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  1. Dear Forum Readers, Below you'll find the review of the Aunit coin and its dynamics against USD and Bitcoin. Recently, Bitcoin finished the correction, which was not in favor of bulls. This correction had been lasting for quite a long time and ended up by fall. Here we can highlight an advantage of Aunit. Unlike Bitcoin, it is not an expensive coin, which almost has no point to fall. Perhaps this BTC downtrend is temporary, and we will soon see a strong upward trend, but this is beyond our review. Aunit rate CHARTS: https://medium.com/@autounit2018/review-of-the-aunite-coin-71ef9035d9be The topic of our review is the Aunit, which has everything ahead and given the constant development of the emitter company, it will be more interesting to trade with this coin on the every day basis. Aunite Group continues its dynamic growth, for instance, it has recently reached an agreement with Wullet, the spot where one can exchange with bonuses and points. As we know, the Aunite Group is about paying cashback, and also deals with bonuses and points. This is an important agreement because it demonstrates that the company is developing, and perhaps some of these news will boost the market. The only question is the age and popularity of the coin. Aunit/USD review The last week had been quite interesting for this pair. A week ago, I had some doubts in the buying potential of the coin — now there my doubts are minor. We cannot say that everyone is trying to buy and hold the coin, but there are such traders and they do things for successful records of this coin. It also worths noting that growing sales indicates presence of pipsing traders, which is generally a good sign. Pipsers are good because they don’t care which direction the market is going to, they make volumes, but they do not put pressure on the coin. The technical picture is quite interesting. There is support around 0.0400, and there are high volumes around this support. There is practically no place for the price to go down. Our option is therefore to buy and wait when the price starts moving around 0.0800–0.0850. Not so long ago, a quote of 0.0400 was a good target to close positions opened around 0.0300 or below. The second goal, where the currency pair can go — is the resistance 0.1200, there is a High, at which the price could not hold position for long, however, there is a goal. Aunit/BTC review As usual for this pair, volumes are smaller and the process is more calm. However, the situation is quite similar to the previous cryptocurrency pair. Currently, there is support around 0.00000560, where the pair is being traded at the moment and support is around 0.00000400. If you choose to trade with this pair, then it makes sense to buy coins from these levels. The closest targets are 0.00001000 and 0.00001300. If there is a rollback and purchase around 0.00000400, you can partially exit at 0.00000560. The chart is showing one of the probable scenarios for the coin. The lower Bitcoin gets against the US dollar, the faster this option will work out. Ttraders will start looking for a coin to choose in order to leave Bitcoin and other cryptos that have fallen or are about to go down. Conclusion You can buy Aunit from the market or at the support levels indicated in the review. The price targets are also shown on the chart and can be used to partially exit the market. There is no point to exit in full, as the question of growth is a matter of time. The coin is interesting to traders due to the fact that there a reliable company is behind it. It can be an option if the bear trend for Bitcoin and other well-known coins continues. In this case, we’ll see a very notable growth of the coin due to its low price.
  2. AUNIT/USD is in the top 3 most traded pairs of the BTC-Alpha exchange Dear Forum readers, We are glad to inform you that the AUNIT coin became the third most traded pair in terms of volume on the BTC-Alpha Exchange (https://btc-alpha.com) on November 6. The volume of the AUNIT/USD currency pair made over $105.000. Based on this indicator, the Aunite Group coin has outrun the pairs: Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Litecoin (LTC/USD) and many other well-known currency pairs. Mind that AUNIT had been listed on the BTC-Alpha exchange just a month ago, but had already gained popularity in the community of traders. A telling proof of this is a constantly growing trading volume. BTC-Alpha is currently not the only exchange where AUNIT can be traded. A week ago, the coin successfully passed the listing requirements on the ExRates crypto exchange. In the near future, the company is planning to add a few more exchanges, launch contests for traders and offer you many other interesting things! Subscribe to our news channels and stay tuned for our updates! Yours faithfully, Aunite Group team
  3. AUNIT coin has been successfully listed on ExRates! Dear Bitcointalk forum members, We are happy to inform you that the AUNIT coin has been successfully listed on the ExRates crypto exchange! ExRates is a dynamic exchange platform aimed at creating an easier and more affordable platform for new digital investors. ExRates has become the second crypto wallet allowing traders to work with the Aunite Group’s coin. As in the case of the first exchange BTC Alpha, it also gives an access to trading with the three cryptocurrency pairs including AUNIT: AUNIT/USD, AUNIT/BTC, AUNI/ETH.
