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  1. Travelvee - oriented directly to the market for unoccupied rooms - which will be sold on exclusive terms, which are discussed between the hotel and the buyer - confidentially, of course with the help of Travelvee platform. Travelvee is a decentralized community of people who choose the best among exclusive offers for the purchase of hotel and tourist services of all levels, made only by them at their request from participants of the Travelvee platform: hotels, resorts, villas, chalets, apartments, cottages, gempling, houses for holidays, motels, hostels. The unique economics of the TRAVEL token is designed for super profits for token holders. The estimated growth of the TRAVEL token during the first 2 years will be at least 10 000%. How this result will be achieved is described in detail in the Whitepaper and the TRAVEL Token section. "We increase the flow of tourists at the expense of cheap packages, that is, the savings from recreation and travel will in most cases be invested in new trips." TRAVEL token TRAVEL token is a utility based on the Ethereum standard ERC-20. The main function of the TRAVEL token is to pay the annual subscription fee for all subscribers Travelvee - which provide accommodation services in hotels, other tourist destinations and services on the Travelvee platform. Also, you can pay TRAVEL token to anyone, by prior arrangement, of course. Especially interesting is the economy of the TRAVEL token. The Travelvee team establishes this rule: the first 2 years of the Travelvee platform - all TRAVEL tokens received from customers (hotels and other tourist sites) will be completely burned. The development, implementation and popularization of the Travelvee website will take place at the expense of funds raised by ICO. During the third year of the Travelvee platform, 50% of TRAVEL tokens received as an annual subscription fee from subscribers (hotels and other tourist sites) will be burned. During the 4th and 5th years of the platform operation, 30% and 20% of the tokens will be burned, respectively. At the end of the 5th year of the platform operation and further on, we will always burn 10% of the tokens received from subscribers (hotels and other tourist sites). At the same time, we will always tie the price of our services to fiat money - now it is: 100 EUR for a small object per year, 200 EUR for an average facility and 300EUR for a large object per year, and the price of a token will be floating and will depend on the demand for tokens , which are necessary to pay for annual subscription services to hotels on the Travelvee platform. Burning TRAVEL tokens according to the stated program will lead to a sharp decrease in their number, and the growing demand for them - to a multiple increase in their value. We have represented and begun to test in the open mode Beta version of the Travelvee platform recently, we are open to discuss it with the community. Both hotels and users are welcome to register. Further information regarding bonuses along with use cases and a more detailed breakdown of token distribution can be found in the Travelvee Whitepaper while announcements can be followed by subscribing on our channels, for complete information, please visit our website.
  2. On a mission to capture the voice of public opinion and influence a change in society, DEFACTO aims to deliver a voting and polling solution on the blockchain to create a ‘Better World Through Fair Voting’. There has been a long-held belief that traditional voting is fundamentally flawed due to a lack of transparency, being centralised as a process and system makes it susceptible to manipulation and public scepticism. The team at DEFACTO clearly believe that blockchain technology offers a better, cleaner solution. Covering all areas of daily life from consumerism, politics, education, health, infrastructure and justice, DEFACTO is being established as a truly decentralised and borderless platform for users to propose and cast votes, helping to define policies and shape the society and communities in which we live. DEFACTO’s platform addresses key issues with the way in which voting currently takes place and coordinates activities on the blockchain on a bespoke crypto platform. There is a clear focus to facilitate private transactions and fair polling on the blockchain, whilst rewarding users through a generous proof of stake system… making DEFACTO a Proof of Stake, Privacy & Polling Digital Asset: Proof of Stake (POS): Accrue annual profits and compound interest using our Proof of Stake (POS) system. Generous rewards in place for nodes who stake their DEFACTO coins. Privacy: Choose to remain anonymous on the blockchain with our bespoke ‘Spectre Protocol’ which incorporates the latest blockchain security features. Polling & Rewards: Submit your opinions and propose items to be polled on our decentralised dynamic voting system cast as an immutable ledger on our bespoke blockchain platform. Get rewarded for your efforts and contributions to the platform and product. Funding for this project will be raised through a crowdfund pre-token sale and token sale with the proceeds being utilised to further develop the product and platform. The token sale will start on 17th August 2018, ending when the hard cap of 102,400,000 tokens has been issued to investors. For early investors DEFACTO are offering a generous bonus structure: Pre-Token Sale 07:00am on 17/08/2018 for a period of 3 hrs = 30% Token bonus Pre-Token Sale Day 1 to 8 = 20% Token bonus Pre-Token Sale Day 9 to 20 = 15% Token bonus Token Sale (After Day 20) = 10% Token bonus (>10 ETH) Further information regarding bonuses along with use cases and a more detailed breakdown of token distribution can be found in the DEFACTO whitepaper, while announcements can be followed by subscribing on our channels, for complete information, please visit our website.
