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  1. The goal of the Circuli Team is to revolutionize the emerging field of AI by decentralizing medical AI diagnosis, provide an ecosystem for the development of AI diagnosis research, and use blockchain technology to give access to transparent and secure transactions. Through the Circuli platform, users will be able to create projects with the goal of providing medical AI diagnostic solutions. The ecosystem is built for AI scientists, data providers and data labelers, who will all contribute in the development of an algorithm by supplying the necessary data for training it. Circuli will promote contribution through incentives and rewards for all participants. Circuli will be used to facilitate the development of AI diagnostic algorithms and it can be applied to automated medical diagnosis to aid health professionals, in applications regarding medical image classification, segmentation, and object detection tasks. AI diagnostic algorithms will further help provide access to a means of affordable diagnosis and analysis in medical systems. Token symbol: CIL Total supply: 1B Hardcap: $40M Website: circuli.io 3 long-term goals: Decentralize medical AI diagnosis by creating an ecosystem for health professionals, AI scientists, medical entities, and general users. Facilitate a system where medical AI can be transparent and interpretable. Minimize the cost and maximize accuracy of diagnosis through automation to benefit patients.
  2. Found a fun little project called Circuli. They put together AI technology and medical diagnosis. Following how their project is going through their website [circuli.io] and Telegram.
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    Hey guys. I am new to the community! I'm a part of the Circuli team. We are developing a blockchain-based platform for medical AI diagnosis. Check out our website: circuli.io or join our Telegram chat: t.me/CirculiGroup

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