  4. The review of Aunit coin Dear readers, At the beginning of the article, I will share the fundamental analysis. The good news from the BTC-alpha.com exchange: Aunit coin is still gaining a better popularity. Aunit/USD pair was ranked the third in terms of volume, having exceeded BTC/USD trading popularity! Yes, yes, exactly, that Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency in the world. The trading volume of the Aunit/USD currency pair has been over $100.000. This achievement has been recorded on November 6, 2018. Mind that the Aunit coin was listed on this exchange about a month ago. The technical picture is that drawn when coins are bought by a major player, but this will be considered in the second part of the article. We believe the coin is gaining popularity at a rather rapid pace. SEE charts: https://medium.com/@autounit2018/the-review-of-aunit-coin-d8bff44c24b1 Aunit/USD currency pair is also actively traded on the second cryptocurrency exchange, where the listing was received a little more than a week ago. Perhaps arbitration is starting to work, perhaps investors are buying coins on different exchanges to get a better portfolio, in fact, this is not as important. The growing popularity is supporting the coin, but there is no steady bull trend, which suggests that not all major players have collected their portfolio. Technical analysis of the Aunit/USD cryptocurrency pair Today the pair remains the most popular one of three pairs traded on the exchange. Despite a small history record of the coin, it is possible to clearly mark the support level 0.0375. Recently, this level performed as resistance, but this has not been for not long and as a result received a false breakthrough. Based on these two moments, you can build your trading tactics for several days: as long as the pair is being traded in the support area or the level of 0.0375. At the beginning of my review, I mentioned that someone was buying the coin in big scales, which is proved by good support that had worked smoothly. Quite chaotic leaps upwards also prove that. On the peaks of jumps, we can see small players trading. If the opinion about a major player is correct, then this is an additional support for Aunit coin. However, it is difficult to use it for earnings, in contrast to the dry technical analysis. A dry technical analysis suggests that since the currency pair is being traded in the support area and if there is a downward movement, it can only repeat the previous false breakthrough, then it is time to think about purchases. Since there are two options for a rebound from the support 0.0375, then you can enter in two steps: the first step is to buy from the market, the second one buys after a false breakthrough. The second option should be purchased at the beginning of the formation of a reversal figure, which will be below the level of 0.0375. Technical analysis of the Aunit/BTC cryptocurrency pair This currency pair is a little underestimated.Templates of the technical analysis can be easily applied here. The first thing you should pay attention to is horizontal support 0.0000600, then 600. The currency pair has pierced this level and if it does not consolidate there (judging by the green candles, it will), then you can wait for an upward rebound based only on these simple assumptions. The option is a bit more complicated as it also suggests a beautiful rise, which worth considering in more detail. The arrows on the chart draw a double bottom to the last trend down. There are also two parallel channels that use the two bottoms of a reversal pattern and cannot be marked in a different way. There is a false breakthrough, as we mentioned above. Using this markup, we can outline a scenario that may occur. The first step is to draw a local intraday double bottom figure at the horizontal support area 600 and make the price work out to the middle line of the two channels, which is the resistance of the lower channel. In this movement, the first goal worked. The second step is to break the resistance of the lower channel and wait when the price works out the resistance of the upper channel, which will be the second goal. Now the first step is starting to be worked out, a rebound with a false breakthrough from the support 600. It means you can enter into two parts: the first part is the purchase from the market, the second part is an alternative step in case the figure reverses and breaks resistance. You will need to partially exit out of channel resistance. Next, we wait for correction around the middle line so that a breakthrough will give a signal to boost purchases. Profit shall be taken partially at the upper red line. Since all lines have the trend character, I can’t refer to exact quotes, you need to monitor the market and move the Closes of transactions. So, the coin is quite promising as showed a great boost of activity. Wishing you lucky trading!
