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  1. sorry for the late sign up guys 😄

    1. Abbi Anderson

      Abbi Anderson

      same here i just got the link,

    2. Bertie B. Hogue

      Bertie B. Hogue

      I think Binary Earners and Winners should change their name to Trading without Stress. They are really God sent.

  2. Good to be here, i hope trade is going well for everyone. Admin i would like to know how many free slots are available for trade, at the moment. Thanks.

  3. Welcome family!! lol 😀🙋

  4. i like this idea, im just a new member just on my second, and its been goin so well.

  5. Nice forum, i remember when i started trading, if this was around a few months back, it would made more sense and look more real. This is long over due. Thanks!! Go Team O'neil!!

  6. أنا سعيد حقاً لوجودي هنا في هذا المنتدى ، اسمي أسعد فادي. أنا تاجر نشط مع السيد أونيل وعضو في ثنائي المكسبين والفائزين.أنا هنا لإظهار الدعم ، لأنني أؤمن السيد أونيل وتجارته الثنائية. شكرا

  7. Finally a community, its been long over due. Nice 1 guys 👍

  8. Hello I'm Michele Lazarus and I'm very happy to hear of ur program !! I'm happy it's going well for you !! I'm new here to and I'm glad u all live it !! I don't have the money right now to get involved with you but will be back !! I'm going to go mine some crypto right now on this beautiful site that I love so much crypto currency talk !! It will be my first time to mining !! I'm so very happy about it !! But I will tell u the rest later of how it went !! Good luck to u all and I hope you all get the best of life from this great site were on !! Because let me tell u it's the best out there !! And I love it !! The people that go on here are the best !! So you all have a great day and hope to hear from you soon !! Please take care !! Michele Lazarus 

          And have the best life learning crypto !! It's the greatest !! Really !v

    1. Chris McKay

      Chris McKay

      Thanks for this update

    2. Thomas Thompson

      Thomas Thompson

      Trading with Mr Cresswell's O'Neil has been the best thing that have happened to me since Donald Trump became the President.

    3. Armed A_B

      Armed A_B

      अंत में मैं फिर से मुस्कान कर सकते हैं

  9. good to hav community of broker Cresswell, i m long trader with broker Cresswell an member of earners winners.

  10. Im still a new member, I just began trading and sent my first trade capital today. I like that all new traders are directed here, i feel insured.

  11. It feels good to here and having a forum. Nice informative website by the way.

  12. i received my first trade profit yesterday, and there's an Earners & Winners page today, now im really looking forward to tomorrow. Welcome guys.I hope i benefit from here too, cos ive never been on site before today. Cheers!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mathias Pedersen

      Mathias Pedersen

      Im thinking about trading with him. I've heard so much about him still weighing my options.

    3. Mathias Pedersen

      Mathias Pedersen

      can i reach him on his personal email, i saw it on your bio?

    4. Mathias Pedersen

      Mathias Pedersen

      thanks, i will




  13. Signed up here as i knew this was there rendezvous point. Good to finally have an interative forum for us #Earners&Winners 

    1. Sheila R. Militello

      Sheila R. Militello

      same here, good to finally meet new traders working with Mr O'Neil. Makes it more interesting. Go Team O'Neil

    2. Brenda R. Haney

      Brenda R. Haney

      Im feeling really happy knowing others are also benefiting from Mr Creswell.

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