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  1. Hello, guys. Have you already seen the latest updates on Bitcoin price? It's price is now between $5.500 and $5,600 which is the lowest point it has seen this year. What are your prospects for it? Do you feel like selling the bitcoins you have or are you optimistic and hope it'll soon regain its value? There’s a very interesting situation on the cryptocurrency market right now – a moment of panic and a whole new world of possibilities for investors and traders. Bitcoin Cash hardfork and Bitcoin price falling so drastically nobody could predict it. Or could they? What will tomorrow bring us in terms of crypto news? A perfect moment to buy crypto while it’s down or a final opportunity to leave the sinking ship and sell all the assets you’ve got. Or – what a crazy thought – to keep trading. Business as usual in moment of chaos. What nerves would it take to just keep trading. But what if that is the best moment to trade? Trade smart.
  2. Feel free to check an article about Trodax on Cryptonews portal. We are happy to see our service being recognised and hope you enjoy using our bot! Telegram:hahttps://t.me/trodaxdotcom Facebook:hahttps://www.facebook.com/Trodax.cat Twitter:hahttps://twitter.com/Trodax1 Email:[email protected] Reddit:hahttps://www.reddit.com/r/TrodaxCat Medium:hahttps://medium.com/@trodaxtrodax Golos:hahttps://golos.io/@trodax.cat Bitcointalk:hahttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4779227.0
  3. Tomorrow, Nov 15 we will witness the HardFork of Bitcoin Cash. What will happen than? To those of you guys who don’t understand what is going on – a brief summary of what’s going on. The Bitcoin Cash network’s hard fork is planned for November 15. The basic idea is that the software upgrade to Bitcoin ABC would help the network scale and provide for smart contracts. At the same time lots of Bitcoin Cash fundamentalists believe that these changes will corrupt the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Now, one of the scenarios is that Bitcoin Cash will split into two different coins: Bitcoin SV (Satoshis’s Vision), the current version and Bitcoin ABC, an upgraded version. This can lead to panic in case double spending won’t be prevented, which can seriously harm currency’s reputation. As Craig Wright, Australian computer scientist (who is also so charismatic that he claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto) says: “There is no bitcoin gold, no BTC vs ABC-type battle here. This is one or the other. Long term, one dies. There is zero chance of both surviving.” What do you guys expect from tomorrow? Do you think we will witness a massive increase in interest towards Bitcoin Cash or will it be the disaster for those who invested significant money in it? Let us know and join the discussion on our TG channel https://t.me/trodaxdotcom.
  4. Hello, guys! Feeling good today? What about your trading? How is it going? Today we would like to ask you a brief question and give you some thoughts related to the topic. Bur first things first – how many exchanges is enough to trade successfully? We have recently asked this question to our clients and friends and here’s what we’ve seen: Feel free to join the discussion on our Telegram channel, it’s https://t.me/trodaxdotcom. We believe that it’s not about the number of exchanges, you can use just one and be a very successful trader. In fact, several of our most wealthy clients only use one exchange but they have several separate accounts and various trading bots working for them and making money simultaneously. That being said, we also agree with the idea about diversification. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket seems to be a fairly good advice in personal finances in general, so if you aren’t 100% about any particular exchange – better safe than sorry, as they say. Please, tell us how do you trade? How many exchanges are enough? Trade smart. Telegram: https://t.me/trodaxdotcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trodax.cat Twitter: https://twitter.com/Trodax1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trodax.cat/ Email: [email protected] Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TrodaxCat Medium: https://medium.com/@trodaxtrodax Golos: https://golos.io/@trodax.cat Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4779227.0
  5. What is the mechanism behind automated trading? Well, it’s basically a trading done for the user by some algorithm or trading bot. When a trading bot buys crypto, it automatically calculates the Take Profit level, according to the exchange commission and the specific features of a certain cryptocurrency. There are a number of different bots on the market and they use different strategies to obtain results. One of the best practices out there is averaging. We have already talked about it in our posts, so let’s just briefly explain how it functions. Automated bot buys a crypto asset and evaluates a price it has to reach for the bot to sell it. As soon as its price is reached, the algorithm sells the asset and opens a new transaction. If a market doesn't achieve an indicated price and the asset is getting cheaper instead, the algorithm buys the same cryptocurrency again making so called «averaging». After averaging this asset can be sold at lower price still making profit since its price was averaged between the initial price of purchase and the price of the second transaction. Automated bots use a variety of strategies and tools to maximize the profit and provide a service that makes money on user’s behalf while the user himself isn’t doing anything. That’s a cool feature, isn’t it? The only worry people have here is security. Am I doing a right thing giving some bot the access to my money? Are they gonna be on the exchange the next day? Will the bot trade correctly, not making me lose money in some risky transactions? Those are the very essential questions a trader should be asking before starting with any automated trading service. The good news are – there are good options out there, it’s just a question of trial and error, but if you are determined to find a right automated trading service for you, you will. Trade smart.
