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  1. Can you take reliable service? Binance is one of the largest exchange
  2. Proof Of Toss is a blockchain-based protocol for betting. An open source P2P solution offers a functional and decentralized platform for any relied upon events. Bets are formed in the form of smart contracts that do not correspond and thus protect the rights of players.
  3. I choose more reliable exchanges. I use Binance. For all the time, the reviews on the Binance Crypto Exchange are only positive, since it works stably, is easy to use, and most importantly, it has one of the lowest commissions on cryptocurrency trading operations among all such cryptocurrency exchanges. Indisputable advantages are also high daily volumes of many cryptocurrency pairs and the presence on the stock exchange of many tokens that are not found on other exchanges. We leave our opinions and reviews about Binance com in the comments to the review and do not forget to share it on social networks if it was useful to you.
  4. I believe only in one project. this is a neo project. I like their courage. Initially, Development quickly gained popularity in its homeland in China. Because of the emphasis on smart contracts, ANS was even called the Chinese ethereum. Inspired by the success, the developers decided on a desperate step - a complete rebranding. We wrote new technical documentation, updated blockchain nodes, changed the site and conducted a large-scale ICO to raise funds for the launch of the updated and improved ANS. I think this team will go far.
  5. The site on your link does not open. Are you sure that this is a reliable site?
  6. I wonder how it will work and whether it will find feedback from users. I will follow your project.
  7. Everyone likes their blockchain type. This is valuable information. Many may not understand the differences.
  8. French lawmakers have approved a regulatory legal act establishing rules for conducting primary allocation of coins (ICO). Is this a cryptocurrency victory? what do you think?
  9. If you compare Bitcoin transactions with other cryptocurrencies, you can conclude that they are the slowest. This is a bitcoin problem in my opinion.
  10. Like any other product, service or medium of exchange, the value of cryptocurrencies will depend on the choice of countless users and consumers in the future - based on their subjective values or on the currencies themselves.
  11. Good pictures always helped make money. I hope that your service will give you the opportunity to earn even more.
  12. It sounds absurd. we are talking about the fact that the cryptocurrency can replace gold, and there it is. This is an interesting symbiosis, but I do not think that it will see its development.
  13. I agree with the EU countries. I believe that it is better to introduce regulation on how to send cryptocurrencies into the shadow market. I dont understand how they decide to regulate. It's interesting.

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