  3. Transforming the Distribution of Wealth Worldwide At Cardonio, we believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world. They can radically transform the entire distribution of wealth in many parts of the globe and provide the two billion unbanked people access to the same type of financial services that everybody else has. Cardonio continually develops financial products that solve real problems prevailing in most communities in our world teeming with millions of people seeking ways as well to better their lives. The Cardonio Core Team The core management team of Cardonio is made up of executives with global experience from some of the most innovative companies within the financial services and technology sectors. We believe we have the right team of experienced and capable professional managers who can execute real change, as our leadership team has spent the best part of 15 years developing digital payment and banking solutions on a global scale. Included in our team of experienced managers are the following top executives: Alan Chang, Chief Executive Officer -An entrepreneur with extensive expertise in business strategy, management and development. -Successful track record in buy-and-build projects, along with the ability to raise senior-debt facilities. -Extensive experience in building and leading diverse, high-performing teams. -Passionate about maximizing profitability and building organizational efficiencies through system and operational optimization. Ryan Slater Chief, Technical Officer -An experienced IT professional involved in Board-level global responsibilities. -Specializes in providing value-driven, Agile software development. -Currently engaged in the Financial Services sector. -Possesses comprehensive experience in Cloud services, Payment Systems/E-commerce, Insurance Claims, Business Continuity, Business Intelligence and Data Management. Jeff Thompson Chief Financial Officer -Highly motivated individual and constantly seeking ways to be challenged. -Has a tested track-record, specializing in providing the highest value to the organization he represents. -A commercially-astute finance professional able to create value across various industries. -Has an extensive grasp of all professional accounting practices, delivering financial and strategic solutions over a wide range of financial concerns. James Nguyen, Advisor -Founder at KriptoA which is known by the global blockchain community as a blockchain ecosystem including: KriptoA Media, KriptoA Trade, KriptoA PR & Marketing. Navii Kapoor, Advisor -Newly-designated financial advisor -Possesses many years of wide experience in financial solutions Our team possesses clear vision and is motivated to face the challenges of the present and the future under any circumstances and any cultural environment. The Core Product Cardonio offers its customers a unique Credit Card with an instant approval credit limit. Our customers can use their crypto as their invested assets within our platform which will serve as basis for determining the amount of the credit limit that they will allowed to avail of. Nevertheless, the credit limit has a dynamic nature and is calculated in real-time according to a number of key factors, which, necessarily, include the value of the crypto at that point in time. With the phenomenal rise of crypto values in recent years, customers can benefit from the potentially profitable growth of this innovative financial medium through our services. Making Customers Secure Every customer’s crypto account is put in a very secure cold storage vault and used as a security deposit every time the customer spends fiat money, such as paying for a dinner or for groceries. Cardonio merely holds a customer’s crypto and maintains it into the cold storage once the customer swipes his or her credit card for any transaction in fiat. The customer will then have 90 days to settle the outstanding amount and also pay an additional small fee upon settling their due account. In the event that the value of crypto goes down, Cardonio’s systems will automatically place a sale order on the crypto of the concerned customer and then proceed to close out the outstanding account in order to assure that the customer will not carry any liability in the process. As you can see, this procedure makes Cardonio Credit Card, in tandem with a customer’s cryptocurrency, an extraordinarily useful means of managing finances for many individuals in communities worldwide. At any given time, the customer may opt to top up their crypto assets in order to increase their buffer of security, as well as to prevent a sell-off. Cardonio’s Processor Partner As an additional support and advantage for the company and its customers, Cardonio has established a key white-label partnership with a processing platform that is a MasterCard® and Visa® accredited processor. They possess a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant accreditation with the said reputable companies. Cardonio’s processor-partner operates out of the UAE and provides an end-to-end solution to its clients, which includes the following features: -payment processing of a customer’s account -program management tools -custom software development -financial management and reconciliation -technical support and -card-holder customer services Cardonio leaves no stone unturned in bringing top-quality service and convenience to its global customers. Cardonio’s Business Model At Cardonio, we believe in having a very simple and straightforward business model that is both realistic and effective. Our Business Model has been specifically designed to provide a clear roadmap forward with achievable goals and in accordance to the ordinary, as well as special, needs of our customers throughout our multi-cultural global community. We at Cardonio have established has a fiat-to-fiat relationship with our third-party credit card processor, while we will hold large amounts of fiat currency in escrow to allow our members a seamless crypto-to-fiat experience for every transaction they will make. The platform and technology that we have developed to date within our organization, as well as with our partnership, is very secure and satisfies the standards of world-class companies. Banks have served millions throughout the years in many ways; however, with the introduction of crypto and such platforms as Cardonio’s, more and more people will be convinced of the advantages of our Business Model as well as of the benefits of using our various products and services. Cardonio Products Cardonio offers the various products to its customers according to their level of crypto accounts and to their particular financial goals in mind. Below is a summary of the products: Standard Credit Card Frozen White Limited Edition Gold Limited Edition Black Standard Blue, Red & Green (This allows a customer to avail of the following benefits🙂 0.25% cash back on all purchases $500.00 monthly withdrawal limit (2% transaction fee thereafter) $500.00 monthly Person to Person transfer limit (0.5% transaction fee thereafter) Unlimited supply No monthly or annual card fees To obtain a Standard Cardonio Credit Card, you need to purchase a minimum of 500 CFGT tokens. No waiting periods apply for this card since anyone can get this online almost instantaneously. Token Sale Schedules Cardonio (CFGT) is an ERC20 Ethereum token. Each phase of the token sale will run for 30 days; and once sold-out, every new phase will begin automatically thereafter. Based on Cardonio’s Business Plan and specific projected program, the Token Sale began on August 15th 2018, with an initial offering at 0.02c. This price point will increase through several phases with the ICO ultimately closing at $1.50 per token by Feb 2019. The ERC20 token sale has a soft cap of 220 million tokens, hard cap of 360 million and a maximum supply of 550 million, the extra being held in reserve for a later date if needed. Cardonio simplifies Things for You It is quite clear to every reader how simple and direct our Business Model really is. We have taken out the fanciful nature of doing business in all its aspects. Moreover, the customer is assured of quick service and transparency, particularly since they will not have to worry about the fine print because the is no fine print to speak of, in the first place! This is why we at Cardonio can look every one of our customers straight in the eye and tell them what we can offer and what they will benefit from us. For we say what we intend to do and do what we intend to say. Now, it is time for you to prove it for yourself.
  4. Today we cannot say that the launch of ICO start-ups has become mainstream, but more and more projects are being developed every day. So how do you choose the right one that will have all the necessary functions without loading you with a lot of unclaimed options? The answer is – you need to filter the projects and leave only those ones that are aimed at quality solutions to the most basic crypto-economic tasks. As an example, we suggest to consider the project Scopuly. The platform is built on Stellar blockchain and is placed in one convenient mobile application, which is available on AppStore and Google play for smartphones (and PCs) After downloading the app the platform will give you 1000 free tokens via the launched Airdrop (Bounty campaign is being prepared for the launch). Its functionality allows users to safely store, attract, spend, pay and exchange crypto-currency assets. Let's consider it in more detail: Scopuly SDEX. The application is decentralized, due to which all transactions between users, whether it is trading or crypto asset exchange of any type, are achieved without intermediaries. All transactions on the platform are instantaneous. Any token created on Stellar blockchain can be bought and sold right after the emission, bypassing complex crypto-exchanges. Any Stellar asset in Scopuly can be exchanged for any other; during which the platform will find the best exchange rate for crypto and multicurrency transactions, and also will allow you to convert currencies during transactions through distributed exchange. Scopuly SDEX attracts new users with a user-friendly interface, high speed of operations and its functionality, which is constantly expanding. Thus, users of the platform will soon be able to buy and sell crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin for Fiat. Scopuly Wallet. Scopuly development team added an option to the application, without which the crypto currency holder cannot operate - a multicurrency crypto-wallet. It allows convenient crypto assets storage and carrying out variety of operations. The