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  1. https://www.cubepool.eu Minable Coins: Ethergem (EGEM) https://egem.cubepool.eu PIRL https://pirl.cubepool.eu MOAC https://moac.cubepool.eu NILU https://nilu.cubepool.eu ESN https://esn.cubepool.eu AKA https://akroma.cubepool.eu GOLDIAM (GOL) https://gol.cubepool.eu AURA https://aura.cubepool.eu ATHEIOS https://atheios.cubepool.eu Ellaism (ELLA) https://ella.cubepool.eu more coins will be added soon... Pool features: GPU-Mining/Nicehash Stratum mining no registration needed PPLNS Payouts every 60min Live-Stats Only 0,25% Mining Fee Payment History Detailed informations how to connect your Mining-Rigs Anonymous Server Specs: Highspeed Root Server - no VPS Server SSD-RAID Gigabit Connection Uptime 99,9%

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