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  1. Thanks is a very useful resource, there are really people who know very well how to enter but not necessarily how to get out, and getting out in a good way is vital for the success of a good trader
  2. Hi buddy, both designs are fine, but i like more the shapes on the secon one, it looks more simple and have a nice but i would like to see anothe color or offer the possibility to change to night mode because sometimes the white is so hard to the eyes. about the second one i like the colors, the combination is sweet. good job!
  3. With my left ear I am listening to my dogs bark at my cat and my cat asking for food. With my right ear a powerful song (a great song)
  4. ☺️ Hahahaha, well I'll try to make my cat eat less lasagna and also more exercise to see if he can fulfill his dream of being an astronaut
  5. Do not even think about it. Suicide is not the solution to your problems (if you have a problem the best is to face it) you can do a lot of harm to the people around you. And I'm sure you do not want that ... Be happy and have a nice day :)
  6. Thanks a lot for the tools, previously I had used coinbase as a trusted exchange but the other tools were unknown for me, I will see if this week took a while and I try them
  7. Seems good, the interface looks very well made and it is seen that it fulfills its purpose what I imagine is to take employers and workers to the same place where they can meet. Well done!☺️
  8. That is because your PC is sleeping no shutting down. What windows version do you have?
  9. Maybe that will have an impact considering that it is one of the biggest economies in all of Asia.
  10. The coffee is very good, one of the best flavors of infusions that exists. Although I hate to be served with sugar!. The black coffee "ristretto" is on another level
  11. Someone just bought a cryptocurrency cat for $172,000 Meet CryptoKitty #896775. Her name is Dragon. She has chestnut coloured eyes, her base colour is "cottoncandy". According to her bio she "bit Rebecca Black once" and finds spying on neighbours "exhilarating". She is a digital cat and Tuesday someone bought her for the equivalent of $172,000. Yep, that's $172,000 in US dollars, or 600ETH (Ethereum) to be precise. Welcome to 2018. She is now owned by the user Rabono. CryptoKitties are essentially digital collectables that you can breed and they're valuable in the way that, for example, a rare Magic: The Gathering Card is valuable. Or a rare baseball card. Essentially, since CryptoKitties are on the blockchain, Dragon (or 896775) is completely unique and cannot be replicated. The people behind CryptoKitties are slowly releasing "Gen 0" kitties, and they are capped at 50,000, but they can breed. This means that Gen 0 cats tend to be the most valuable. Which is why Dragon selling for $172,000 is extremely strange. For context, the average price paid for a CryptoKitty is $60. The median price is $9. If you look at previously huge CryptoKitty sales, they have one thing in common: They're all very old. The second most amount of money paid for a CryptoKitty was $110,000 back in December 2017. That was for CryptoKitty #18. The same day someone paid $107,000 for CryptoKitty #4. Both are Gen 0. Also both are among the first CryptoKitties ever created and therefore have a high value. Dragon is different. She is #896775, a ninth-generation digital cat. It's hard to figure out why someone paid so much for her. Even if she is cute and bit Rebecca Black once. CryptoKitties informed us it doesn't publicly comment on large sales or investments, but told us there are a number of potential reasons for investing so much in a seemingly worthless digital cat: "maybe there was a personal connection the buyer had to the cat or the seller. "Maybe they really, really, liked how that CryptoKitty looked." It is a very cute, digital cryptocurrency cat. :::Source:::
  12. Hello, i am torkinakiza (this in no my real name but is a funny name) About me i am from Venezuela, so i am here because I've been immersed in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies for more than 4 years, but I have had very little contact with the virtual communities that promote them (I read but I do not post much). I'm an airdrops hunter and I've been trading for a while but without much success. Now i am working for a bitcoin and crypto merch company you can see the link on my profile. I hope to get good vibes and a lot of help in this forum and I hope I can also contribute in what I can.

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