guarantee of safety and security of your finances lies in the reliability of the storage. The big plus of the Scopuly wallet is the "cold" storage of crypto currency with encrypting the private key from each created account locally on the user’s device. Scopuly ICO. The application will be especially interesting for ICO-start-ups and crypto-investors. This is because the platform gives an opportunity to ICO projects to get investment for projects, and also provides the database of prospective startups that meet specific criteria that have passed a comprehensive review. Anyone can create an ICO campaign in Scopuly, because it does not require any special technical knowledge. This means that innovators now have much more chances to fulfill their dreams and implement projects, while investors can profitably invest without spending a lot of time looking for suitable start-ups. ICO-campaign of the project itself was successfully launched and will be completed after the sale of all tokens. The campaign involves 6 stages, at each stage Scopuly will implement the tasks that can be found in the road map on the platform website. Advantages of the platform for investors: It is important to understand that the investments that Scopuly collects will mainly be used not to develop the project, but to enhance the finished product in terms of the development and integration of new useful functions. The project developers pre-levelled the risks that most crypto investors are afraid to face: - Firstly, the Scopuly project is not an ephemeral idea, but a successful platform, which was created by the founders using their own budget. And only now, after the launch of the project, they began to attract investments to popularize the product. - Secondly, Scopuly's SKY tokens are traded on global Stellar DEX, accordingly, the risk that "it will be impossible to trade or sell tokens " is missing. Official Scopuly Resources: Website: https://scopuly.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-b8hH2c3ZnegEJhw4K9JOw/featured?view_as=subscriber Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scopuly/?ref=br_rs
  5. We are the Next Generation electronic Auction infrastructure in Greece for Fruit & Vegetables and Olive Oil, synchronized with a Commodity Exchange market for Futures contracts based on Fiat and cryptocurrency. We are creating an e-auction platform for Fruits, Vegetables and Olive Oil and networking it with the production & consumption sites to enable farmers and growers to sell their produce in a coordinated and fair manner. Despite the unfavourable economic environment, Greek foods stand out on the international market confirming the comparative advantage of Greece in the agri-food sector. Traditional Greek food harmonically combines taste with high nutritional value. Dozens of scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of the balanced Greek diet on health, beauty and longevity. Grown under the ideal climate conditions of the Mediterranean, Greek food products have been distinguished by their excellence in quality and have thus reinforced international esteem for traditional Greek food and cooking. GFC National Agri-food e-auction platform is a unique initiative established in Greece. It integrates & coordinates the actual Agri-food spot markets with the nationwide network of product supply, cold storage logistics, SPs, CQ agencies and Transport companies to provide rapidly the best quality product at your doorstep. The work of an e-auction is to help producers at different levels, organisation, promotion, certification, standardisation, storage, transportation ... It is equally important to have the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, research centres and local Universities. We need the technology to evolve, to help our farmers grow, people to find jobs, our Greek products to find the way to the markets. Setting up a National Agricultural Platform (NAP) is particularly important for both the actual market and the general Greek economy and for improving competitiveness. Such an attempt will rationalise the value chain of agricultural products, enhance transparency in trade, bringing the producer closer to the final buyer, offering him individuality (equal power), liquidity (product flow), product homogeneity (quality standards & quantity) and will consolidate and improve product prices across the supply chain. The National Agricultural Platform of GFC will allow the groups of producers to create economies of scale, increasing them their turnover & profit without the risk of capital. The platform will allow growers to focus exclusively on their production and invest in new opportunities in the fields of cultivation, sustainability and quality, having secured the flow of their products. Its members will be able to benefit from economies of scale, and make better use of marketing. Establishing the GFC-NAP online auction and networking it in real time with its production and consumption sites will organise, coordinate and increase sales (focusing on exports), improving product quality standards and packing process. GFC e-auction platform will be a huge step to empower farmers. Traders will bid online from anywhere in the world and farmers & farmer’s association will have secure product flow and a fair price for their products. This will lead to “scientific” price discovery by the farmers themselves, breaking the hold of middlemen. In turn, GFC invests in technology, knowledge and collaboration in the supply chain ensuring the daily satisfaction of their customers and other stakeholders. The growth of the institution in targeted products will make a decisive contribution to the promotion of the country’s specific exports and, as a result, to the improvement of the trade balance with positive effects on the country’s current account balance and GDP. To learn more about GFC please visit our website or read our whitepaper.
  6. International trade and logistics together are one of the largest economic sectors in the world, accounting for over USD 30 trillion annually. 90% of the world cargo is transported by sea. The significance of the logistics industry and moreover sea freight is very significant with a 10.3 billion tons per annum in 2016. The logistics sector is one of the real, physical world areas where blockchain technology can be applied to improve efficiency and optimize operations. Logistics is a perfect fit for the blockchain technologies, because logistics is essentially a supply chain of merchandise, where we have irreversible steps in the supply chain that are required to progress on to the next step. Furthermore, the blockchain provides the much needed transparency, security and most importantly trust to all parties involved in the chain – something that is currently being carried by banks, industry associations and organizations, etc. International trade and logistics are very complex nowadays although all processes are still being carried out the way they were 300 years ago, i.e. on paper. The title of ownership (Bill of Lading) in the shipping industry is still being printed on paper and still being sent by courier to the receiving party. The payments are still being carried out via banks transfers and letters of credit, all proved to be slow, expensive and take time to clear. New regulations impose additional checks by US intermediary banks cause further delays. Bank payment transactions often take 3 to 5 days. All these factors cause losses to the shipping industry and international trade. Cargoes are delayed, pending for original documents to be delivered and payments to be received. Each idling day of a ship could cost as little as USD 10,000 USD and up to USD 150,000 in expenses, including salaries, port charges, running expenses. Cargo delivery delay penalties cost millions of dollars per single shipment. Empirical research shows that 17% of its lifespan cargo ships are idling, waiting for clearance of financial matters, including financial hold of cargo, freight payment, cargo related documents or other trade and ship related document. Considering that the global value of sea freight itself accounts for USD 380 billion per year the delays generated losses are a billion-dollar figure. That cost is passed on to the clients and to the end users, all of us. Optimizing the international trade, logistics and sea freight industries will affect all of us in one way or another. Blockchain technology allows us to introduce smart contracts that will replace paper documents, provide instant delivery of documents, eliminate the expensive letters of credit and replace them with blockchain escrow payments. These 4 points only will reduce delays to under 10% leading to freight optimization and less cargo delay penalties. Further improvements such as customs clearance are to be implemented by blockchaining. Pilot customs services project by blockchain has already started in South Korea. Other than the delays that account for huge losses each year, there are number of other problems in the international logistics, that could also be solved through blockchaining logistics, such as: Reducing fraud – replacing paper documents with smart contracts that cannot be forged will improve trust and accountability of the document flow. Lowering costs and Increasing trust – using an established blockchain protocol, such as Ethereum and escrow payments rather than bank letters of credit will significantly reduce the costs of cargo and freight payments, while at the same time providing for even higher trust and secure payments. Securing information – encryption ensures high security of the documentation flow, which is otherwise exposed to various parties, such as bank’s employees, agents, brokers, etc. With a blockchain solution, each party would have access only to the information that is relevant to them and will greatly decrease industry scouting for information. Safe archiving – paper documents fade over time, get lost, burned, flood and humidity greatly affect them. With blockchain smart contracts the documents will always be in perfect shape, ready to review and reference and will not be prone to destruction. Tracking – tracking cargo shipments is a crucial aspect, especially if the shipment is split in several parts or is being transported by different modes of transport throughout the cycle. Furthermore, tracking is crucial in the supply chain of food, where batches need to be traced back to their origins. Global transportation platforms, such as CargoCoin are essential for the implementation of the 21 st century technologies such as the blockchain and smart contracts in global trade and logistics.
