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  1. START FOR THE ICO RACE - Buy AUNITE tokens from just $100 - Get unique ID number assigned to you - Win a flat in the capital along with hundreds of cool prizes https://www.auto-club.io/buy-tokens/
  2. Only 3 days are left - 15% bonus on purchase of AUNIT tokens. It will be a 30% bonus for VIP Partners! Promocode: AUNITE. All those who take part in the ICO race will be able to claim valuable prizes. Each $100 on your account give you ID. Each ID is a participant of the contest. So, one person can have as many IDs as he wishes. BTW, you can receive ID for your recommendation! Each $100 paid by the member introduced by you shall give you bonus ID numbers. Take your referral link in the personal account. When the number of contestants gets 15 000, the prize fund will add Toyota Corolla; with 100 000 contestants, we'll draw flat in Moscow! Seize it before July 22, Sunday. The campaign takes only 3 days and gives you the last good chance to take part in the Aunite Group' ICO!
  3. The benefits of our MLM system of recommendations. All services from the top-10 list use a single level recommendation system. Unlike others, our affiliate system allows for broader and more lucrative possibilities for purchases. You can earn from recommendations continuously when cashback is being distributed on 9 levels (example: you invite a friend, they invite several of their friends, who also invite their friends). You are rewarded for every purchase made by those who have received the recommendation. This is a key feature that distinguishes AU from leading recommendation systems of the biggest cashback platforms and retailers of goods and services.
  4. Today, everybody knows what cryptocoin is but very few people know how to earn on it. There is a bunch of ways; let’s consider the most popular ones: Mining of crypto Mining is the process of creating new coins using the computer power. It used to be the most beneficial way before. However, by now, it is no longer relevant. Trading with crypto on exchanges Cryptocurrency rate is constantly moving. Skilled traders are able to earn on that. And what about novices? Usually, they lose. Crypto Cranes Cranes are the websites that pay you in crypto for doing tasks. An advantages of these websites is that you won’t need to invest anything whereas their disadvantage is a big volume of monotonous job, which is paid based at the lowest rate. Will do for students. Investing in an ICO Is the most fascinating and promising way to earn on crypto. Why is it so? At the first stage, the cost of a new crypto is as low as possible. Crypto is growing as the ICO project is developing. Investors’ task: identify promising projects in the beginning and invest into them to receive profit when their price surges by tens and hundreds of times.
  5. Aunite Group has been running for 4 years. During this time, it achieved a notable progress: in 2017, its volume made $8.3 mln, whereas the profit incremented for as much as 280%!
  6. - Sign up on the website of the mobile app of our corporation - Choose the partner store where you’d like to obtain a discount - Make purchases in the partner store - Top up personal account the way you’d like to - Get revenue in partnership programs - Get cashback on each purchase you make!
  7. International Auto Club is not another startup business raising funds to finance an idea. This is a mature business which an easily scalable digital product. More than 750 000 users in Russia and CIS countries in more than 250 cities have already evaluated the product on its merits.
  8. Some facts about the AutoUnit Currency: - AutoUnit is the universal exchange and payment method - You can pay for goods and services across the globe - The coin is in permanent demand which ensures its liquidity - Fixed rate inside the platform - Emission in the form of cashback
  9. AUNITE GROUP STATISTICS: Over 5 bln goods and services on the Corporation’s website Partners in 250 cities and 35 countries Offices in 150 Russian cities and CIS countries Volume in 2017 year - $8.3 mln
  10. We credit bounty honestly! https://www.auto-club.io/bounty/ Bounty gives the possibility to receive tokens of ICO projects without investments. In fact, this is a marketing promotion of the ICO encouraging users to take certain actions, such as social media activity, translation, search of bugs etc. Are you already in our bounty program?
  11. How can I buy AutoUnit? Sign up on the website https://auto-club.io Replenish your account with any payment method you’d like to use; Pay for tokens from the personal account. As simple as that!
  12. only today! The promo code VLSALE = 30% bonus from Aunite Group. In other words, you buy tokens for $100 and receive $30 extra as a bonus. When tokens purchased for $130 will be listed on the exchange, they will be turned into the AUnite coins.
  13. What makes Aunite Group different from 95% of other ICO projects? Aunite Group: Has been successfully running for more than 4 years; Is officially set under the Russian law, pays taxes and fully legal; The last year, made a volume in the amount of $8.3 mln.; Regardless of the ICO’s results, we’ll continue our work and movement to the goals established.
  14. BENEFITS FOR INVESTORS ICO Aunite Group is an excellent solution suiting almost any investment strategy. Here is why: Demanded and time proven product Mature business with the volume as of $8,3 mln 100% legal business Convenient deposit, withdrawal, and exchange of AU for USD, EUR, RUR, BTC, ETH. Low commission Payment for goods and services with AU Receiving AU for your regular purchases Bonuses up to 30% as you receive tokens Multilevel partnership and Bounty programs
  15. A new adviser joined our team! It is Daniel Ang, a financial guru. He's been working as an expert on finance and capital in Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong, Australia for more than 30 years. Let us remind you that the final stage of our ICO is running right now. Buy our tokens and win super prizes!

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