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  1. Today, the expected AT token mining of the ABCC Exchange has started, so we have an opportunity to earn a share of the profit generated by trading on this platform. This share is 80% and it is such an interesting opportunity to achieve passive income in the future. AT Tokens may earn in the first stage be called "genesis mining" the first registered 2000 traders. From 12th July, the mining program will also be open to other traders. In the first block (each block is generated within 6 hours), the first 87,500 AT tokens were generated, and the token holders will earn almost $290,000 for the first block. The total volume surpassed all initial expectations and it looks like the first day the volume exceeds $1 billion. Till now two blocks have been mined with the total reward $720 000. Some users have estimated the AT price when it is open for trading. If we take the 15th day and 0.5 P/E ratio into the calculation, AT value will be $5.06. Therefore, AT trading price might be between $5.06 and $10. In the Chinese community, some OTC price is as high as $4. AT Trade-to-Mine is inspired by Bitcoin mining model. Every day, a fixed number of AT get released from four blocks. Every 120 days, the mining difficulty doubles. Compared to other platform tokens, AT has a stronger expectation. ABCC will open from 12 pm on 12th July to all users.
  2. If I understand correctly, I can earn a part of their income even without trading? It would be great and probably better option than BNB on Binance
  3. It seems pretty good, if we can earn tokens when we trade, I will look into this

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