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  1. Hello everyone! My team and me are starting to develop an application for macOS - a crypto trader's assistant. The application will be a widget for the macOS notification bar and contain a table with the prices of the exchange's Crypto-Currency + display of the associated indexes (volatility / volume / volume relative to 24h, etc.). Main features are: Ability to switch between exchanges (initially will support Binance, Bitmex and several other exchanges); Ability to switch between timeframes; Selection of data refresh rate (5 min / 1 min / real-time); Sorting and filtering table data - for example, you can track only selected 3-5 symbols or display only symbols with a volume > 500 BTC; Ability to export data for the last 24 hours in a CSV file; Of course, the application will be constantly updated, we will add new exchanges, new indicators for user requests, customizable alerts. If you are engaged in intraday trading and you are a user of macOS - please give us feedback: - What features would you like to add for yourself ? - How much would you be willing to spend on such an application (one time): $ 5, $ 10, $ 15, $ 20, $ 25 ? - Would you like to participate for free in the beta test of the application? Also, if you have any ideas for our macOS app - please, let me know! Regards, Alex Z.

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