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  1. The zBucks Block Foundry pool is all squared away now, open and ready for business. https://zbucks-us-west.blockfoundry.org
  2. Website | Wallet Download | Reddit | Discord | Telegram zBucks is an anonymous and innovative open source decentralised public cryptocurrency. We strongly support the mining community by making zbucks ASIC resistant ensuring the decentralisation of our coin. Additionally, we aim to incentivise gamers using our future paid to pay model. Details: Total Supply: 100mln Hash algorithm: CryptoNight-Heavy Coin symbol: ZBK Block time: 120 seconds Community driven Project Downloads & Links CLI Wallet: Linux x64 - Ubuntu 18 Linux x64 - Ubuntu 16.04 Windows x64 macOS GUI Wallet: Ubuntu Linux x64 Windows x64 macOS - Release coming soon NOTE: * There are some false-positive alarms from Virus Total (mostly from unknown anti-virus vendors) mainly due to embedded python binaries in Windows installers. ** Zip content should be extracted to non-unicode folder path, better at root drive like C:\ or D:\ on Windows Mining Pools https://zbucks.luckypool.io/ - EU https://zbk.scecf.org/ - US, EU, India and Eastern Asian http://zbk.wahaobi.com/ - China Block Explorer https://www.zblocks.org/ http://www.zblocks.org/ Exchanges More info coming soon Project Roadmap - 2018 Detailed information will be available in our whitepaper: zBucks Trade Manager zBucks Mining Manager Paid to play znodes Languages Russian:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4625821.msg41782623#msg41782623 Ukrainian:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=236982.msg41787063#msg41787063 Chinese:https://www.520566.com/cpu-mining/2018-07-09-742.html Spanish:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4635994

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