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  1. I warned people about it, but nobody listened. https://cryptocointalk.com/blog/68/entry-120-list-of-all-scam-trading-platforms-and-crypto-currency-exchanges-and-their-owners/?st=20#commentsStart https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=598543.new;topicseen#new https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=809676.new#new
  2. =    One and the same scam that took place last year in June 03, has come back with a new name BetaShareX, the name was a dead giveaway, as it stands for " 2nd Share X", and the interface was no different, same 'ol, same 'ol.   Same Malaysian owners and it had the same fate, all coins gone and it shut down without warning.   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=598543.new;topicseen#new   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=809676.new#new   https://cryptoinfinity.com/Thread-BetaShareX-You-can-deposit-but-not-withdraw   http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2uz46d/betasharex_seems_another_btcaltcoin_exchange_went/   https://twitter.com/betasharex   https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/18595-betasharex-safefastreliable-30-cryptocurrency-exchange/   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Betasharex-CryptoCurrencies-Exchange/828880307132813   https://betasharex.com/  
  3. BetaShareX - seems another BTC/Altcoin exchange went into scam mode, nothign works, no replies since days from staff http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2uz46d/betasharex_seems_another_btcaltcoin_exchange_went/
  4. When the Dev strikes,...out     Here is one Dev everyone should stay clear of, iGotSpots is the Dev for 10K, Balls and MMXIV, as far as we know, also involved with Ecash which aparently he tried to revive from the dead http://bitcoinlasvegas.net/e-cash-coin-finally-working-thanks-to-dedication-of-igotspots-dev-10000-20000-interest-per-year-1-hr-min-stake/, and probably many other coins.   But things went sour really quick and took a different turn when C-Cex made this announcement on Twitter "[ECASH] and [CASH] removed because invalidated by developers and can not be sent anymore."   What got me upset was this post he made on Bitcointalk to the investors.     https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=983694.360
  5. AllCrypt Exchange says Bye Bye with "style"   https://www.allcrypt.com/sitedown.html     I warned people about it, and there you have it.
  6. Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations NTC- http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nineeleventruthcoin/
  7. ********The Team that was volunteering to help NTC Developer & 9/11 Truth Activist David Slesinger are no longer part of this project. Mr. Slesinger has been advised as of 2/16/2015 what needs to be done in order to move this project forward including creating a New OP here on BitCoinTalk.org and point to it from here so that there is no confusion. David Slesinger can be reached by email at davidslesinger[at]yahoo[dot]com if you would like to reach him or help********** NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC) NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC) was developed by Members of The 9/11 Truth Movement with years of experience and activism under their belts in regards to the catastrophic events relating to 9/11/2001 with a primary focus on the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers (Towers 1, 2 & Building 7) on 9/11/2001. The evidence supported by over 2000+ Architects & Engineers, along with Chemical Engineers, Controlled Demolition Workers and the highly educated & Steadfast Public which have assisted together in order to reach some scientific conclusions based on the evidence presented which makes a very compelling argument based on science that this event should be re-investigated. This experimental CryptoCurrency was developed as a beta project in the hopes that it can be used over the years to bring awareness and help fund the top groups in the Movement. It could be years until we have new Congressional Investigation into the Attacks on 9/11/2001. This is well known within the 9/11 Truth Movement and most are ready for that long haul.It is extremely important to find out what really happened on that day. Its only fair for the nearly 3000 people that perished and their families who live on, along with the many First Responders that have been effected by the events surrounding 9/11/2001 including the general public. America is not as free today because of the events that took place on 9/11 and neither is the World. This is why this coin is important and historic. NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC) is a Scrypt Hybrid Algorithm with both POW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Stake Blocks) the POW Coin Cap is 110 Million coins Pre-Mined 100%. The POS is 110% Annual Stake. Single coin POW Blocks will be released every 110 seconds with the difficulty retargeting every block. POS starts Staking after 24 hour coin maturity. The confirmations required for validation are 3 for coin transactions and 50 Blocks for newly Minted coins.The 110 Million (NTC) Pre-Mined 100% was immediately split between the investors over seas who have requested not to be named, the person in the 9/11 Truth Movement that is developing this coin, along with service providers amongst the community that have helped make this all happen. There is an early adopter Bonus Mining Period. Once launched there will be a 48 hour mining period that is set to distribute 5000 Blocks containing 911 coins per block. If the 48 hours passes before all 5000 POW bonus blocks are mined or vice versa which ever comes first, then the POW Blocks emissions switch back over to the single coin POW blocks which will continue to be produced every 110 seconds Indefinitely without