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  1. Soldo is offering a big solution to companies in terms of expense management. Registered in the UK and with a licensed MasterCard and app to make transactions easier. “Soldo allows business owners to focus on growing their business and not waste time on managing expenses. Soldo shaves hours off the purchasing, payments and expense processes, freeing companies to focus on their core business and putting them in control of their expense payments.” Says the CEO of Soldo in an exclusive interview with techbullion. Read More
  2. Most times the online marketplace is a recipe for disaster, from getting scammed, to poor product delivery etc. it is difficult to establish a certain level of trust with the current system. This brings in Blockchain and smart thinking. Ink protocol is trying to solve some of the marketplace problems.“Ink Protocol helps users securely buy and sell anywhere with decentralized reputation, escrow and dispute resolution. Our vision is to enable trusted peer-to-peer transactions on any marketplace or platform.” Says the CEO of Ink protocol in an exclusive interview with techbullion.Read More
  3. “Encrybit is solving some of the most prominent problems being faced by existing cryptocurrency exchanges, such as: major security concerns, poor and inadequate crypto exchange UI, lack of in-built technical analysis tools, high trading fees and the lack of a unique social trading reward ecosystem.” Says Jitendra Rajput the CEO of Encrybit in an exclusive interview with techbullion. Encrybit is not just an exchange platform but also a classroom for traders who plan on developing the right understanding and attitude towards the volatile currents of the Cryptocurrency market. With special features like social trading, smart alerts and FA and TA analysis tools exchanging couldn’t get any better.Read the full interview here
  4. Managing identity and personal data is a major challenge facing our time. With big data giants been hacked, Privacy information been sold, the future of secure data sharing can only be Blockchain. In an exclusive interview with techbullion, Stefan Neagu co-founder of Persona Bio (a solution that makes digital identity over Blockchain available) said: “The main scope of Persona is to put individuals back in control when it comes about their private data. There is no need to transform the third party entities we are interacting with into custodians of our personal data. Keeping our data safe is not their core business, but yet we are used to sharing these details with everyone who asks for them without realizing the potential damage, and without realizing that once shared, we lose control over them. We can know for sure what is happening with our details, and if they are sold, to whom, and for what are they being used.” Read the full interview.
  5. The real estate industry is doing a lot with Blockchain technology. More and more companies are making way for this tech to be adopted mainstream. Chelle service capital takes it to another level. “Chelle Service Capital is a real estate investment firm, which deals in Crypto, high cap rate real estate, commodities, and currency trading give it a unique position in the evolving world of finance…Chelle Coin is a real estate token with unprecedented customization features, land title security, rental income generation and a payment service empowering people to purchase any property using their crypto assets”. Says Ronice Harrison CEO of Chelle Service in an exclusive interview with techbullion.
  6. As more and more awareness is created about the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it becomes very imperative to look into safer ways to exchange and trade. Different exchanges are springing up in different countries to make exchanges easier. KuCoin is one unique exchange to look out for.“We have multiple programs unique to KuCoin…One of our most recently started programs is our Global Titan Ambassador Program. This program was set up to help us acquire new partnerships and help our exchange grow and benefit our users. The main aim of this program is to help us continue finding the best Blockchain technology projects and ‘hidden gems’ of the crypto-world by teaming up with influencers and professionals in the entire industry” says the CEO in an exclusive interview with techbullion.
  7. The global call to embrace renewable energy sources to protect the ecosystem is growing by the day, with NGOs and Government institutions on the forefront, and with great attention to solar energy. GEC- GreenEnergyCoin is joining the fight by incorporating Blockchain tech into the system. “GEC- GreenEnergyCoin is a Blockchain project focused on the energy sector of the global economy in the field of “Green Energy” – the production of electricity from renewable energy sources…The ultimate goal of the project is to produce electricity from renewable sources of energy, in particular, solar power plants.” Says the CEO in an exclusive interview with techbullion. Read more.
  8. Divan Tv is using the Blockchain technology to give users more beautiful experience, partnering with big multinationals like Samsung, Apple TV & LG. “We are the first OTT video streaming service to tokenize our original platform through a decentralized business model. We aim to set a new industry standard with Blockchain protocol for the video streaming market.” Says the Founder Andrey Kolodyuk in an exclusive interview with techbullion.
  9. “Blueocean ventures is a VC fund that invests in early-stage medical device and life science companies. This fund was launched in 2015 and has since then invested in 5 startups” says the founder Emmanuel de Watteville in an exclusive interview with techbullion.
  10. It’s no news that many companies on the Blockchain are now attaching tangible assets like Gold and real estate to their tokens to make it a security. It is actually a welcome development since it would lead to lots of investors trusting the system.“Kinesis…is a monetary system which uses two of the most stable stores of value with an attached never before seen, return on investment for precious metals through our multifaceted yield structure. Giving users the option to liquidate their digital holdings at point of sale through the Kinesis debit card further adds to the real-world usability of this system.” Says the CEO in an exclusive interview with Techbullion. Read more.
  11. ORET brings gold mining into Blockchain. In an exclusive interview with techbullion, The CEO Nicholas Spangenberg said:“ORET is an easy way for anyone to be able to invest in Gold Mining and directly share in the profits. The added benefit is that ORET holders grow with the company as we expand.” Read more.
  12. Montieth & Company is a specialist communications consultancy that delivers high-value outcomes for their clients. They provide Strategy, Media, and Content services and solutions to organizations across industry sectors and global media markets. They also support global market expansions, the launch of innovative new products and services, leadership transitions, and corporate initiatives that transform organizations. They are in to promote also Blockchain products and services. Read the exclusive interview with the CEO Montieth Illingworth on Techbullion.
  13. Lots of businesses and investors have not yet keyed into the Blockchain idea of decentralization. This is generally because they do not understand how it works. Truth. This has been a major challenge facing the industry, outside the banal platitude which arose from the miseducation of Blockchain. These had led to people being swindled off their money. But Openledger Aps is a business ecosystem based on the Blockchain trying to correct these. Read the full exclusive interview with the CEO Ronny Boesing on techbullion.
  14. With the recent Facebook security breach, which had more than 50 million private information of users hacked, a lot of people are getting worried about giving out private information over the internet. But Anji Ismail the CEO of Varanida is offering a solution on how all these could have all been avoided using Blockchain tech in an exclusive interview with techbullion. “Varanida is a blockchain infrastructure made for the advertising and publishing industry; allowing: web-users to regain control of their private data and monetize their attention if they like to; Publishers to better monetize and engage with their audience; Advertisers to avoid fraud and get better performance from their ads budget” he said. Read more.
  15. Clearpoll is making participation in public opinion poll beneficial by rewarding users with cryptocurrencies. Clearpoll is Blockchain powered with easy access to polls on any public opinion topic. The CEO of Clearpoll made this known in an exclusive interview with techbullion. In the interview he said: “Users can create their own polls easily with the ClearPoll app. Each vote they receive can earn them Cryptocurrency rewards. We also host featured polls on important topics. For example, later in October we are hosting a poll on Scottish Independence, which is attracting a lot of attention. ClearPoll is a platform that allows anyone to vote on any topic they care about and know their vote is secure, where it cannot be manipulated or censored.” Read more.

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