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  1. - Sign up on the website of the mobile app of our corporation - Choose the partner store where you’d like to obtain a discount - Make purchases in the partner store - Top up personal account the way you’d like to - Get revenue in partnership programs - Get cashback on each purchase you make!
  2. International Auto Club is not another startup business raising funds to finance an idea. This is a mature business which an easily scalable digital product. More than 750 000 users in Russia and CIS countries in more than 250 cities have already evaluated the product on its merits.
  3. Some facts about the AutoUnit Currency: - AutoUnit is the universal exchange and payment method - You can pay for goods and services across the globe - The coin is in permanent demand which ensures its liquidity - Fixed rate inside the platform - Emission in the form of cashback
  4. AUNITE GROUP STATISTICS: Over 5 bln goods and services on the Corporation’s website Partners in 250 cities and 35 countries Offices in 150 Russian cities and CIS countries Volume in 2017 year - $8.3 mln
  5. We credit bounty honestly! https://www.auto-club.io/bounty/ Bounty gives the possibility to receive tokens of ICO projects without investments. In fact, this is a marketing promotion of the ICO encouraging users to take certain actions, such as social media activity, translation, search of bugs etc. Are you already in our bounty program?
  6. How can I buy AutoUnit? Sign up on the website https://auto-club.io Replenish your account with any payment method you’d like to use; Pay for tokens from the personal account. As simple as that!
  7. only today! The promo code VLSALE = 30% bonus from Aunite Group. In other words, you buy tokens for $100 and receive $30 extra as a bonus. When tokens purchased for $130 will be listed on the exchange, they will be turned into the AUnite coins.
  8. What makes Aunite Group different from 95% of other ICO projects? Aunite Group: Has been successfully running for more than 4 years; Is officially set under the Russian law, pays taxes and fully legal; The last year, made a volume in the amount of $8.3 mln.; Regardless of the ICO’s results, we’ll continue our work and movement to the goals established.
  9. BENEFITS FOR INVESTORS ICO Aunite Group is an excellent solution suiting almost any investment strategy. Here is why: Demanded and time proven product Mature business with the volume as of $8,3 mln 100% legal business Convenient deposit, withdrawal, and exchange of AU for USD, EUR, RUR, BTC, ETH. Low commission Payment for goods and services with AU Receiving AU for your regular purchases Bonuses up to 30% as you receive tokens Multilevel partnership and Bounty programs
  10. A new adviser joined our team! It is Daniel Ang, a financial guru. He's been working as an expert on finance and capital in Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong, Australia for more than 30 years. Let us remind you that the final stage of our ICO is running right now. Buy our tokens and win super prizes!
  11. On July 10, 11, 12 5 p.m. in Sofia, Bulgaria, the IAC chair Valeriy will run meetings. Location: Enj. Ivan Ivanov 10 Blvd 10 Join us!
  12. Dear all, On July 22 in Moscow's World Trade Center, we are running the event closing the Aunite Group's ICO! We will discuss our further plans, efficient work on the exchange, summarize our ICO's results and conduct the giveaway of valuable prizes from the company! Website of the venue: https://spmarket.auto-club.biz/spmarket/ru/moskva/moskva/cata
  13. ICO | IAC | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | MEDIUM | VKONTAKTE | GOLOS | TELEGRAM CHANNEL | TELEGRAM GROUP WHITEPAPER | LIGHTPAPER | BOUNTY CAMPAIGN Website of the Aunite Group platform What is the Aunite Group? Aunite Group is an automated platform that brings together the best opportunities of payment systems, cashback services and referral programs. The project has been successfully operating since 2014. Below you’ll find the achievements of the Aunite Group corporation reached within the last three years: AutoToken & AutoUnit 85 982 639 AutoTokens and 3 000 000 000 AutoUnits in total being emitted in the process of sales. Cost: 1 Token = 10 AutoUnit = $1. 1 AutoUnit = $0.1 By the mid April 2018, Aunite Group ICO had collected almost $3 mln. Unlike many other ICOs being solely driven by the team and idea, Aunite Group is a fully operating legal business with the yearly volume in the amount of $8.3 mln. In the process of ICO, investors can benefit from the discounts on AutoUnit coupons based on the investor’s status in the Aunite Group platform: Bounty campaign Aunite Group has a multilevel referral network. There are two approaches when it comes to the distribution of tokens in bounty campaigns. regular bounty - you’ll get a certain share of tokens on condition you take certain actions. referral bounty works for partners including VIP partners (please refer to our glossary of the terms) of Aunite Group corporation. It’s very easy to become a partner: just sign up on the company’s website and pay a contribution to obtain this status. For the regular bounty campaign, 3% of tokens from the general amount of tokens shall be emitted and distributed among participants of the campaign based on the rules (will be published later). The referral bounty campaign shall receive 12% of of tokens from the general amount of tokens. This share will be distributed among participants of the campaign who have the status of partner and VIP partner of Aunite Group platform. Such big share of tokens is supposed to cover the whole referral network engaging over 70 000 individuals at the moment. The White Paper will detalize on the terms of the referral bounty campaign.

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