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  1. Be Part Of The Inflight Revolution And Invest In The Fast Growing Drone Market. Token Pre Sale Event is Live! About Sky[nav]pro : Sky[nav]pro is an aviation solution for pilots, manned and unmanned aircraft operators. It features a light and portable box which integrates the Android or iOS devices (free Apps) into a worldwide hybrid communication network. Thus, it allows to integrate two-way communication, real time reception of weather information, live tracking and collision avoidance into a moving navigation app. Sky[nav]pro™ is becoming blockchain based and employs open source interfaces for seamless integration of third-party providers. Why skynavpro? Already the legal requirements are quite complex but will increase its complexity and formal regulations in the future even more to make collision avoidance, communication, as well as tracking more transparent and safer. Sky[nav]pro™, the worldwide first interconnected Avionic System for pilots (>1.2 Mio. worldwide) and aircraft operators (> 0.5 Mio. aircraft worldwide) in General Aviation (GA). sky[nav]pro™ consists of the following elements: Network : Satellite communication and navigation, (ADS-B) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), secondary radar, FLARM. Webportal/App : Free online Flight planning Apps for Navigation Book relevant Services. Own Hardware : Communication, In-Flight Weather, Tracking & Aircraft Monitoring, Collision avoidance Sky[nav]pro Token (SNP) : SNP is sky[nav]pro™`s native ICO token. SNP is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. There is a total of 400 million SNP tokens. 60% SNP tokens will be offered for sale via the ICO. The new SNP Aviation Token will be used as the payment methods for all sky[nav]pro™ transactions within our network worldwide. Payments to the platform apart from SNPs can also be made in SNPs convertible fiat currencies, such as EUR/USD/CHF, in addition to SNPs. The integrated exchange API converts fiat currency payments into SNP in a seamless user experience. The end-user is able to use the system with normal currency or crypto, without being a crypto currency expert. SNP Aviation Token will be used, not only for service fees, but also for weather data purchases, online tracking fees, landing fees, fueling and all other transactions across the aviation sector. By adding early-bird advantages to SNP Token holders, such as discounts to the value-added-services they need in-flight, we are sure the value of the SNP token will increase significantly! Sign Up And Register For The Pre-Sale & Get 50% discount : https://skynavpro.io/ ICO Details: Pre- Sale Date: Running until 31st December 2018. Pre-Sale Token Price: 0.035$ Per SNP (50% Bonus) ICO 1st Stage Date: Running until 15 Feb 2019. ICO 1st Stage Token Price: 0.045$ Per SNP (35% Bonus) ICO 2nd Stage Date: Running until 15 Feb 2019. ICO 2nd Stage Token Price: 0.070$ Per SNP Total Tokens Available : 400,000,000 SNP HardCap : 9000000 USD As SNP is a true utility token under German regulations and we already have a working product we do not require a SoftCap.
  2. Join the ICO of the world’s first DAO governed community DEX. Claim 75% of platform revenue every month. AboutEOSInterest network: EOSInterest.networkis building the world’s first DAC/DAO smart contract governed, dividend sharing, anonymous multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The dual utility platform integrates a Tor enabled Multi-Chain DEX with an AI guided trade portal. Dividend sharing: EOSInterest introduces a revolutionary dividend sharing model with native token holders. Accordingly, EOSInterest (EOSiNT) token holders can claim 75% of monthly earnings of the dual utility platform, by staking their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX during the corresponding trading month. Use cases of EOSiNT token: Trade EOSiNT token as a trading pair in the EOSInterest. DEX and pay trade commissions in EOSiNT token Trade their cryptocurrency tokens in the DEX and receive a refund of 50% of platform fee in EOSiNT tokens at the end of each 24 hour trading period Stake their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX and receive 75 per cent of monthly combined earnings of the platform during the corresponding trading month. Community governance: Community voting and dividend distribution governed by Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO) andDecentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC) smart contracts. Specifications: Dual platform: EOS Interest platform integrates a multi-chain decentralized exchange with an autonomous AI guided trade engine. Anonymous: Tor- enabled multi-chain DEX enhances anonymity. Scalable: Scalability is achieved through linking decentralized wallets with an efficient centralized order matching system. Liquidity: Immediate liquidity of the platform is guaranteed through an Index fund. Autonomous trade engine trails EOS index and trades EOSiNT index fund through a combination of trading tools. Trans fee Minting: 50% of daily platform fees rebated in EOSiNT tokens at the end of every 24-hour trading session. Dividend sharing: 75 % of platform revenue every month, shared with the token holders Dividend issued in EOS and can be withdrawn anytime. Sign up and register for the Pre-sale Starts on Nov 20, 2018 40% discount: https://eosinterest.network/ ICO Pre-Sale Dates: November 20th , running until December 10th. Pre-ICO token price: US $ 0.60 per EOSiNT (40% discount) Total tokens available for pre-sale: 1 million EOSiNT. Personal maximum cap: 1 btc ………………….. ICO Main Sale Dates: December 20th to January 31, 2019 ICO token Price: US $ .80 ( first two weeks) -US $ 1. Total token available for main sale: 5.5 million Personal maximum cap: 0.5 btc ICO hard cap: US $ 5,000,000 ………………….. Airdrops: Airdrop form: https://goo.gl/forms/xfGPWuNbn3TbBboD3 Submit the completed airdrop form and claim 30 EOSiNT( 30USD)
  3. Did you miss the last bullrun and felt bad about it? The next altcoin bullrun has just started! Let’s make your dreams a reality by not missing the biggest trades Join our Channel to keep up with the biggest gainers: https://t.me/cryptowolverinechannel
  4. TNCoin Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund ★ Web ★ Telegram ★ Twitter ★ LinkedIn ★ Facebook ★ Email ★ Total Token allocated for this bounty will be 600000 of TNcoin , and each Token worth $1. This means the total value of the Bounty Pool is approx. US $600000. The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format: Twitter Campaign: 25% Facebook Campaign: 25% Translation Campaign: 10% Telegram Campaign: 10% Blog Article & Videos Campaign: 10% Signature Campaign: 20% Each round will end on Wednesday @11:00 PM forum time Week 5: - September 1 - October 7 - Current Week Week 5: - October 8 - October 14 - Upcoming Week Week 5: - October 15 - October 21 - Upcoming Week Week 5: - October 22 - October 28 - Upcoming Week TELEGRAM CAMPAIGN Rules Telegram Join link: - https://t.me/officialTNcoinchat You must update your Telegram username to "Your Name | TNcoin.io " No spam or foul language against other members or about the project. Try to be active and ask questions about the project. Stay until the end of the ICO. Discussion about the bounty is strictly prohibited. Rewards 5 TNcoin Token per week How to Apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Jm1RPnLtMTc_jLs2erPor3lOIWA8mKB3LpZTseFP_cQ/viewfo rm?edit_requested=true Spreadsheet Link (Telegram) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11p_Ib1VvdnSazRSmnXv1Y3J3nox4MBG2ok_AdWUFYpc /edit?usp=sharing TWITTER CAMPAIGN Rules Account must be at least 3 months old. Must follow this page :- https://twitter.com/TNcoinRE Must have at least 100 followers. Minimum of 5 retweets must be done weekly to be eligible for payment & retweets should be spread over a week not in one day. Not posting any week's retweets will mean no token will be given. You must tweet at least 2 of your original tweet about TNcoin and use hash tags #ico #TNcoin #RealEstate #venturecapital #stellar #xlm Rewards 100-300 Followers : 8 TNcoin Token 301-1000 Followers : 12 TNcoin Token 1001-4000 Followers : 15 TNcoin Token 4001-10000 Followers : 18 TNcoin Token 10001 and above Followers : 20 TNcoin Token Format to post your work How to Apply : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ySeRccfe9-HBZbU7tL- U3i8CQugqLcZyWg9sSP7L4Do/viewform?edit_requested=true Spreadsheet Link (Twitter) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RcxikEZQxNWPdNNX76GBDlajLLbK3asVv6l1OOObm_U /edit?usp=sharing FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN Rules Account must be at least 3 months old. Must follow this page: - https://www.facebook.com/cryptokid2/ Must have at least 300 Followers/Friends. You have to like and