halving. There is also a free coin faucet set up that distributes NTC to anyone in increments of 500-1000 coins per person once per day for as long as it lasts. People are able to donate NTC to the faucet in order to sustain it. This helps to discourage mining and allows NTC to considered be a Green Energy Efficient Coin with a high POS. The single coin blocks will be mined primarily by the paid nodes that help secure the network. This is clearly a Coin with a future and will backed by certain dedicated activists in the 9/11 Truth Movement. The coins technical specs are below. It is already trading on an International CryptoCurrency Exchange with a Mining Pool. See the OP below; NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC) Website http://nineeleventruthcoin.x10host.com/ Paper To be determined Block Explorer/Crawler http://minemanic.com/ntc/ Source Code https://github.com/911truthcoin/NTC SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: Scrypt Hybrid POW/ POS POW Initial POW Coin Cap=The 110 Million (NTC) Pre-Mined 100% was immediately split between the investors over seas who have requested not to be named, the person in the 9/11 Truth Movement that is developing this coin, along with service providers amongst the community that have helped make this all happen. POS is 110% Annual Staking Interest w/ 24 hour maturity Block Time: 110 seconds Difficulty: Retargets every Block Reward: 1 POW Block single coin Emissions Indefinitely Block confirmations: 3 Newly Minted Blocks need 50 Confirmations before maturity No Halving Bonus POW Blocks of 911 coins per Block for the first 48 hours after launch or 5000k Blocks whichever comes first then the POW Blocks will change to single coin Blocks Indefinitely. (These Bonus Blocks are for early adopters in the Crypto Community in order to provide them with a considerable amount of coins instead of having to purchase them off the exchange so that they can get involved in this historic project) DOWNLOADS Windows Windows QT: https://mega.co.nz/#!stJCxRwD!Lu6R4RPe2OwoJ2sALJa3fq7wz7Pby3r9bP_VXKlbLAQ MacOS Never Linux If you have Linux, please compile your own from the SRC Sample nineeleventruthcoin.conf rpcuser=USERNAME rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=192.168.*.* rpcport=29112 port=29111 addnode= addnode= addnode= daemon=1 server=1 listen=1 PORTS RPC Port:29112 P2P Port:29111 POOLS https://www.cryptopia.co.nz http://ntc.minerpools.com/ http://ntc.binpool.com/ EXCHANGES https://www.cryptopia.co.nz (Sign Up) NineEleven Coin and it devs,owner and team members are not in anyway responsible for any loss incurred! https://cryptogator.net/ (Sign Up) SOCIAL SERVICES / OTHER To whom this may concern; All questions regarding current issues relative to IT only will be answered ASAP in the OP Thread. Any discussions relative to strategy or directional approach in marketing of NineElevenTruthCoin would preferably be answered and discussed offsite in the NTCTeam Community Board. FUD will not be tolerated. JREFers (Members of Randi.org) will have their questions go unaddressed by Staff if deemed off topic or inappropriate. Trolls will be asked if not told to move on. Lets have a positive experience here and welcome anyone involved and always know that everyone is welcome here. The NTCTeam Developer/Operations Manager: David Slesinger S.B. MIT David Slesinger has years in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Most spent at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth working side by side with Architect & AE911Truth Founder Richard Gage, AIA. Aside from other Activism that David is involved in including a possible debate with his former MIT professor Noam Chomsky, David will be focused on this project in the hopes of producing a sustaining CryptoCurrency designed to help everyone that believes in Freedom. NTCTeam Staff Engineer Blake Shatto B.S.C.E Blake is a civil engineer in St Petersburg Florida. He has been an active member and long time volunteer at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Blake feels very strongly about 9/11/2001 and is steadfast in his desire to see an real investigation into the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers on 9/11. He thinks this CryptoCurrency will bring possibly the needed funding for the 9/11 Truth Movement in order to help sustain the Movement plus is of the opinion that this coin will help spread the word regarding the fact that a third building came down on 9/11/2001 in what appears to be in a controlled fashion. Building 7 came down that early evening on 9/11/2001 and it was not even hit by a plane. Media/Film Consultant Chuck Smith Chuck Smith has been involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement for over 7 years. He is a member of Actors & Artists for 9/11 Truth along with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. 911 Evidence (Off-Topic) Please see 911 Research http://911research.wtc7.net ============================================================================================================================================================================================================ Disclaimer: NineElevenTruthCoin (NTC) is strictly for Experimental, Scientific, Educational and for Entertainment purposes only. It is not considered legal tender and we do not claim it to be. We request that you seek out the laws in your jurisdiction relative to Cryptocurrencies in general along with others services that can be related to them. This Disclaimer waves all parties involved in Development, the Official Website, its content or images or anything or anyone else relative to liability or legal action brought on by any individual or groups of individuals from any and all Civil or Criminal lawsuits or prosecution. NineElevenTruthCoin is licensed by MIT License and open Source Initiative, Fair Use Act and Creative Commons Licensing.
