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  1. How are these projects becoming popular? Did you think about it? They are babies at the beginning.
  2. I don't agree with you. I called the most famous. ICO Projects are very successful. There are a lot of them.
  3. Projects aren't always scammers. You can do some good research and find a good project. I can't say that it is useless. It's rather interesting.
  4. I think it will happen faster than you forget our conversation.
  5. Great idea. I'll tell you about my experience later. At first, I’ll make good profits.
  6. I know successful ICO projects. EOS? What do you think about it?
  7. Tokens look safer when linked to a product. I agree. Do you think that all projects are made by scammers? I can't believe it.
  8. Being smart isn't enough for cryptocurrency. You must have good intuition.
  9. And you are not as bad as it seemed to me) this is the right decision. Shaking courses occurs on all fronts.
  10. I'm afraid to even imagine how you do it. If you think that Ripple will grow greatly. If you are ready to invest in old currencies, then choose the primary one. Ripple depends on Bitcoin and you can't earn a lot on it. In your case bitcoin will give you more.
  11. OK. Ripple. Do you think Ripple will become the most popular and modern currency? Do Ripple replace fiat currencies? Do you see the future so?
  12. I'm talking about the future and our development. Can you think of other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin? Everyone is talking about bitcoin.
  13. I agree with you that the goal of the project and its implementation are important. If we present similar projects. One will have an investor, the second will collect ICO. Which one will you trust more?
  14. Do you want to say that there is no difference? Token goes to the collection of finance or has finances. I agree that the idea and the viability of the project are important. I think having a constant investment makes the token more worthy of investment.

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