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  1. ZAGG Protocol, an open source blockchain platform for consumers and enterprises to seamlessly create, transact and trade digital assets on a global scale is all set to attend the International Crypto Currencies Investment Congress. This congress will see crypto enthusiasts from across the globe explore the opportunities and challenges of investing in digital currencies and assets. An exclusive, closed-door, congress between crypto currencies investment opportunities and hand-picked investors seriously looking into exploring new opportunities for wealth growth, the congress offers attendees the chance to get connected and network with peers in the industry. ZAGG Protocol is a proud silver sponsor at the event and Founder, Raj N Phani will be attending the event happening in Dubai from the 23rd — 25th of September.
  2. The International Blockchain Congress is all set to start and we can’t wait to be part of it! We are also happy to announce that not only are we going to be a part of the event, but we are also one of the sponsors at this congregation of innovators, businesses and technologists! Our Founder, Raj N Phani, will be part of the panel talking on the topic of “The Art of Raising ICOs”, along with other industry stalwarts in the blockchain industry. the path-breaking blockchain technology and its proposed implementation to disrupt the Gifts, Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty (GBRL) industry. Paving the way for an open and transparent blockchain powered world, the International Blockchain Congress will be attended by the likes of Tim Draper, American venture capital investor and the founder of the Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), KT Rama Rao, the minister for IT for the Indian state government of Telangana and Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of Industries & Commerce, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Departments of the Telangana Government. Team ZAGG Protocol will be available to discussions and any further liaisons at TIER 3 — T3–10 -ZAGG, at the Congress happening at Novotel HICC Complex, in Hyderabad, India on the 3rd & 4th of August Source: medium.com
  3. Making another invigorating move towards disrupting the Gifts, Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty (GBRL) industry, ZAGG Protocol has embarked a partnership with Aniko, a blockchain remittance company that seeks to improve financial inclusion and optimize cross-border payments. The mobile wallet solution that Aniko offers will enable ZAGG Protocol to further their endeavours as they develop their platform to enable seamless transaction of GBRL programs, empowering consumers to make the most of their reward points and benefits. This partnership will forge an important part of the mobile money industry, wherein online businesses are aggressively competing for customers, putting ZAGG Protocol and Aniko in an advantageous position as they explore blockchain technology and develop their respective platforms to provide access to e-commerce, P2P payments, bill payments, and exchange of benefits between merchants & consumers. While Aniko offers the community a mobile wallet solution which is cheaper, faster and more convenient, ZAGG Protocol offers consumers a chance to exchange assets, enabling them to transfer points, rewards and vouchers from one merchant to another and even from one user to another. This ensures that the GBRL industry which has been previously running at a major loss, laying off $45 billion worth of gift cards and $160 billion loyalty points in the last few years, will suddenly see a surge in their usage. With the unraveling of this platform, ZAGG Protocol aims to restructure the industry bringing about a revolutionary change in the customer engagement and retention sector. Source: medium.com
  4. Moving onwards in their endeavors to disrupt the B2B2C payments industry, ZAGG Protocol will be attending The Blockchainer 2018 Blockchain China Tour this September. Happening across Shanghai and Beijing from the 9th — 16th of September, the 2018 Blockchain China Tour will feature the most famous blockchain exchanges, venture capitalists, funds, cryoto funds and projects. The roadshow will start on the 9th September from Shanghai and will move to Beijing with industry giants like JRR Crypto Fund, J One Capital, LD Capital, Consensus Investment, BlockVC, Node Capital, DFund-One, Huobi Exchange, Roots Capital among others present during the roadshow. ZAGG Protocol will also take part in the fourth Global Blockchain Summit 2018, hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. Ram Gollamudi, CEO, ZAGG Protocol will be interacting, participating and networking at the event with some of the best VCs, angel investors and crypto-enthusiasts by his side. The 12th Blockchainer China Tour will see industry experts engage in dialogue over blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investment funds. They will review the current scenario of the blockchain world and delve into the intricacies of platforms and protocols being developed to decentralize the various industries. We can’t wait for the discussion and reviews to start rolling as we expand our horizons! Source: medium.com
  5. urthering our plans to disrupt the GBRL (Gifts, Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty) industry, ZAGG Protocol TM has entered into yet another strategic partnership — this time with Zebi, a blockchain based solution for governments and enterprises to leverage and protect their high value and sensitive data. Our infrastructure which addresses the problems in the current GBRL ecosystem and aims to make the transfer of assets seamless will benefit greatly from this alliance. Together with Zebi, ZAGG Protocol aspires to strengthen the platform’s security and enable efficient data management across the spectrum. Speaking about the partnership, Raj N Phani, Founder, ZAGG ProtocolTM said, “We are happy to announce our strategic partnership with Zebi. We will focus on leveraging our core competences to engage closely with the customers and help them in securing their data from unauthorized access. Secured storage of sensitive data is extremely important in today’s business environment to build trust and reputation. This partnership will be a step towards ensuring secure storage and leveraging of high-value confidential data in the combined ecosystem.” Babu Munagala, Founder, CEO & MD, Zebi also shared, “The partnership with ZAGG ProtocolTM will help us to broaden the ecosystem and extend our solutions to multiple industries like education, hotels, telecom, etc. This alliance will broaden the data access and help streamline the onboarding and retention process, making it more effective and beneficial for all stakeholders.” ZAGG ProtocolTM has strengthened its backing with this affiliation as it further advances into the mission of disrupting the Gifts, Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty industry. For more info: https://zaggprotocol.com/ Source: medium.com
  6. ZAGG Protocol has been on a roll, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with REMIIT, a Decentralized Remittance and Payment Platform company, in Korea. This partnership enables ZAGG Protocol to expand their offerings into the Korean market and helps them connect with remittance networks worldwide.
  7. Businesses around the world strive for consumer stickiness through multiple customer engagement programs like Gift Cards, Employee Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty (GBRL) and in turn, improve profitability. However, the current engagement programs are mostly broken with poor ROI. With years of experience in the GBRL industry, our team has stepped in to solve the inefficiencies in the industry using Blockchain technology. ZAGG Protocol is founded by Raj N. Phani, a serial entrepreneur who has built successful businesses in the fields of Prepaid Payments, Internet, Retail and Brand Merchandising.

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