  7. Why one need to buy TDX Features that makes Tradetex Exchange Different from others: 1. Any time withdrawal or Buyback at the time of ICO. 2. Fixed returns 3. Tokens will be credited within 24 hours. 4. Complete Exchange before Token sale ( ICO launches its complete portal before token sale) 5. 100%dividend 6. Commission free Trading. 7. Anyone can trade altcoins even at staking and get interest also. 8. Complete platform is already launched with exchange, After launching they are going for crowd funding 9. Tradetex is working on model where one gets token immediately after transaction they don’t have to wait for ICO ends.If ICO don’t crosses its soft cap then automatically all payment will be reversed to its investors. As here payment is under contract till ico ends. Go through the initial stage of ICO and get 50% discount. How Does TradeTex Offer Commission-Free Futures Trading? • TradeTex uses its own cryptocurrency, called the TDX token, as the native currency of the TradeTex Exchange. • Your account balance on the TradeTex Exchange is denominated in TDX tokens and all your trading profits and losses are in TDX tokens. • The demand from thousands of traders who must own TDX tokens to participate will easily increase the value of TDX Coin & that are enough to cover costs. • TradeTex eliminates transaction fees on trades and covers operational costs by distributing dividends. TradeTex Charges a fixed sum of 2TDX on each trade during Margin Trading and distribute the whole amount to TDX share holders as dividend. Company is holding 20% of total TDX Tokens and that percentage I enough to cover operational cost and all. Regarding profit : When people starts taking part in investment plans offered by Tradetex Exchange they have to give back there TDX tokens to the company so eventually company stake rises from 20% to 30% or might be 40%. so the company will get more dividend quarterly which comes under profit. About RETURN; As, supply of TDX token is only 35 million and one needs TDX Tokens to participate in all investment plans which includes Staking, Alt coin Mining & Trading different crypto currencies. All trading profits and losses are denominated in TDX tokens. Margin requirements are payable in TDX tokens and traders account balance, deposits and withdrawals are also denominated in TDX tokens. Therefore, traders must own TDX tokens to trade on TradeTex commission-free, trustworthy Exchange, which creates demand for the TDX token, creating increased demand for TDX tokens that offsets inflationary cost of tokens which automatically gaves profit to all holders. Traders on TradeTex can start trading immediately without the need to submit their name or identity documents of any sort. As an offshore exchange that accepts only TDX tokens, TradeTex is not bound by intrusive, ineffective and pointless KYC/AML regulations that intrude on our users’ privacy and which put them at risk of identity theft by making the exchange a target for hackers seeking personal information. The best way to protect our users personal data is not to collect that data in the first place. TOKEN SALE IS LIVE JOIN NOW TO GET 50% DISCOUNT “TOKEN SALE IS LIVE” ✅ ✅ Tradetex is a commission free Crypto Exchange with its own Native Currency : TDX Tokens. ICO CROWDSALE Maximum Supply - 35,000,000 TDX COIN ICO Crowdsale - 15,000,000 TDX COIN Token Crowdsale Refferral & Trading - 13,000,000 TDX COIN Team & Management - 70,00,000 TDX Coin TOKEN SALE PHASE- 1 : 5 MILLION TDX TOKEN SALE PHASE- 2 : 5 MILLION TDX TOKEN SALE PHASE - 3 : 5 MILLION TDX TOKEN SALE IS CONDUCTED IN THREE PHASES PHASE 1—Aug 3 to Sep 1 with 50% discount at 0.50$/TDX. PHASE 2—Sep 9 to Oct 8 with 25% discount at 0.75$/TDX. PHASE 3—Oct 16 to Nov 24 with no discount at 1.00$/TDX. First ever ICO in history of ICO’s with buyback, Get TDX in phase 1 @0.50$ and trade altcoins, earn profit, go with staking earn interest and even if you don’t like the portal sell it to company @0.75$ in phase 3 of token sale. 🤔 NO WORRIES🤔 . 😮 NO RISK😮 .. 😯 NO LOSS😯 🙂SAFE &SECURE🙂 BUYBACK: PHASE 2—Withdraw TDX at 0.50$/TDX. PHASE 3—Withdraw TDX at 0.75$/TDX. ***After completing ICO token will be listed first on Tradetex exchange at 1.00$/ TDX***
  8. Earn money Breathing, Practicing Yoga and Meditation Blockchain Proof of work plus ZenVow Proof of Practice Buddhist Economics The Mission: Un-Employ and liberate 1.2 Billion Wage Slaves (our beloved brothers and sisters) Radically redesign the World Economy towards equality Help spread love and compassion through technology Enable Civilization 2.0 ZenVow is revolutionary reward system for Breathing, Meditation and Yoga practice using Decentralized Blockchain Technology. The ZenVow movement in its core aspires to help liberate mankind for the pressures of financial slavery. We have successfully come up with a framework that implement Buddhist Economics. It is a non profit humanitarian motivational core guided by ethics and compassion (our products have a small profit in order to run the operation, but 100% of the rewards are intended for the users). We have developed a patent pending tamper proof yoga and meditation sensor and a smart interactive color therapy meditation pad. Users who practice Breathing Yoga and Meditation will be rewarded with crypto currency called zenvow coins. Our end goal is to un-employ the bottom 1.2 billion workers, offering them a better alternative than wage slavery. As we see it, the inherited financial system has foundations on negative karma based on exploitation, greed and corruption. Unfortunaly most of the human activity on the planet today exists because the monetary reward system that functions as a form of financial slavery. Global wealth inequality projections show that 1% of the world population holds more wealth than bottom 50%, this number will grow to 60% by 2030 and 74% by 2050. Most practicing Buddhists are not allowed to earn money of a living, they theoretically live of donations and other external aids. Looking back in history Buddhism sprouted in an era of ruling capitalism and has survived 2500 years. We do no intend to change the core principals of Buddhism and the Dharma, we have just come up with a solution that can facilitate this kind of lifestyle, by financially rewarding the practice making it more sustainable and hopefully allowing more people to adopt this lifestyle. The ZenVow movement aspires to help enable the liberation of humans from the financial oppression system. The goal of the system is to offer the users an alternative source of income to their normal source of income, by motivating physical and mental exercise. The time spent on breathing, meditation and Yoga exercises, tends to bring out peace and compassion among practitioners, awakening the mind and illuminating the heart. Time spent on any activity that generates these kinds of results, should be financially rewarded. Satoshi Nakamoto gave us the opportunity to start over fresh, instead of that we created more of the same. The real power behind BlockChain Technology is to reward people for ethical and moral behavior. This is the responsible business model of the future. As Buddhist we need to avoid bad karma, and the zenvow is an alternative solution that creates financial rewards from positive practices with overall good karma. We have built and tested several prototypes, we are satisfied with the final solution and have applied for a patent regarding the whole framework, monitor validation and reward system. All our prototypes are functioning prototypes, the entire system (monitor validate and reward) has not been implemented yet, only separately. We need a bit more time and money to implement and test the entire system framework. We have other products in the pipeline, such as the zenone meditation pad that will be reviled soon, and the zenzero lamp. All these future products to facilitate conformable guided meditation states. There are several pre-alpha android versions of the app without UI that we tested the ZenVow sensor and meditation pad data readings. The entire framework is complex, we will need more time and money to implement it, but it is totally in our