comission is 0.2%, 10 mintues after block confirmation https://t.me/oil_vision Channels Twitter https://twitter.com/oil_vision Discord https://discord.gg/AehT2j7

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