  8. The new wallet could give you an epileptic seizure. Besides is this new wallet going to give the coins back to the investors that bought UNB in the latest Pump,...i mean dump from 89K sat ?
  9. What is the matter with BRcoin? Why is not trading anywhere anymore, are you still around, the nodes do not work to sync the wallet either. The website is offline, i do not understand, why would you guys let this coin die ?
  10. The main site went bust....http://www.brcoin.info/
  11. What is going on with this coin ? Is the Dev still around ?
  12. DEV are you still around, how can you disappear like that ?
  13. CEX fast approaching a Scam status. by Horia Cretan     This is CEX latest announcement:   "CEX.IO Temporarily Suspends Cloud Mining ServicesTaking into consideration our users interests, the recent Bitcoin price drop, as well as the upscaling of the mining difficulty, CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange would like to announce a temporary suspension of cloud mining services provided by the platform at the time of the next difficulty increase. According to the 11.5. paragraph of CEX.IO Terms of Use:Mining with using User Gigahashes can be stopped by CEX.IO if the amount of the Maintenance Cost exceeds rewards for each mined block or if the mining is economically inexpedient Thereby, all GHS formerly purchased by CEX.IO users remain their absolute property, with appropriate figures reflected in users profile balance. Additionally users will be able to manually enable mining with Gigahashes by their own choice.Suspension of CEX.IO cloud mining service is only a forced temporary measure, the result of cloud mining costs exceeding mining profit, Jeffrey Smith, Chief Information Officer of CEX.IO. ;Currently all cloud mining/maintenance costs are directed to the Hardware provider, hence, we are open for negotiations with additional mining hardware providers, who can offer favorable terms. And, as soon as we get an opportunity to upgrade mining hardware, or come to more efficient terms with energy suppliers, cloud mining process will be automatically resumed.Meanwhile, CEX.IO will continue operating as full service exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies and fiat money."   When i 1st found out about CEX and their services, i could not wait to get piece of the action, but to get in you needed BTC or mining gear to mine on their pool/exchange   Well, i could not afford the machines yet as they were very expensive and i could only afford to purchase 6 USB Block Erupters with a mere 2 Gh/s power for $100. (Now you can purchase a Bitmain for $145 with over 400 Gh/s)   Not only that the person from which i purchased did not help me setting it up, but the power was worthless.   So the power i could afford was not enough for me, as i was eager to get into the game big, feeling angry i have missed the boat and nobody around my circle was knowledgeable about Bitcoin in 2009, so i decided to find Bitcoin for purchase. Again i stumbled upon a huge wall, as Bitcoin was not available for sale anywhere on internet without a scam or another, Coinbase refused to allow users to buy on their site, claiming they were protecting us from Bitcoin as being a scam, kinda weird for a company in the sales of Bitcoin to make such a claim.   So after a long investigation in search for Bitcoins i came across Virwox a company that allowed people to buy shares for USD and then convert those shares for BTC   The whole process was smart for Virwox and costly for buyers, but at that time they were the only ones that delivered what was promised, so i was able to buy a measly 0.04 BTC for $400, Bitcoin was trading well above $1200 at the time   All set up for CEX now i sent the Bitcoins over and was able to purchase Gh/s at 0.07 BTC, obviously that was not even enough for a whole Gh/s, but it seemed convenient that i did not have to set anything up and at no cost of electricity to me   Now all i had to do, is maybe buy some more BTC in time, or collect a few free decimal BTC points from faucets and i would slowly ;but gradually enter the market at a steady pace trying to make up for lost time.   Not only that the whole venture was a complete loss of time and money, but 2 years later after many scams encountered on various exchanges and Ebay alike, here we come down to the CEX well planned scam.   