  5. START FOR THE ICO RACE - Buy AUNITE tokens from just $100 - Get unique ID number assigned to you - Win a flat in the capital along with hundreds of cool prizes https://www.auto-club.io/buy-tokens/
  6. Only 3 days are left - 15% bonus on purchase of AUNIT tokens. It will be a 30% bonus for VIP Partners! Promocode: AUNITE. All those who take part in the ICO race will be able to claim valuable prizes. Each $100 on your account give you ID. Each ID is a participant of the contest. So, one person can have as many IDs as he wishes. BTW, you can receive ID for your recommendation! Each $100 paid by the member introduced by you shall give you bonus ID numbers. Take your referral link in the personal account. When the number of contestants gets 15 000, the prize fund will add Toyota Corolla; with 100 000 contestants, we'll draw flat in Moscow! Seize it before July 22, Sunday. The campaign takes only 3 days and gives you the last good chance to take part in the Aunite Group' ICO!
  7. The benefits of our MLM system of recommendations. All services from the top-10 list use a single level recommendation system. Unlike others, our affiliate system allows for broader and more lucrative possibilities for purchases. You can earn from recommendations continuously when cashback is being distributed on 9 levels (example: you invite a friend, they invite several of their friends, who also invite their friends). You are rewarded for every purchase made by those who have received the recommendation. This is a key feature that distinguishes AU from leading recommendation systems of the biggest cashback platforms and retailers of goods and services.
  8. Today, everybody knows what cryptocoin is but very few people know how to earn on it. There is a bunch of ways; let’s consider the most popular ones: Mining of crypto Mining is the process of creating new coins using the computer power. It used to be the most beneficial way before. However, by now, it is no longer relevant. Trading with crypto on exchanges Cryptocurrency rate is constantly moving. Skilled traders are able to earn on that. And what about novices? Usually, they lose. Crypto Cranes Cranes are the websites that pay you in crypto for doing tasks. An advantages of these websites is that you won’t need to invest anything whereas their disadvantage is a big volume of monotonous job, which is paid based at the lowest rate. Will do for students. Investing in an ICO Is the most fascinating and promising way to earn on crypto. Why is it so? At the first stage, the cost of a new crypto is as low as possible. Crypto is growing as the ICO project is developing. Investors’ task: identify promising projects in the beginning and invest into them to receive profit when their price surges by tens and hundreds of times.
  9. Aunite Group has been running for 4 years. During this time, it achieved a notable progress: in 2017, its volume made $8.3 mln, whereas the profit incremented for as much as 280%!
  10. - Sign up on the website of the mobile app of our corporation - Choose the partner store where you’d like to obtain a discount - Make purchases in the partner store - Top up personal account the way you’d like to - Get revenue in partnership programs - Get cashback on each purchase you make!
  11. International Auto Club is not another startup business raising funds to finance an idea. This is a mature business which an easily scalable digital product. More than 750 000 users in Russia and CIS countries in more than 250 cities have already evaluated the product on its merits.
  12. Some facts about the AutoUnit Currency: - AutoUnit is the universal exchange and payment method - You can pay for goods and services across the globe - The coin is in permanent demand which ensures its liquidity - Fixed rate inside the platform - Emission in the form of cashback
  13. AUNITE GROUP STATISTICS: Over 5 bln goods and services on the Corporation’s website Partners in 250 cities and 35 countries Offices in 150 Russian cities and CIS countries Volume in 2017 year - $8.3 mln
  14. We credit bounty honestly! https://www.auto-club.io/bounty/ Bounty gives the possibility to receive tokens of ICO projects without investments. In fact, this is a marketing promotion of the ICO encouraging users to take certain actions, such as social media activity, translation, search of bugs etc. Are you already in our bounty program?
  15. How can I buy AutoUnit? Sign up on the website https://auto-club.io Replenish your account with any payment method you’d like to use; Pay for tokens from the personal account. As simple as that!

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