grasp. The app will have built in guided breathing yoga and meditation sessions, as well as a Crypto wallet that will allow users to send and receive the rewards. Each user will only be allowed to own one sensor, the meditation pad can be shared, and this is because of our temper resistant protocol. India is the motherland of yoga and meditation dating back to 2700 B.C. Around 30% of Indian population practices yoga and meditate on a daily basis that is around 470 million people. India has around 270 million people living in extreme poverty living with 5 USD to 1USD. We will work with the Indian government in a fist phase in order to secure 10 million ZenVow units as a humanitarian aid program. We hope to target populations poverty as much as we can, knowingly that you need to have a smartphone in order to run our framework, but smartphone adoption is ever rising worldwide reaching 2.8 billion this year. We hope to have our products in the hand of users by mid-2019 so they can star receiving there rewards. We have several security options currently in mind and implemented. One is our own innovative solution still being tested that includes cryptographic accelerator with secure hardware based key storage. A major goal for us is to allocate 100% of the tokens just for rewards. They will only be released with the products, this will ensure fair distributing, we are studying several options such as a distribution system according the user income, in order to help the people most in need. This data has to be given to us by the government, so we intend to work closely with governments in order to help the people how need the most. At the same time we are studding other distribution options in order to balance the equations in favor of the most in need, all of this balancing act to try not to create a new inequality schema. The objective of the ZenVow Meditation resorts is to allow for the creation of a new sustainable alternative to the unsustainable economy we have today. The new reward system is based on the principal of rewarding scientifically proven healthy human activities in order to maximize the quality of human life, without paying the heavy price of the undesired externalities such as pollution, fauna and flora extinction, public health costs, among many others. The ZenVow Meditation resorts will be managed using permaculture techniques. Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living as well as a practical method for developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere. ZenVow users receiving rewards inside the resort will receive a special bonus, to be payed to the resort in order to be used for extra expenses such as, maintenance costs, agricultural costs and energy costs and so on. In a second phase the project intends to build meditation resorts, where guests will have access to theoretical and practical classes of yoga and meditation, clean shelter and organic food, in exchange for zenvow rewards generated by their own exercises.
  9. How privacy can be maintained in the cryptoverse. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had for a long time been considered a truly anonymous payment system. But this is not quite so. Payments are made to addresses which can be easily seen on the blockchain by anyone. If such an address has once been linked to a real person, they instantly lose their anonymity. That’s why nowadays many people think of Bitcoin as not an anonymous digital currency but rather a pseudonymous one. Analyzing the blockchain along with applying KYC (Know Your Client) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies has helped police track down users of the Darknet markets. Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, never considered Bitcoin anonymous and untraceable. In his Whitepaper he uses the term “anonymous” only in reference to public keys. He writes, in particular: “Privacy can still be maintained by breaking the flow of information in another place: by keeping public keys anonymous”. In other words, Bitcoin’s privacy is limited by the level of anonymity achievable by public keys which serve as an alias (pseudonym) for the end user. Pseudonymity and anonymity are related concepts, however, the difference between them is huge. Anonymity makes it impossible to reveal a real identity of a person or group of persons, while pseudonymity is more related to a fictitious name which someone uses instead of their real name. Therefore, each public key becomes our personal pseudonym, and while we can try to hide behind it, the truth is that Bitcoin was not conceived with anonymity and privacy as its primary concerns. It is not easy to hide behind a pseudonym. The short history of Bitcoin has revealed enough examples exhibiting the drawbacks of using public keys and the hurdles that users encountered while trying to keep up their anonymity. The narrative behind Ross Ulbricht’s and Silk Road’s story is an excellent example of Bitcoin’s inadequate privacy. Ross Ulbricht, known on the Web as Dread Pirate Roberts, founded the famous Darknet market where only Bitcoin payments had been accepted, thereby skipping traditional payment channels. These payments had been a dream thing for the unbanked users of Silk Road. Peer-to-peer aspect of cryptocurrencies matched perfectly the anarchic environment of the place. As a quirk of fate, it is Bitcoin and the blockchain exactly that had become the ultimate culprits in Ross Ulbricht’s capture and conviction. The FBI used the Bitcoin blockchain to link transactions to servers taken over earlier. There were over 3500 entries in the public ledger made between the servers and Ulbricht’s personal notebook that the agency had laid their hands on. In this case, the anonymity of Bitcoin ended when the FBI had successfully linked the open keys to a certain person. Ulbricht’s public keys were his pseudonyms, each of them being associated with a specific set of transactions. This happened in 2013, and since then the special services have improved dramatically the technologies of tracking down blockchain transactions. A short example to that tune is given in this article. When both the Darknet merchants and anonymous hackers realized that Bitcoin didn’t offer any magic anonymity, many of them switched to using Monero as this currency was specifically designed to impede tracking down and provide a highest level of anonymity possible. Even so, one research group has recently discovered that while Monero is definitely better than Bitcoin, it is not a panacea either. A team of researchers from the world's leading universities including Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have released a study where they discuss the shortcomings of the mixing algorithm via which it is possible to trace single transactions. And the issue applies to anyone who ever used Monero in the past, not just the ones going to pay with it today as all payment details are permanently carved into the blockchain and easily available for analysis. One of the study authors, Andrew Miller from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, says that people are eager to oversimply, and they expect Monero transactions to be guaranteed to remain private. In practice, though, there are still pieces of information which are not encrypted by the network. In this manner, Monero transactions remain potentially traceable, even though it is still a matter of probability rather than solid evidence. For details see here. How to maintain anonymity? There are always enthusiastic people willing to take steps and turn the word ANONYMITY into a real thing. However, these efforts are most often backed up by entities affiliated with governments and special services. For example, TOR is sponsored by the US government (which is openly stated on their site). JohnDoe Browser is sponsored by Google which has always been faithful and loyal to special services without even hiding it. There are many such projects, but it is almost always evident where everything comes from. In my opinion, the future of anonymity and privacy belongs to projects which are financially backed up by simple users and not affiliated