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  1. profit 5% a day from amount of your deposit Minimum amount for deposit is 100 Dogecoin. Minimum amount for withdraw is 10 DOGE, 2 Dogecoin transaction fee. REGISTER: https://dogeone.com/?r=D9Un1Ki9v9GxgwdpJxmSFZh2dmZWTYV3gw
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  3. The highest paying Bitcoin cloud mining site HIGH PAYOUT RATES up to 10% daily Free HASHPOWER 100 Gh/s MINIMUM OF DEPOSIT: 0.001 Btc MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL: 0.0003 Btc Register: https://romeomine.com/?ref=9161
  4. I signed up and received 100 CBs, but it was not possible to use them....
  5. dogefast24 - double your doge in 24 hours 200% AFTER 1 DAYS, All plans will be active for 1 Days ONLY MINIMUM WITHDRAW: 30 DOGE there are 5 Packages, you can buy 100 doge,500,1000,5000,50000 doge register here: https://dogefast24.pro/index.php?refer=207
  6. it was an error, i can withdraw, they pay, it's not scam yet

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