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  1. Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce you all to NUMERARE (NUM), a cryptocurrency that has been tailored for your needs. A currency with limitations on how it is mined, allowing people to keep on going even when it gets more difficult, without the need for big expensive equipment. A team behind the currency who are looking to the future, to see how we can continue to develop the setup, user experience as well as ease of usability, assisting in the push into the next era. We have developed a set up with the end users in mind. Providing a platform where the machines being used aren't going to be replaced by bespoke mining machines later down the line. To make this fair we have developed NUMERARE on a variant of the CryptoNight v2 algorithm and using CryptoNote v2 technology. This is what prevents people from being able to use powerful mining machines such as ASICs as they just aren't supported. The plans we have in place aren't just looking at the now and near future. We have set things up for the next 10 years plus. Individual milestones throughout the project that when reached will unleash better ways of being able to transfer and interact with people not only within the NUMERARE community, but all other cryto currencies as well. In order to do this, there have been a few testing phases. Phases that some people have questioned and those questions at first couldn't be answered. Not because we didn't know or didn't want to, but because we were still starting to shape the way things were, are and will be. What we didn't want to do was answer something then that would be some what different to what it is now. As it stands now, we are confident in the release, the path we are taking and hopefully you will take with us. Name: NUMERARE Ticker: NUM Genesis info: The Genesis block is locked for a period of 3 years or when the height reaches 1,576,800. Alogorim: Cryptonight v2, based on Monero v7 Technology: Cryptonote / transactions v2 Money_supply: 6 billion in the first 10 years Blocktime/difficulty_target: 60 seconds Block reward: Up until 1 dec 2018: 1369.863 From 2 Dec 2018 - 1 May 2021 the reward will be: 951.294 2 May - Onwards: 815.395 Transfer-fee: There will be no transfer fees. Discord channel: https://discord.gg/qg89krU Website: This is the official website for NUMERARE and will contain a fair bit of information about the current status as well as where we are on the roadmap etc. https://numerare.org/ Wallet: The wallet can be downloaded from the following location: https://github.com/numerarecoin/numerare-core/releases ***************!!--PLEASE NOTE--!!*************** *****The wallet is CLI only for now, not GUI***** ***************!!--PLEASE NOTE--!!*************** Usage: - Download the wallet using the above links. - Once downloaded, exctract the files 'Node' and 'numerare-CLI' tot he folder of your choosing. - Now run the Node file: -- In Linux: chmod a+x node &&./node -- In Windows: run node.exe - Wait for sync Once the sync is complete: - Create a wallet using the numerare-CLI file. --Instructions will be provided from the application itself. ***************!!--PLEASE NOTE--!!*************** *Take good care of your wallet file and *.key!!!* ***************!!--PLEASE NOTE--!!*************** Once you are synced and your wallet is created, you are ready to start mining! Mining: Solo Mining: - Type: start_mining [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS] threads --For example: start_mining 3HuVUxF7jqvKjeLjMLqCBzKcxqnVqxcAQ4KL8jpbV7KhK1hf9vyyfV26PsSi6QbpeqGeiehfE9w1wWDd4ZM99X3aK3JNqZH 20 This will assign the required threads to start mining instantly. Pool Mining: Log in to the pool: - Type: pool_login YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS usa/eu/china (select one of three) -- For example: pool_login 3HuVUxF7jqvKjeLjMLqCBzKcxqnVqxcAQ4KL8jpbV7KhK1hf9vyyfV26PsSi6QbpeqGeiehfE9w1wWDd4ZM99X3aK3JNqZH eu This will log you into the designated pool but hasn't actually started anything yet. The next step will start the mining process. - Type: pool_mining threads -- For example: pool_mining 20 This will assign the required threads to start mining instantly for the pool that you have signed in to. I believe this covers all the basics for now. We are going to be looking at releasing more information as time goes on. If you have any questions on the above information or anything else NUMERARE related, please feel free to ask. Thank you for taking the time to read through the information we have provided about NUMERARE and we hope to speak to you soon. Regards, Team NUMERARE

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