with any entity. The author of this piece had a hard time to find such a project today. As a matter of fact, any project aiming at true anonymity won’t disclose its algorithms, team members and similar details, even though this will definitely raise legitimate concerns and suspicions in the community. Presently, the most promising project aimed at offering anonymity in the Internet is Stealth Project. Stealth Project. This project consists of a novice decentralized network ecosystem employing the blockchain paradigm as well as results of modern research in the field of applied cryptography and privacy protection. The project is being developed according to the following milestones: A multi-cryptocurrency wallet with strong emphasis on anonymity offering a built-in mixer A self-sufficient anonymous and autonomous network infrastructure (similar to Tor but with its own system of independent servers which is times faster) Creation of web content available only from within the Stealth Project network Stealth Wallet is one of the most interesting aspects of the project. The project developers plan to introduce useful features like: A built-in cryptocurrency mixer enjoying a sophisticated mixing algo; Instant mixing with immediate coin transfers from different addresses; Possibility of passive earning when participating in the mixing program; Instant cryptocurrency exchange similar to ShapeShift but with added anonymity; A system of exchange codes to support off-chain transfers of funds; An under-the-gun protection mechanism including a feature which allows to sends the wallet balance to the system via a secret key combination (and claim the money back at short notice); Cross-platform support and many other features. The project has its own STELZ token which can be used as a means of payment for coin mixing. At the moment, the project’s ICO is live and running, and it will last till September, 1st. Considering the interest the project has raised as well as the fact that the project’s team are delivering on their promises so far (for example, they paid out the rewards to bounty hunters in full), it is quite possible that there will a reliable tool instrumental in achieving network anonymity by December. Conclusion. It is not uncommon nowadays to hear the question why do we actually need anonymous cryptocurrencies? It involves concerns that we, as individuals, want to protect our personal data and privacy even though most of us have nothing to hide. Privacy is a funny thing considering the fact that it is not always obvious why a law-abiding citizen and not a wrongdoer would ever need it. But for the society as a whole it is a very valuable asset, and that’s exactly the reason why its benefits are hard to notice on a personal level. It is helpful to draw an analogy here: any particular individual may not need a road over a thousand miles away but the society at large benefits greatly from a developed transport infrastructure.
  10. Safeguarding sensitive information against encroachments of various intruders has become one of the most burning issues in our age of highly advanced technologies. It's not a secret that even the data protection systems of high reliability, which are utilized by huge transnational corporations and political organizations, are prone to being compromised by third parties. The infamous cyberattack on the data centers of the Democratic National Committee can serve as the most spectacular example of such vulnerability. This intrusion resulted in the theft and subsequent promulgation of the confidential correspondence between the party members that allegedly had a significant impact on the outcome of the election in the U.S. Nevertheless, when there is a problem, there is a solution. The active development of blockchain had a positive effect on the area of online finance, so now it's time to introduce this technology into the sphere of distribution of sensitive information and protection of valuable digital assets. P2P Solutions Foundation, comprised of fintech and blockchain experts from various countries, decided to tackle this issue head-on. P2PS Mission P2PS (Peer-to-Peer Solutions) is an innovative blockchain-based peer-to-peer platform which provides its users with an opportunity to directly exchange digital files and assets, without possible intrusion by any third party. Such exchanges or transactions can't be meddled, altered, delayed or canceled by anyone other than the peers (direct participants in the process), even by the network or system administrators. The primary mission of P2PS is to ensure the thorough security of the process of storing and transferring sensitive information and valuable digital assets within the framework of the peer-to-peer platform that will subsequently transform into the fully-fledged ecosystem. What kind of data can be protected via P2PS? P2PS is the overly-protected peer-to-peer platform that provides the unique means for secure long-term storage/transfer of any kind of data, archives, documentation, and even valuable digital assets between two independent nodes without even the slightest possibility of intrusion from a third party. The P2PS technology will allow users to carry out secure transactions of the following digital data: Confidential banking information, including customer databases, annual and quarterly reports, transaction history; Medical records: patients' medical history, reports on public and public procurement of pharmaceutical drugs, patient database; The data of national importance: the widest range of documents, from transcripts of political negotiations to the information concerning government contracts from the military-industrial complex; Business information: customer database, tax data, employees' personal information. Sensitive personal information: personal records, photo and video archives, wills etc. It is safe to say that the P2PS platform is a unique and unparalleled development. None of the existent platforms can match the level of data transfer security guaranteed by the P2PS Foundation. P2PS Token The ERC-20 compliant P2PS token will become the main driving force of the platform. The purchase of the certain quantity of tokens will be mandatory for all users of the P2PS platform because this token serves as the means of payment for gaining access to various features and the investment in the further development of a secure and intrusion-free P2PS ecosystem. Starting with Electronic Learning Inc. and Innovative Solutions International Inc., over the course of time, the P2PS token will fully replace the licenses that users are currently required to purchase in order to use all benefits of this peer-to-peer communication platform. You can read more about this revolutionary development in the project's official whitepaper that you can find here.
  11. DIGITHOTH – TOKEN SALE GOES LIVE, DIGITHOTH TOKENS ARE COMING TO YOUR WALLET! DigiThoth Token is a cryptocurrency that allows holders to get or provide any service in the book industry for every relevant service i.e. from publishing a book to buying it. Please note: At all stages, all contributors must be whitelisted in order to participate in the sale. The book industry has grown fivefold in the last two decades and is expected to double over the coming years. DigiThoth token investors will profit by taking part in the radical transformation underway in the book industry, switching from paper money to e-wallets. DigiThoth Token is a startup from DigiThoth, publishers, writers and other stakeholders of the industry will have a longstanding experience as this cryptocurrency will provide such payment solutions which will make things MUCH EASIER!. DigiThoth’s team is absolutely skillful and knows how to leverage the advantages of this project. Each team member plays a key role in this project and each individual is a part of the whole. Together they plan to turn this project into the largest payment solution provider of the multibillion dollar industry. DigiThoth was assessed by multiple ICO raters and achieved very good results. To get the latest updates about DigiThoth please visit our website and our bounty page.