Gh/s on CEX are now worthless, CEX has treated all users like shareholders in a penny stock scam, dilution, dilution, dilution, only in this case, instead of shares they used Gh/s, my 1st purchase was at 0.07 BTC one Gh/s, right before CEX announced suspension of Cloud Mining on Jan 12 of 2015, 1 Gh/s was selling for less than 0.0006 BTC and at the end they decided to pull the plug on Gh/s all together without warning   In a penny stock at least you would go to no bid and still be able to claim a Tax loss, but here is another story,&nbsp;Gh/s price has gradually dropped in value since CEX has opened the doors, and the loss is only ours to bare.   We enabled CEX to purchase powerful machines so they could grow their business, which worked just fine for them, they were the biggest pool with 92 Ph/s of power, in exchange we constantly gave up our BTC's for Gh/s that now are worth zero value.   Now CEX claims they are not so &quot;lucky&quot; in finding blocks, of course not, they are running at 50% loss in Ghs power for only 42 Ph/s.   "We are experiencing a period of high fees for several reasons, these being: the recent downtime, low price of USD/BTC, the high difficulty climbs of late, and bad pool luck."   The same company that used to find Blocks almost consecutively, claims now they are not "lucky"   They do not want to be lucky, and that is where to problem lies, they could easily buy back their Gh/s and start up the machines, but the cost of BTC Vs. USD is not something they are happy about   And again, how is that my problem, i did not sell 1 BTC for USD at these exchanges, who brings the price down, cause is not me, i would not even have that many BTC's to destroy a market if i chose to sell, so the same companies responsible for the price drop are crying wolf   Now we have a different problem, if others are still able cash out, withdrawals will take forever.   Message from Support regarding a withdrawal after 2 hours of waiting for my confirmed BTC's.   Chen Xi (CEX.IO) Jan 14 18:00 ;">Hey horiacretan,</span></em></p> ;">We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with withdrawal operation, our tech team is already notified and is working on the fix. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused. ">Regards, Chen Xi CEX.IO Support   8 Hours later, i still have not received my BTC:   CEX.IO Mailer &lt;[email protected] 10:46 AM (8 hours ago) Hey horiacretan, We have received a request to withdraw 0.07419036 BTC to the wallet 17NzXMMpqvgAkTzfwkYaWSJPKjjGrJas78 Please click the link below to confirm the withdrawal: "https://cex.io/trade/withdraw_confirm?code=475a15a91683941e993c710285483a55740696ef7be2ba7aaa26238bccf2556b">https://cex.io/trade/withdraw_confirm?code=475a15a91683941e993c710285483a55740696ef7be2ba7aaa26238bccf2556b</a></em></span></p> Regards,CEX.IO<br /> BitCoin Crypto Exchange   23 Hours later, still no coins received from CEX   [CEX.IO] Withdrawal confirmation   CEX.IO Mailer &lt;[email protected] 10:46 AM (23 hours ago)   Hey horiacretan, We have received a request to withdraw 0.07419036 BTC to the wallet 17NzXMMpqvgAkTzfwkYaWSJPKjjGrJas78 Please click the link below to confirm the withdrawal:<br /> <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" href="https://cex.io/trade/withdraw_confirm?code=475a15a91683941e993c710285483a55740696ef7be2ba7aaa26238bccf2556b">https://cex.io/trade/withdraw_confirm?code=475a15a91683941e993c710285483a55740696ef7be2ba7aaa26238bccf2556b</a></em></span></p> CEX.IO BitCoin Crypto Exchange   CEX is slowly approaching a Scam status   This could also be a bear trap and they will purchase the Gh/s from us for a very cheap price and commence business as usual only to sell it back later to other unsuspecting victims for a higher price and then dilute all over again.   Cause the main problem here is, who do i buy from and who do i sell to, when it comes to Gh/s from CEX ?   Wash, Rinse and Repeat.   Update   After over 30 hours i received a refund back to my wallet on CEX   Justin W Justin W (CEX.IO) Jan 15 21:45 Hello Leonard J. I am pleased to inform you that your refund has been completed and processed! Thank you for your patience and understanding! Best Regards, Justin W. CEX.IO Support

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