  6. Hello friends. What is actually going on when a person is trading? More specifically – when you trade cryptocurrencies. Well, the actual process of trading is what in major way determines the price, the value of each cryptocurrency. Since crypto is a fairly young technology it is impossible to establish its value objectively, there’s no value per se. No goods or services are being produced, no gold standard, there’s central organization behind bitcoin whose reputation would be a marker. But since the value of crypto is undeniable and it’s the future of money where no government can possibly intervene and/or bankrupt any currency – the market comes into play. Millions of people decide how much they are willing to pay for each currency every day – offer and demand balance things out to provide us with a new world where lots of cryptocurrencies coexist and can be traded. Playing on the fluctuations and price tendencies can be very fruitful if done with caution and good understanding of the nature of ongoing processes. Cryptocurrency trading is an ongoing endeavor of redistributing the trust and attention each cryptocurrency gets and deserves from international society. Traders are shaping the future of economies by determining the value each currency deserves. And it can make one rich if the process is controlled and understood correctly. Trade smart.
  7. Hello guys. Let’s talks about the topic that is really important when it comes down to using an automated trading bot for your trading. How much does the service cost? Is it worth it? Well, it actually goes down to how much money you get from trading versus how much money you have to pay in order to keep using the service that provides you those gains. Now, Trodax.com is the leader on the market when it comes to the best strategies and it has the smartest bots based on the hybrid intelligence. The very best thing about Trodax is that it doesn’t require any special skills to use it for your benefit, it’s as simple as using Facebook - you just need to tell our bot the risk/benefit ratio you are up to and the rest is our job. And the average profit you’ll have in return is between 3 and 7% of your deposit monthly! Having that in mind you’ll see that our tariffs are very affordable! We aim to make our relationships with you to be mutually beneficial and because of that we provide you with the set of tariff plans that will be suitable for the deposit of every size. We have 3 options from $19 to $89: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more ambitious you are the higher your subscription option. Each of them provides you with a certain number of crypto pairs, access points, and technical support. Each of them will make you richer, the difference is in the speed, not in the quality. You can rely on Trodax.com and be sure that you don’t lose ever and you win way more frequently trading with us than a normal trader would. Trade smart. Trade with Trodax.com.
  8. Hi, guys! Wanna win? Wanna prove that you’re smarter than an automated algorithm and show everybody how the real trading is done? We want to challenge you. You can win a FREE MONTH of our special Gold Subscription plan if you outperform Trodax automated bot. Here are our conditions: you create an account for you and another one for our bot. You keep logging the transactions for a month and then compare the results. If you outperform our trading bot – we will give you a FREE MONTH of GOLD SUBSCRIPTION! Try it if you dare. Create two account on the same exchange and try to beat our algorithm. You’ll win in both cases (earning money both yourself and having a robot do it for you is never a bad idea), so why don’t you test us a little bit? Good luck and trade smart. Trade with Trodax.com Telegram: https://t.me/trodaxdotcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trodax.cat Twitter: https://twitter.com/Trodax1 Email: [email protected] https://www.reddit.com/r/TrodaxCat
  9. Hello, guys. We’ve received an email from a client of ours who wanted to know how exactly Our Affiliate Program works and what are the payouts we offer. Well, as we already said in some previous posts, we offer the LARGEST PAYOUTS – 30% of payments of every attracted referral for life, no jokes, it’s just what it looks like. That’s the way to make money with no investments, by promoting a service that is beneficial for everyone – for you, for us and for the attracted client who will benefit from automated cryptocurrency trading with Trodax. A crime with no victim as they say! Let´s make it clear. You register an account, create a referral link and post it wherever you see fit. You attract a client. This client registers an account and chooses a tariff plan. He earns money, boosting his profits from trading. And YOU earn money, receiving 30% of EVERY payment this user will transfer for his tariff plan FOR LIFE! Sounds like a good deal to you? Besides, we will provide you with all the necessary PROMO MATERIALS in all languages so that you don’t have to worry about anything! Make the most attractive advertising campaign with no efforts and earn money! We offer banners: gif and static, video materials, promotional texts, list of key words and more! You can wIthdraw your profits every 2 weeks in BTC with the minimum amount of withdrawal of just 50$. We are also 24/7 available for your support via any convenient way of communication, in case of any questions please feel free to contact us. Telegram: t.me/trodaxdotcom Facebook: Trodax.cat Twitter: Trodax1 Email: [email protected] https://www.reddit.com/r/TrodaxCat
