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  1. CoinDeal


    Important news for all Bitcoin Cash owners! 📌 As you certainly know, we have two new coins after Hard Fork. ➡️ If you had Bitcoin Cash on CoinDeal , you'll get an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. 💰
  2. CoinDeal


    We are more than proud to announce two cryptocurrencies which won 10th voting. Congratulations to Global Cryptocurrency and Safex Token! 🎊 We prepared a summary of our vote history. During nine editions that have been carried out so far, we have already added: ✔️ Ripple, Lisk, Nano, Bytecoin, Verge ✔️ FuturoCoin, Infinity Economics, DeepOnion, ✔️ DraftCoin, Strong Hands ✔️ Experience Points ✔️ Bitcoin Token, X12 Coin ✔️ Monero, DogeCoin ✔️ SLT, Tron, EOS ✔️ Electra, Electroneum ✔️ Privcy, Safex Cash Thank you very much for your commitment!
  3. CoinDeal


    On November 15th, a Bitcoin Cash [BHC] hard fork will take place. 📣 Deposits and withdrawals for Bitcoin Cash [BCH] on CoinDeal are currently suspended due to the network updates being performed. This will take place until further notice.
  4. CoinDeal


    New in❗ Football Coin ⚽ joined the CoinDeal. Football Coin has been added without voting because we love football and we are the global partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. From now you can trade on the BTC/XFC market. Trade with Football Coin and take your chance to get the best prices!
  5. CoinDeal


    It is just two days to the end of the "vote for new cryptocurrencies" program on our exchange. The rules are as follows: ✔️ every registered and verified user can cast 5 votes daily for 5 different cryptocurrencies, ✔️ the first two cryptocurrencies from the list with the minimum of 2400 votes become winners. Do you have any favorites?
  6. CoinDeal


    We would like to announce that the contest that we have organized together with Electra has just finished. 📢 According to the rules, within 14 days, we will inform you who have made the highest volume on ECA/BTC. Thank you all for participating in our contest! CoinDeal - the most innovative cryptocurrency exchange
  7. CoinDeal


    Yesterday, our daily volume exceeded $31 million! It's a great news! Any ideas what we could do to celebrate it? 🎉 CoinDeal - cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims high!
  8. CoinDeal


    Soon, we will add a new cryptocurrency to our exchange market, and it will be... FootballCoin 🎉. Stay tuned and follow our fanpage to know more 👍.
  9. CoinDeal


    We have created a great place for traders, where they can find fresh tips and analysis for trading on CoinDeal 📈. Join it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/252048795628033/
  10. CoinDeal


    We are on Telegram! Visit our group and start chatting with us! 👉https://t.me/coindeal_com
  11. CoinDeal


    REMINDER Due to moving our headquarter to Malta, we needed your agreement for transferring user accounts to the new company ✔. We haven’t received all the approvals yet. That's why we ask 🙏 those who have not done it yet, to log in CoinDeal and accept the agreement :). Thank you!
  12. CoinDeal


    Hello, we have another good news! CoinDeal participates in a prestigious voting "Blockchain Life Awards 2018"🏆. We are nominated in the category "The best centralized exchange". We want to express our gratitude and at the same time ask you for your votes!💪 Blockchain Life Awards Первая глобальная премия в блокчейн индустрии
  13. CoinDeal


    Dear Users of CoinDeal! We’ve got for you fresh news from the market!🔔 We are in the top 50 Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Trade Volume. We were delighted to see our position!
  14. CoinDeal


    Do you consider changing the cryptocuurency exchange platform? Are you disappointed with the service of exchange you use currently? Check out the CoinDeal review on Statrader. https://statrader.com/coindeal-cryptocurrency-exchange-review/ Now, you can find all important information, that you should pay attention to, while choosing a platform for trading.
  15. CoinDeal


    ❗SMS ALERT❗ As you know, we moved from Cyprus to Malta, and that's why we ask you to accept the agreement to move your user account to our company with the new address. We will send you the SMS 📳 requesting log on CoinDeal and acceptation of the agreement. Or you can make this now ➡️ https://coindeal.com/login

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