  12. Improving game monetization and countering ad fraud / adblocking. Even though digital advertising surpassed even TV advertising in volume in 2016 and gaming has become the biggest entertainment market, there are still a lot of problems plaguing the industries. For example, a lot of the advertising budget is lost due to fraud, repetitive ad content or ad blocking. Another big problem is the unfair distribution of the ad revenue, as classical intermediaries take high cuts instead of the revenue reaching the ones fueling the whole industry: the gamers and the game developers. Shaping games. The attention of gamers is worth a lot of money to brands and advertisers. In-game advertising is on the rise, but currently mainly consists of interruptive ad formats. We are providing an advertising solution by gamers for gamers, which is embedded as part of the surroundings, doesn’t interrupt the gaming experience and also gives financial value back to the gamers themselves. Through registering at our marketplace we can identify and reward gamers while gaming, through our tokens we can also grant voting rights on upcoming features to gamers, enabling gamers to shape the future of gaming. Embedded advertising. We provide various services at Vreo: for developers, we provide a plugin that enables the placement of digital billboards and surfaces for ads within software. This enables the placement of ads dynamically and natively embedded within said software (no pop-ups, so no pop-up blockers) and reports back all interaction of the user with the ad. These plugins and their algorithms are used for streaming and exchanging the ads as well as evaluating the exact number (and the quality!) of views and other user specific data. Contrary to other developments our solutions are not bound to specific hardware devices but usable on every platform and make use of blockchain technology. We also provide a marketplace where gamers, game developers and advertisers can find together. Untapped potential. Most games out there have a lot of untapped potential: while a lot of in-game advertising is happening on mobile, it is still “immobile” advertising that interrupts the gaming experience of the user. With our plugins, we provide a solution to embed ads into the surroundings of the game, for example at roadside, on walls of houses or on billboards and TVs, without interrupting the gaming experience. On PC and console there is next to no in-game advertising present, as there was no technology available to do it on a larger scale, a problem our plugin and marketplace solve. Currently, gamers have no way of participating other than gaining in-game rewards, if any, and get presented with repetitive, non-fitting ads. Customer retention models are on the rise, but still mostly provide no real or monetary benefit to the users. Use of blockchain technology. There are a lot of problems troubling developers and advertisers, for example transparency and security. Blockchain can solve these problems for both gaming and advertising. All ad data gets gathered and written into a blockchain, where, due to its decentralized nature, it cannot be manipulated, providing a high amount of trust for everyone involved. Combine this with gamer profiles, which are based upon self-determined control, and fraudulent content gets minimized by a lot, as every ad impression is verified and accountable for. Using tokenization and incentivizing usage of our tokens, we grant both transparency and trust, but also voting rights to the gamers to get them involved in the whole creation process of a game. Developers can thus get feedback from the community regarding features and design questions. We strongly believe that blockchain technology will be a great solution for advertising and gaming in general, which is why our solutions are always scalable, as we plan to adapt other forms of advertising to our data and billing routine as well. The Vreo tokens. The Vreo network will make use of a two token structure, enabling store-of-score mechanisms (through the ViewToken or VIT) and a volatile utility token that grants network access, voting rights and additional utilities like elimination of transaction fees (the MeritCoin or MERO). Who are we? We started working on solutions to improve the experience of the gaming and VR industry in 2016. Our team consists of professionals and entrepreneurs of all ages, with industry veterans in PR, marketing, sales and coding. We have strong experience in building companies up from scratch and establishing new business models. In addition to our core team, we rely upon our vast network of developers and contacts all around the world, some of which joined our advisory board. For every step we take and every industry we are in contact with, we either have a team member or a well-recognized advisor in their respective field – for the ICO and after. What lies ahead? The private sale of our MeritCoins is currently ongoing. The Vreo team has attended and is attending conferences, meetups and trade shows all around the world. To learn more about our project and our roadmap, please visit us here or join our community here or one of our other channels that are listed on our website.
  13. Toronto based fintech startup Parkres announced that its ecosystem— which lets users find and reserve a parking spot anytime anywhere— has now launched globally. PARKRES is the all-in-one parking solution, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and parking system. On Parkres platform users will be able to find and reserve the parking spot anywhere anytime, pay from their mobile wallet using either fiat (AUD, USD, etc.) or cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, etc.) and even with Parkres tokens (PARK) with discounted rates, find traffic updates to their parking spot, manage parking bookings, register their parking space on the Parkers ecosystem to make money. Parkres is having its ITO in 2018, where it will be revolutionizing the way consumers search parking and uses parking system today. The Parkres app makes it very quick and simple to find and reserve a parking spot near any destination or any remote location for a required timeslot. Apps will be available free for download over IOS and Android, and a web interface will be available as well. Setup takes less than five minutes to create user profiles and PARK token wallet is embedded within the app. Parkres is not just an app but an entire ecosystem. Mobile apps are only a part of it. The Parkres system solves several critical pain points that exists in present parking system— non-user centric design, unmanaged and unmonitored parking spots, payment takes too long results in long waiting queues at kiosk, traffic problems and anti-ecological, loss of fuel, loss of time and traffic congestion. The Parkres system also provides a Parking AirBnb platform, where users will be able to list or register their parking spot on the platform and earn money from it. This is reduce the shortage of parking spaces in the urban cities, also will help regulate the parking industry. Parking providers can earn money from their open spots and unused spaces. Similarly, users or parking seekers can get a relatively cheap spot in the area they looking to park. The Parkres ICO has been designed to be a highly attractive proposition for investors. “We have rolled out a steady stream of new features on the platform and have added a number of highly experienced advisors and team members. We are an actual business and have a very promising roadmap in front of us. We believe the token configuration and offering make it a difficult combination to turn down”. Parkres’s pre-ITO fundraising round is targeting to sell 20,000,000 PARK tokens with 15% discounts to whitelist members, and then further 55,000,000 PARK token during their crowdsale beginning 15st August 2018.