  10. Hello, friends. We wanted to tell you how our strategies work. They proved to be highly effective and beneficial for our clients and using them mindfully can lead to a severe stress relief and a significant additional benefit. Now, we have been very careful not to make too many choices that can frighten new users and we have also found out that there’s no actual need for a great variety – our strategies are so simple (yet so effective) everybody can understand them and see how they work. We offer 4 strategies: Careful, Reasonable, Active and Optimistic. They are recommended to be used at different market conditions and they have a different number of averaging steps, the size of first order, Take Profit level and number of averaging orders set at once. CAREFUL If you have a big deposit, but you don't want to take risks, this strategy is for you. It allows you to get profit when your bot makes a first order just 5% of total reserve and has a maximum amount of averaging steps. It is recommended on a bearish market. REASONABLE Here you have a starting order at 7% of your reserve, 14 averaging steps as maximum and 3 averaging orders set at one time. ACTIVE This strategy gives you an opportunity to make profits even when you have a small deposit cause it has a starting order at 10% and 2 averaging orders set at one time. It is recommended on a bullish market. OPTIMISTIC The most risky strategy that should be used when a market has a very positive tendency. Allows you to easily boost your profits with a small deposit on a bullish market. Be careful since it can lead to a peak–valley drawdown. What strategy do you find the most attractive for you? Share your opinion with us, leave a comment wherever you want: Telegram: t.me/trodaxdotcom Facebook: Trodax.cat Twitter: Trodax1 Email: [email protected] https://www.reddit.com/r/TrodaxCat
  11. Hello, friends. How is your trading going? One of the complaints we’ve received from many traders is that the cryptocurrency exchanges aren’t user-friendly and traders spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to actually trade, more so – how to do it successfully and react to the changes as they happen. That’s actually not a trivial question and there are two different ways of dealing with this problem – to become a professional full-time trader or to use an automated bot to trade for you. Now, what to choose is not our decision to make but all the clients we have talked to are really happy with all the free time they have since they’ve given up on the idea of spending their whole life in front of the monitor, trying to stay informed and make the best decision possible every day. The amount of frustration and pressure that professional traders face daily require an outstanding capacity to keep focused pretty much all the time and not to go crazy because of such working conditions. Automated trading bots are much more relaxing. Now, that being said, it is also important to understand that not all the automated bots are really easy to use. Some solutions require as much time and efforts (if not more!) to really dig into how it all works that the whole point of it gets a bit fuzzy. That’s why we at Trodax.com have focused all our efforts to provide you with the most user-friendly solution on the market – it takes LESS than 5 minutes from registering your account to run the trading bot that will work for you day and night. You don’t need ANY technical skills whatsoever to start trading and the interface is so intuitive even a child can use it! That’s the whole point of an automated trading bot – it saves your time and brings you money. Tell us about your trading strategies and methods of saving your time!
  12. Market is down. You shouldn’t be though J What do you feel when the crypto market is in downtrend for 6 months? Panic? Depression? Are you worried, perhaps? Some traders see it as an opportunity to be the smartest guy in the room and buy assets at their lowest price and hold them forever, some are agonizing because their assets cost less than they used to, some sell everything ASAP, losing a percentage of the initial investments and reallocate their funds to stocks (not the smartest move if you ask me, because it’s often the case that their new assets lose in price as well while the crypto they just sold finally begins to skyrocket). And there are some traders who just keep trading and earning money. How do they do that? Well, there’s a number of ways, but the easiest and the least time-consuming one is obvious: automated cryptocurrency trading bot. Now, that being said, it’s important to understand that not all bots are equal. Some are so sophisticated only a professional can use them. Various bots available on the market aren’t safe enough for any trader to trust their funds. Some even make risky decisions and LOSE their clients’ money! But if you make a right decision and entrust your crypto to a smart bot like Trodax.cat, with intuitive interface and zero negative transactions – you’ll win even when the market is down. We’ve already written about averaging, hybrid intelligence and the strategies our bots use, so feel free to check the threads if you are interested in it, you’ll find all the info you need! The facts are: crypto is here, it’s the future of money but the crypto market is down. What to do about them? Only you can decide. The smartest move is not to lose time and money trading yourself but hire a bot to manage your assets so that they work for you making profit in times of crisis. Downtrend isn’t bad per se. It’s just a downtrend. Don’t let the rain ruin your parade. Trade with Trodax.
