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  1. Skeincoin giveway - first 50 people will receive 1 SKC: http://altcoins.com/skeincoin-giveaway.html
  2. A first p2pool is active:http://www.japool.com:20002/static/1. download a quark miner. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxKqW4aMUczmaTVfWjZEdnpqLVk/edit?usp=sharing2. Use the settings below minerd64_sse4.exe -a quark -t 8 -o http://www.japool.com:20002 --userpass=YourWalletAddress:AnyPassword
  3. If it's still available.. Et1uk1EKDfnu9S1W1FeYwe7PtDXiFq67L2 merci
  4. Interesting, innovative. The difficulty has rised very quickly, I think a pool is needed for this coin.
  5. Please vote if you want to support the brewing industry: MVTEoEo825yn7BaawUwKTRYof1r6RXoe2Q I'll drink a beer or two for that
  6. Maybe you're right. But maybe it's the great opportunity in the bitcoin world. Everyone needs to decide on his own, now it's a good time to jump in.
  7. BitBillions (GBBG) launched in late February 2013 and is using bitcoin as its primary currency. Currently there is three types of memberships available: [*]Founder Members - Founder Members have registered and made a donation of 1 Bitcoin in value or GREATER. [*]Reserve Members - Reserve Members have registered and made a donation LESS THAN the value of 1 Bitcoin. [*]Applicants - Applicants are all people who have registered but NOT made a donation. REVENUE SHARE GBBG members will be FINANCIALLY REWARDED with bitcoins. Our premium services will include advertising, payment processing and currency exchange just to name a few. Monthly revenues will be shared with GBBG members, even members who do NOT spend a dime will earn with GBBG! [*]50% of GBBG monthly revenue will be shared with members. There is six revenue share pools and members will be in some or all depending how early they get a membership. [*]You earn your share of each pool depending upon your position in the matrix (how early you join) and the number of points you earn each month. [*]You earn 1 point for each minute you use our FREE services each month. You DO NOT have to pay a monthly fee or buy anything! There are no dues, membership fees, monthly minimums, or purchase requirements at all. BitBillions revenue will be generated through advertising, premium communication services, payment processing, currency exchanges, sales of books, sales of music, sales of movies, and many other income producing mediums. Members simply earn money by using the FREE technology. Source: bitcointalk Some people say it's just a MLM matrix but decide on your own - read carefully all materials on their website and think for yourself. It can be "The Next Big Thing" of bitcoin business. If you want to join BitBillions you need a referral code - you can use this link to join: http://www.bitbillions.com?refid=1H7NT8zDZEKdKBjd25PTxuCtB8c1Y3Cxuk
  8. Rippln is not Ripple. http://www.startmyripple.com It sounds like a viral or a MLM system, but seems to be an interesting idea. To join rippln it you need an invitation code. If you want a code please PM me with the following details: Your Name: Your Last Name: Your email OR Your Cell number: (example: +1 555 5555 555). You can get an invitation by email or SMS.
  9. adam79

    Sold all my WDC

    or a bitcoin drink at bitcoholic.com
  10. I've been using Gnome for long time - it's easy and intuitive, but then I've discovered http://lxde.org - it's very fast and doesn't need a lot of resources, it can be run by old computers or simple netbooks.
  11. this coin has fair start: steady block reward, I like this
  12. Premine was not possible in this case because since the launch the reward is still 1 coin per block and there are ca. 20000 blocks till now, so 20k coins only.
  13. This coin is still alive and quite easy to mine, it can be merged mined with BTC/DVC/NMC.
  14. I think we all had enough of new coins for the last few days...

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