  14. Nortonchain is an improved technology in the revolution of blockchains. A distributed ledger with the sole aim of executing free transactions and giving high level of security to all users. Nortonchain is a dias on which several other platforms can be built on just like the bitcoin blockchain and where transactions are executed in every second and confirmed. However, transactions are executed on Nortonchain and confirmed automatically peer to peer without the need for miners. On Nortonchain, confirmations are done automatically as they are made. Nortonchain is built with Artificial Intelligence embedded in it to do the work of miners. By so, getting all transactions confirmed on each user's account as the AI is capable of creating a child of itself attaching each one to each new account created. With the relation from the parent AI, every child AI that is very much the same as the parent AI is fully aware of all transactions made and this fosters the automatic confirmation process on the chain. With this, everything on Nortonchain syncs with one another and maximum safety is assured. Further more, dummy transactions are executed by the AI system in other to have billions of transactions executed in a short period of time and this would ensure much more security as compromising a transaction information on one AI node wouldn't influence the information carried by others, except one could influence that of all nodes at same time, but this is impossible as multiple nodes are created on every transaction made and each AI powered node is independent on the information or activity on others, it carries transaction details and cannot be made to change or edited, more like an irreversible process. This makes sure that even if a preexisting node is comprised, the others are not corrupted. Nortonchain is with its own exchange, a decentralized exchange where users no longer have to worry about passwords and emails to login, neither do they have to worry about private keys. With Nortonchain's AI, the exchange is capable of having users simply login with their face being recognized as their login information. Norton Bot is another breakthrough to help users communicate with Nortonchain directly. With Norton Bot, developers of any kind can build anything on Nortonchain by just giving few description (commands) and details to the Bot and it gets this almost completely built for the developer. This will help the developer get work done and project executed real quick and even more efficient. Norton Bot is more like telegram, easy and user friendly, but more powerful than imagined. Nortonchain has its representative coin called Norton Coin. Norton Coin is a payment coin used on the numerous Norton Platforms. It's atomic swap capable and is used on other platforms outside of Nortonchain for countless usages.
  15. Bitex aims to be a locally embedded bank for cryptocurrencies. Bitex views traditional exchanges as limited in their ability to safely store and manipulate cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, traditional banks simply do not have the infrastructure, the expertise, or the will to devote time, money, and space to cryptocurrencies. Bitex aims to fill this void. “If commerce based on cryptocurrencies is to progress to the point of having these accepted as a proper medium of exchange for goods and services and take its place as a peer to fiat currencies, it is necessary to create new institutions that can cater for the needs that people have come to association with financial transactions,” Bitex explained in its white paper. “These include the ability to store currency, exchange between currencies as needed, use currencies for payment of goods and services, automate bill payments, take out loans, etc.” Bitex also hosts its own native currency, XBX, which can be used to pay for services and is automatically converted as fees when a user uses the diversified Bitex platform. How Does It Work? Bitex aims to provide a hybrid of traditional banking and cryptocurrency exchange services. This is provided by the synergy between two distinct platforms – BitexPay and EZBitex. BitexPay will handle customers’ cryptocurrency transfer needs, such as paying bills. EZBitex will store customers’ cryptocurrencies via its own distributed ledger system. Both will make use of ERC20-compatible wallets. The EZBitex platform also functions as a sort of universal exchange, where customers can exchange their cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat, as they deem appropriate. Where Does Bitex Aim to Do Business? Bitex plans to launch its platform in the middle of 2018 in eight different countries – Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates. Bitex is shooting for a so-called “locally embedded” business model, similar to Uber. That is, each country’s branch of Bitex will be operated as a local franchise. “Services will be operated by local partners that license the Bitex platform as a franchise, and who will register with the financial authorities in their respective countries,” Bitex stated. “By working with local partners, who have a much better understanding of local customers and regulators and making available localized applications and customer support, the Bitex crypto-banking platform becomes the most accessible crypto-banking solution on the market.” Bitex added that it plans to focus mainly on Asia and the Middle East as it grows. “All pointers therefore indicate that Asian and the Middle East are the regions most likely to need and welcome a robust crypto-based financial system, and where Bitex’s local impact will best be demonstrated,” the company stated. “Bitex will demonstrate the local impact it will have in each country where it is licensed, by offering a relevant localized financial service bundle, and redefining how financial services for this new cryptocurrency-based digital economy can be delivered.” What Need Does Bitex Want to Fill? Cryptocurrency and global banking are very nearly polar opposites. In fact, Bitcoin’s landmark 2008 white paper explicitly stated that the reason for its existence to circumvent the traditional “trusted third party” represented by banks and government regulatory agencies. Where, then, does Bitex and its native token XBX stand? Even cryptocurrencies can benefit from traditional banking functions, Bitex argues. “When creating a crypto-banking solution, Bitex has been motivated by the need to go back to the original purpose for a bank, namely an institution that helps the economy function and grow by providing a way to manage savings, provide means for payment and money transfer, and facilitate loans,” Bitex stated in its white paper. “By sticking to these basic functions, Bitex believes that crypto-banks can restore the public’s faith in banking for this new cryptocurrency-based digital economy, and remove the image of greed and profit-seeking that current commercial banking has unfortunately propagated by moving into speculative assets and markets.” Bitex, then, hopes that its crypto-bank will function more like a public utility than a for-profit commercial bank, though it should be noted that Bitex is still a for-profit company and operates a native token. How Does Bitex Plan to Make Money? As of now, Bitex claims that it has raised more than $2.7 million by selling licenses to future franchise holders in 8 countries. Presumably, the continued sale of franchise licenses will fund future growth. The company will also retain 30 percent of the 300 million XBX tokens that it plans to sell during its mid-2018 initial coin offering, to be distributed among the founders and in various marketing schemes. Fee schedules for the licensed franchises have not yet been set, though Bitex notes that transaction fees will be calculated as a percentage of each transaction and paid in XBX tokens automatically whenever a transaction occurs. Conclusion Cryptocurrency and traditional banking have been at odds with one another since the birth of Bitcoin circa 2008. Bitcoin was created as a way to encode public trust directly into the blockchain, eliminating the need for a trusted third party. However, the market as of 2018 is awash with public exchanges and a growing clamor for more government regulation and big investment money. The reason is simple: adoption. While the benefits of being your own bank and protecting your own currencies may appeal to the technologically literate, the vast majority of simple investors don’t want to stray too far from the traditional banking model. Cryptocurrencies are not a political statement for them; they simply want a safe place to store their money and watch it grow. Bitex aims to be this link between the vast sums of money sitting in traditional banking accounts and the cryptocurrency markets. While Bitex’s business plan might leave a bad taste in the mouths of crypto-purists, common investors are likely to find a familiar flavor to Bitex’s offering. The company’s decision to expand primarily in Asia and the Middle East also bodes well for it as a cryptocurrency for developing and emerging markets. You can visit the project’s website here and read the white paper here.

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