  13. Hello, friends! We’ve received an email recently with a very common question: “What is the average profit?” That’s something that everybody is interested in J Let’s see what we can tell you regarding this question. First of all - we cannot guarantee a certain profit level as it would be incorrect in relation to users of our service. We don’t control the market. As you probably know it changes very quickly and the things that used to work well previously may become absolutely useless in an eye blink. According to the statistics, the monthly increase in the deposit of our customers ranges from 1% to 7% (depending on the current trend and the risk-profit settings). Users who have connected several accounts to their account and have sufficient deposits on each of them have even higher daily profit rates. We can only guarantee that we will do our best to improve our hybrid intelligence promptly and continuously for attainment of the best possible result for our users. But promising you a certain percentage would be wrong – it is trading, after all. The only thing we CAN promise is that according to our experience you have a WAY better chance of earning with our bot than you do if you trade yourself. The strategies we offer and the algorithm based on the hybrid intelligence are proved to perform better than a human trader does. Sure, there are some professional traders that can beat bot’s results but it’ like a chess grand master competing against machine. Only the very best stand a chance. If you are a normal trader that doesn’t dedicate all his free time to trading – you are far better off using our bot. Share your story about trading with us!
  14. What’s happening, guys? One of the reasons people are afraid of automatic cryptocurrency trading bots is that there’s a stereotype that it is a sophisticated piece of software and one should be a professional to use it. And in some cases it is actually the case – there are several options on the market that are designed in a way that technical skills and mathematical abilities are indeed necessary to use them efficiently. That’s not the case with Trodax, though. In order to start earning with Trodax you should be able to open your web browser and login into your account. That’s pretty much the hardest part. All our team efforts were aimed at making the most simple and user-friendly service. If you have figured out how to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, then using Trodax.com will look like nothing to you! P.S. frankly speaking, our design is way more sexy than that of the exchanges 😉 To start cryptocurrency trading, it is enough to register an account on our cloud service, connect it to the API of the exchange where your deposit is placed, select a currency pair and set the risk / profit ratio. All the rest of the work Trodax.com does on its own, and you can follow the trading process using a mobile application. Feel free to write us with any questions you have! Best regards, Trodax.com
  15. Hello guys! One of the most common questions we are receiving from our clients is how to increase the profit one get from trading? Well, the first and the most important step is to find an appropriate strategy for your bot to execute, and here we offer you all the necessary tools by providing pre-defined strategies that have been tested multiple times and have proven to work efficiently in rile-life scenarios brining our clients thousands of dollars. All of the clients that have tested Trodax for at least 2 months – all of them – have reported a significant increase in their gains from trading. Bots do it better, that’s a fact. Apart from that you can additionally increase the profit out of automatic cryptocurrency trading in several ways: 1) Adjust the risk / profit ratio towards more risky and aggressive trading. 2) Increase the volume of deposits at exchanges. Having insufficient deposits on your accounts, the system will be limited in its capabilities and will not be able to enter all the profitable positions, thus missing the potential profit. To work out the most profitable algorithms, a trading robot must have an access to a deposit from 0.2 BTC and higher on each of the exchanges. 3) Reduce the commission fee of transactions. Many trading platforms provide their clients with the opportunity to reduce the commission, subject to certain conditions (for example, for having a certain number of internal exchange tokens). Make sure to ask about of existence of any such possible offers on your exchanges and study their conditions. The automatic cryptocurrency trading implies the frequent opening and closing of multiple positions, and the profit out of reducing the commission can be very high. Let us know what methods have you used to maximize your profits in trading! Trade with the best. Trade with Trodax.

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