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  1. More bounty options, follow the link
  2. Our Russian friends already know about Tomahawkcoin
  3. TomahawkCoin can also be purchased for WAVES and BTC at the DEX exchange, available in the WAVES wallet Our coin has been verified by Waves Platform and has a "Green Check" assigned, beware of coins that otherwise have not yet been verified on DEX exchange. Only 100,000,000 TomahawkCoins will be available for sale.
  4. New and updated White paper for Tomahawkcoin
  5. Hi Cryptobit, anyone can purchase Tomahawkcoins pre ICO if they choose too at the DEX on WAVES wallet, but the official ICO will take place at PayServices We do not accept Fiat currency such as USD Euro or Pound, but BTC, WAVES and Ethereum. Download our wallet 1st and in the 3rd tab above you will access the DEX exchange embedded in the WAVES wallet. To find our coin just type Tomahawkcoin in the DEX exchange and pair it with BTC or Waves coins
  6. TOMAHAKCOIN ICO adjusting to the SEC, by Legally avoiding them.
  7. The Official ICO will take place at Pay Services on July 30th, site link below Mobile App from Google
  8. A big Thank You to for listing our upcoming ICO
  9. We've decided on Tomahawkcoin ICO starting on July 30th until Aug 30th
  10. The price for sale is set at $0.05 equivalent in WAVES and BTC.
  11. NEW Article about Tomahawk Tomahawkcoin is one step closer… We are proud to announce that, Tomahawkcoin has gotten verified by WAVES platform today and is one step closer to a successful introduction to the great world of cryptocurrency. Earning a “Green Check” not only allows Tomahawkcoin to trade on the DEX trading platform of WAVES under the symbol TOM, but proves the team behind Tomahawk is determined to be transparent and follow up in the right direction every Token should take...... More on the article below
  12. Tomahawkcoin has been verified by WAVES platform, Green Check, Symbol TOM
  13. Bounty sent, thank You 7/17/2017 18:30:09 Outgoing Transfer Tomahawkcoin You 3PFUc1mRW7xbMr9GYZQQngtNFMejYMiUDzF 0.001 WAVES 30
  14. Thank You 7/16/2017 22:26:59 Outgoing Transfer Tomahawkcoin You 3PDDu93ep7vtS2hzcZC9RoLE4hzkbT8WTC2 0.001 WAVES 10