share at least 5 posts per week from our official Facebook page and should be done over a week not in one day. Rewards 300-600 Followers/Friends: 10 TNcoin Token 601-1500 Followers/Friends: 14 TNcoin Token 1501-4000 Followers/Friends: 16 TNcoin Token 4001+ and above Followers/Friends: 18 TNcoin Token Format to post your work How to Apply : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1M0tDlY-GFA5npbLuHrb- WxYvmf3BnoywiF1FVhe7xUE/viewform?edit_requested=true Spreadsheet Link (Facebook) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a9ZqhYsVnW8cxi8Yl6HpocS4Ue-9JF- DKT_BWChhr4Y/edit?usp=sharing Translation Campaign Rules Using Google Translate and other online translators are not allowed. Participants using Google Translate will be instantly disqualified. Applications for the translations to multiple languages will not be accepted. The translator should be responsible and moderate and keep the thread active (we have additional rewards for moderation) Manager and owners reserve the rights to add rules, or do any kind of reasonable changes. Rewards Translation of ANN thread : 300 TNcoin Token. Translation of Bounty thread : 500 TNcoin Token. Translation of whitepaper: 750 Tncion Token. How to Apply :- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XLAKQivymCtb_UwzbCgP0k5j7QEJUejsJxscACE6Aog/viewfo rm?edit_requested=true Spreadsheet Link (Translation) :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kYXKrLjfDuC6aUgGMNIP0CHqJ8O2zrBjUYVUEyRQSG 4/edit?usp=sharing BLOG/VIDEO CAMPAIGN Write a good article, review, or blog post about tncoin.io in your words; Post it on reputable sites or platforms. You can also post it on your own website if it has great traffic and related audience. Blog/Article/Reviews writing instructions: The article/review/blog post must have at least 500 words. Your text must be original. Copy and stealing other contents bring to disqualification The audience for the posted article must be crypto related or match a use for tncoin.io or promote the TOKEN SALE to a suitable audience. Website must have a genuine audience. New websites will not be accepted. Medium, Steemit and other Free Blogs are allowed but one person can only write 1 Article in one of these (you choose which one you use). 1 articles allowed in premium blogs and websites with .com, .net. .org etc domains and good SEO. Article/review/blog post must contain at least 1 link to the tncoin.io website (use this Tracking link only) and One link to tncoin.io Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OznRyWIQl0hd3gsnKI3HgRoX1t959KwC/view Video instructions: Describe tncoin.io and its features Video must be in good resolution Video must be minimum 2 minutes. You can upload them to Youtube, Dailymotion or others. You will receive rewards based on the quality and the audience of Video. Rewards Normal quality & audience: 50 TNcoin Token Medium quality & audience: 100 TNcoin Token High quality & audience: 250 TNcoin Token How to Apply : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SWX26nxUEIKhTgBZvKIbfONQPr_CD2dxKu8Xed544mg/viewfo rm?edit_requested=true Spreadsheet Link (Blog/Video) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DAtvJW_opTDElb4j-JYbvNTZV-ZTq5Gj1X_6HKuVYfA/edit#gid=0 SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN Rules We are looking for the active Bitcointalk users. All members need to post at least 15 posts a week to be eligible for the reward. Posts in this thread will not count. No negative Trust. No multiple Signatures. Posts in following Discussion Boards will not be counted: Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners and help. No Spam, Abuse or Insults. Terms and conditions Only for junior members and above. Make at least 15 posts each week during the week. Add the Avatar provided below Posts in alternate crypto currencies section are required. The posts should be spread for a full week, not for just 1-2 days otherwise your token will be 0 for the week. Posts in any bounty thread will not be counted. Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign. Rewards Junior Members : 30 TNcoin Token per week + 5 TNcoin Token for Avatar per week Members : 50 TNcoin Token per week + 5 TNcoin Token for Avatar per week Full Members : 75 TNcoin Token per week + 5 TNcoin Token for Avatar per week Senior Members : 90 TNcoin Token per week + 5 TNcoin Token for Avatar per week Hero Member: 120 TNcoin Token per week + 5 TNcoin Token for Avatar per week Legendary: 150 TNcoin Token per week + 5 TNcoin Token for Avatar per week Signature Avatar https://i.imgur.com/evhCjjU.png https://i.imgur.com/evhCjjU.png How to Apply : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSciFVIKm2x2N2qluf7dxrtlkvhV- dj6DxARwPZTtXYLgekuQw/viewform Spreadsheet Link (signature): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/181bXlzqU1uLDJPse8NlOwOrOcm1G6Jv8x5Eu37iU4Ro /edit?usp=sharing Signature Designs JR MEMBER ╔═══╦══════════▣ TNcoin.IO ▣═══════════╦═══╗ ╚═══╝ ▪ Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund ▪ ╚═══╝ SR MEMBER ╔╦═╦═══╦═════▣ TNcoin.IO - Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund ▣══════╦═══╦═╦╗ ╠╬═╬═══╬═════════╣ LINKEDIN ✔ ╠═════════╣ MAILTO ✔ ╠═══════════╬═══╬═╬╣ ╚╩═╩═══╩══╣ FACEBOOK ✔ ╠══════╣ TWITTER ✔ ╠══════╣ TELEGRAM ✔ ╠══╩═══╩═╩╝ FOR ALL OTHER MEMBERS ╔╦═╦═══╦═════▣ TNcoin.IO - Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund ▣══════╦═══╦═╦╗ ╠╬═╬═══╬═════════╣ LINKEDIN ✔ ╠═════════╣ MAILTO ✔ ╠═══════════╬═══╬═╬╣ ╚╩═╩═══╩══╣ FACEBOOK ✔ ╠══════╣ TWITTER ✔ ╠══════╣ TELEGRAM ✔ ╠══╩═══ ╩═╩╝ * Any bounty related issue or question you can ask me here https://t.me/cryptoanarchyyt or post your issue here so i can solve it Week #1 Twitter Retweets 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tweets 1. 2. Week #1 Facebook Shares + Likes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  5. LEAXCoin Launches Ambassador Program: Join Now & Recieve Hourly Rewards. ★ Web ★Ambassador Program ★ Telegram ★ Whitpaper ★ Twitter ★ GitHub ★ The Leaxcoin platform comes up with the solution to all the problems with real estate transactions, either in the purchase, rent, lease and real estate launch or in the property registry. Leaxcoin is a decentralized global currency that adopts the Ethereum blockchain technology, the leader in the smart contract evolution. Becoming A LEAXCoin Ambassador: As we know, every country has a local regulation, and that is why the ambassadors are so important. They will be responsible for assisting the local community in possible workshops, support and integration. There will be one ambassador per country, state and city in charge of these activities, where they will be financially rewarded for their service. Benefits: 1. You will receive the hourly payment, and a prize at the end of ICO. 2. You will receive a percentage for all processes and real estate transactions within your country. 3. You will participate in the Ambassadors Exclusive Mobile Phone Interaction Group. 4. You will take part the selection of Community Managers for your country. 5. You will have the right to voting for decision-making to improve the LeaxCoinform plant. 6. You will recieve other benefits that will be vote on what happens in the ecosystem in the future as we grow. Requirements: 1. Having Passion for the cryptocurrency market and understanding Blockchain transactions. 2. Be an innovator. 3. Real estate, investment or business experience in your country. 4. Know the real estate transaction and laws system in your country. 5. Be Communicative, dynamic, be an autonomous yet responsible decision-maker, be team-player and a leader. Key Responsibilities: 1. You will represent the community of your country. support brokers and ensure real estate transactions run smoothly. 2. You will plan and deliver the project in your country, organize events and supervise people 3. You suggest improvements necessary for the App / Web to meet the expectations of users in your country. 4. Other duties, as requested by the community in the future as we grow. Do you want to be an ambassador? Apply Here. We will be very happy with your interest! For additional help please contact @programmleaxcoin on Telegram.
  6. So you are looking for a reliable and effective way to boost your ICO ranking? Now, here's the thing: it doesn't matter how wonderful or amazing your ICO business module is. As long as it is not listed in investor pools then your ICO will not make any money. But fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way for you, because of that where our Affle ICO comes in! We can help you into: * Press Release. * Forum Post. * Telegram Share. * Video Review. * Facebook & Twitter Share. * Targetted Email Marketing. Wait no more; get started right away. Connect with us: Website: http://cyrodigital.com

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