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  1. WEBSITE | MEDIUM | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK Task: 1.) Download the app or register to SWFT Blockchain app to get 50,000 HAND. 2.)Follow us in twitter and get 10,000 HAND 3.)Like and Retweet and tag 3 friends in this post to get 10,000 HAND 4.)Subscribe to our Telegram news Channel, Join our Official Telegram group and our partner’s telegram to get 10,000 HAND 5.)For every HAND that you purchase in SWFT BLOCKCHAIN you will get additional 10% (maximum purchase of 10 Million HAND per user) MAKE A TRANSACTION For every complete transaction in SWFT Blockchain you will get 30,000 HAND (Maximum 5 transaction per day!) COMPLETE ARBITRAGE Make arbitrage that has $1 minimum profit and get 50,000 (Maximum 5 Complete arbitrage per day) This event is first come first serve basis and it will last until all reward has been allocated. NOTE: Please take screenshot of every task or transaction and send to our Official telegram including SWFT Blockchain ID (email used in SWFT Blockchain) Rules and regulation If we detect any cheating activities during the event, SWFT Blockchain is entitled to disqualify the users involved from claiming their rewards. SWFT Blockchain reserve the final rights of explanation regarding all rules and regulations of this event. Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. SWFT Blockchain will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses. Download now: 🔥iOS (for other countries) Please trust on your iPhone: Setup -> General -> Device Management -> Trust BUNSITI.OOO 🔥On the Apple Store (U.S., Hongkong, Korea, Japan, Singapore) 🔥Android 🔥Web version
  2. WEBSITE | MEDIUM | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK On July 31st, 2018, SWFT Blockchain and Twinkle (TKT) established a strategic partnership. TKT is now on the SWFT platform and can be cross-chained and exchanged with other 33 currencies. The two sides will further cooperate on the development of their respective projects and jointly promote the advancement of the new generation of blockchain technology. To celebrate, we will launch an exciting event. Stay tuned! About Twinkle (TKT) Twinkle (TKT) uses blockchain technology to counterfeit entertainment circles: TKT’s global digital pan-entertainment service platform that uses blockchain technology to build a new electronic ticket payment platform. Due to the natural decentralization of the blockchain technology, users can directly trade with consumers in a peer-to-peer manner, without any intermediary. This simplifies the entire process, saving time and money. Twinkle official website: http://www.tkt-twinkle.jp/ GIVEAWAY!! 600 $TKT Give away Follow & retweet this and tag 5 friend ⭐️Download SWFT APP IOS-https://t.co/ciZ4rqr09z Android-https://t.co/PEGirqQRwS ⭐️JOIN US on TELEGRAM. https://t.co/w3JByVXVpr And comment your SWFT APP email, TKT address and retweet link $TKT $SWFTC #Airdrop
  3. WEBSITE | MEDIUM | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK Celebrating the partnership of FreyrChain listing on SWFT Blockchain, we are distributing free 20,000 FreyrChain (FREC) to all participates on First come, first serve basis. 1) Retweet and follow @SwftCoin. 2) Join SWFTC telegram t.me/swfcoin 3) Get your FREC deposit address can be found on SWFT App and in the Telegram group. Rewards: 1)Each participant will get free 100 FREC! 2)Want to get addtional 300 FREC? Make one transaction on SWFT App and screenshot to SWFTCoin telegram t.me/swfcoin 3)Want to get up to 100,000 SWFTC? make 3 successful arbitrage on SWFT App. Find details in our Telegram: t.me/swfcoin FREC will be provided immediately. SWFTC will be distributed after the event. SWFT App Download link: *IOS: http://bit.ly/SWFTIOS *Android: http://bit.ly/SWFTandroid *Web version: transfer.swft.pro
  4. Do you have what it takes to beat the BEAR market? ANNOUNCING SWFT BLOCKCHAIN “BEAT THE BEAR” ARBITRAGE TRADING COMPETITION. SWFT BLOCKCHAIN is showcasing the benefits and advantages of our newly updated SWFT BLOCKCHAIN ver. 3.1.0 crosschain platform. We invite everyone to put your arbitrage trading skills to test using our platform.The idea is to bring the best crypto traders across the world together in fun, competitive trading tournaments with a very sizeable pot of up to $10,000 in total prizes. The goal is to gain as much SWFTC tokens at the end of the event. No limit on number of transactions. Participants can trade SWFTC token to any coin listed on SWFT BLOCKCHAIN cross-chain platform. Event requirements are as follow: ● Must have a SWFT BLOCKCHAIN account. ● 1 account per user only. ● Must follow swft blockchain official twitter and retweet this https://twitter.com/SwftCoin/status/1020888339509960709?s=19 ● Must register to join the event. https://goo.gl/forms/EttgQ0DvLwrw0j4k2 ● Screenshot and send to https://t.me/swfcoin *Contest is open For international users outside China *Competition will run for 7 days *Starting July 23–29, 2018 *Successful Arbitrage Rewards: *5 times successful arbitrage: refund all transaction fee + 5000 SWFTC rewards *10 times successful arbitrage: refund all transaction fee + 15000 SWFTC rewards *20 times successful arbitrage: refund all transaction fee + 50000 SWFTC rewards *Successful arbitrage must have at least 1500 SWFTC gain per transaction Top 3 volume winners who have won arbitrage rewards will get special rewards: #1: 100,000 SWFTC rewards #2: 50,000 SWFTC rewards #3: 20,000 SWFTC rewards Note: Crypto currency trading can be very risky and may result to a loss. SWFT BLOCKCHAIN will not refund any loss resulting from this event. By joining the event participants agreed to the terms and conditions.

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