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  1. CoinDeal


    Looking back at our 3x3 Feel the BIT tournament... The streetball players and the audience set the Solny Square on fire. That's how we want to see the world by connecting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (the prize in the tournament) with good entertainment and sport. <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2F3x3feelthebit%2Fvideos%2F475026076322126%2F&show_text=0&width=560" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>
  2. CoinDeal


    Latest changes on CoinDeal We present summary of the latest changes that we have introduced to our cryptocurrency exchange platform. - We have improved the look of the dashboard and added tools to make a technical analysis. - We have added option “search” in “my transactions” section to make looking for a needed transaction by traded pairs easier. - We've streamlined deposits and withdrawals on the platform. - We have improved export CSV, the look of a website and reCaptcha. Also, we have improved data display in the affiliate program. Stay informed on the latest changes on CoinDeal!
  3. CoinDeal


    Results of 8th voting on CoinDeal After the unsuccessful 7th voting, we have two winners of 8th voting! The 1st place was taken by Electra. It broke the record with the amount of votes - 3154. The second place belongs to Electroneum with the amount of 1563 votes. Both cryptocurrencies significantly exceeded the required number of votes. Remember, the 9th voting will start soon. The next two projects on the list also gathered the needed amount of votes so they have pretty high chances to win in the 9th voting in our “vote for a new cryptocurrency” system.
  4. CoinDeal


    The winners of Game of TRON! Thank you all for participating in our great contest we have organized with TRON Foundation. We can proudly say that 1217 people took part in the quiz, and 84 got the highest score of 23 points. Isn`t it impressive? Here is the full list of the winners. Stay tuned. Next contest is on the horizon!
  5. CoinDeal


    New bank transfer available! From now on you can easily make deposits using polish zloty (PLN) via bank transfer. All you need to do is go to a deposit website and download data for money transfer. Remember, make money transfer only from your bank account. Data of your bank account and CoinDeal account has to match! As a reminder, the first fiat currency you could make deposits with via bank transfer was Euro (EUR). We do our best to simplify entering the CoinDeal platform for you. Current methods of deposits: - crypto transfer - all cryptocurrencies available on CoinDeal, - bank transfer - EUR, PLN, - Epay - USD, GBP, - skrill - PLN, - Visa, Mastercard, Dotpay - Bitcoin. Current methods of withdrawals: - crypto transfer - all cryptocurrencies available on CoinDeal, - bank transfer - EUR, - Epay - USD, GBP. Choose your favorite method, make deposit and earn on CoinDeal.com!
  6. CoinDeal


    Did you know we've created a Facebook Trade Group to give our traders all the best tips for trading on CoinDeal? Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/252048795628033
  7. CoinDeal


    Basketball 3×3: the highest prize pool in Europe! We are excited to announce the new tournament for basketball players. The participation in the tournament, among others, was just confirmed by the Polish Champions and, at the same time, the 4th team of the World Championships. Prize pool reaches 3 BITCOINS = over 20, 000 USD! The tournament starts at 11:00 a.m. and will last until 7:00 p.m. in the center of Wrocław – on Solny Square. More detailed information and schedule of the event can be found at feelthebit.co and on Facebook. We are the main sponsor of the event. Give yourself the chance to play with the most talented players from around the world!
  8. CoinDeal


    Last Friday, we've turned 1 year old! CoinDeal was launched on March 1st 2018, but the work started way back in 2017. Our three founders: Adam Bicz, Filip Dzierżak and Kajetan Maćkowiak and a team of 10 people have been working hard for half of the year to release the fully functioning platform with the support available 24/7 in many languages. Learn more about our history at: https://coindeal.com/news/happy-1-year-for-coindeal
  9. CoinDeal


    @Finrax Thank you very much.
  10. CoinDeal


    We always emphasise that the users` needs are the most important for us. That`s why we constantly improve our cryptocurrency exchange platform. Today we can present… … A NEW TRADING DASHBOARD! We`ve introduced new changes to the dashboard view to improve user experience, which will obviously result in more efficient trading. You can see, that we added some tools to technical analysis to the new looking dashboard and also the information about the spread. Another change is the place of “Orders” so you can easily track the rate and buy/sell orders at the same time. If you don’t like the new version of the trading dashboard, you can always switch it to the previous one! CoinDeal - Start testing our new trading dashboard and use all available tools!
  11. CoinDeal


    Pro Chart Tools We are glad to present "Pro Chart Tools". From now, on every cryptocurrency chart, you can find a button which will allow you to use new tools. Thanks to them trading on our cryptocurrency platform will be much easier. It will not only simplify getting information about the current trend but it will also help you predict further possible actions on the market and plan a strategy. For more information please visit our website! CoinDeal.com - cryptocurrency exchange platform
  12. CoinDeal


    Last chance to win TRON! There is only one day left till the end of the contest on CoinDeal! We organized it together with TRON Foundation to celebrate the implementation of TRX cryptocurrency on our echange platform. Don’t waste your time and win 100,000 TRON in our GAME OF TRON!
  13. CoinDeal


    You need to be registered and verified on CoinDeal ☺️
  14. CoinDeal


    Contest on CoinDeal - win 100 000 TRX! #GameOfTron As you know, TRON is now available on CoinDeal and it is paired with BTC. To celebrate this, we organize a contest. Answer all Quiz questions correctly before the 6th of september, and trade on TRX/BTC market. The participant with the best quiz score and best turnover on TRX/BTC market will be the winner of the contest! 1st place - 100,000 TRX 2nd place - 50,000 TRX 3rd place - 30,000 TRX 4th place - 15,000 TRX 5th place - 5,000 TRX Answer our quiz right here: http://bit.ly/GameOfTRX Trade on TRON market to maximize your chances: http://bit.ly/2LEr83z Check out the rules of the contest: http://bit.ly/GameOfTronRules

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