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  1. All... please note that flame.exchange is shutting down due to security concerns. Please withdraw all your BTC, BOOT, and anything else you have there immediately. Note that https://micromm.online/ appears to be filling that void. Thanks MicroMM.
  2. CCGLLC has a data center with over 150 miners cranking out about 2.2PH of BTC hash, plus our little side projects.
  3. Slowly submitting applications to Exchanges, that is our next big hurdle. We are on flame.exchange, but it is a really really new Exchange with a few bugs to be worked out. Just woke up a half-dozen L3s from hibernation and have them mining GIO (Gravis) to see if I can earn enough to get a vote there going. I'm there 3rd largest miner, but it still looks like it will take months to gather enough. Still, rather mine my way there vs. buy my way there. Ordered (5) more APW3++ power supplies so I can bring more L3s online to help speed that up. Don't mind spending some cash on good power supplies - they will have a life so long as I'm mining SOMETHING. Still have one more L3 I might be able to bring to life, but the power supplies is labeled "Works fine once it boots, problems starting". Combined with 10F incoming air, suspect it will be idle until at least a warmer day.
  4. And back offline, but I'm sure he will bring it back his tomorrow.
  5. And the European pool is now online! 1pool.pw, port 3333, use your wallet address as username. https://poolexplorer.com/coin/6042
  6. We have a pool operator in Europe now (spread across 3 countries), but they are having a stratum problem. They hope to get it resolved after a rebuild and migration to a new server platform next week. In the meantime, we have (3) healthy pools to choose from. The early access pool is now listed at https://poolexplorer.com/coin/6042 as well.
  7. We continue to add pools. We now have (2) in the USA, (1) in Australia, and (1) in progress in Germany (they are having a bit of an issue with their stratum starting, but hopefully that will be resolved soon). Found https://poolexplorer.com/coin/6042 which is kind of a cool site. Just submitted the early access pool to them, so hopefully that will show up in a day or so. Noticed that some Nicehash class users are hitting the early access pool. Seeing overall network hashrate in the PH or three range fairly frequently. The DAA seems to be working just fine with these surges of hash, and the subsequent loss of it.
  8. Happy to announce that BOOT (Bitcoin Rebooted) is now listed on flame.exchange
  9. Issue is the 10,000 Euro first year charge. Not going to drop that kind of change quickly. Perhaps down the road. Besides, need to get that Exchange with API as well.
  10. Ouch... just checked in at coinpayments.net. $25 application fee. No big deal. Must be on an exchange with an API - ok, working on that. Cost 100,000 CPS coins for the 1st year of support and must trade $5000/month minimum or there is an additional 100,000 CPS fee per year. CPS coins cost 0.10 Euro each, or $11,300 a year to participate - that is a problem. At least for now.
  11. No problem with verification. I'm at level 3 with Poloniex and have been since I started the project. Plenty of other sites have verified us as well as part of our bread & butter mining op. (We run a ~2.2PH data center)
  12. I'll check them out. Thanks. BTW - Loved the "Everyone needs a hobby" quote... And your right. Most want 0.3BTC at a minimum. Some want as much as 30BTC... just to be listed.
  13. Progress, but a lot of work yet to do. Next on my list is to comb through the 100 top Exchanges on Coinmarketcap and see what it takes to get listed. Of course, many are BTC only, or Token only, but its a start. I'm told I have to be on at least 2 of their exchanges for 60 days before they will list Bitcoin Rebooted.
  14. Just released version It is just a maintenance release with two features: Another checkpoint record was added, and a patch to the source that allows for building with older versions of Libevent. In other news, the coin was announced on the other forum last night. As of this writing we have about 2.5 PH of miners working on it. Besides our modest pool efforts, there is at least one other public pool up and running as well. Its maybe a minor milestone, but the number of coins in circulation are now more than double what was pre-mined prior to announcing here. Please follow us on Twitter, the publicity helps. https://twitter.com/BRebooted
  15. Pop over to the coin website and read the "Coin Details" page - that should jogged ye'ol memory.

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