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  1. Its good to see that gratzio is getting so much noticed by every day that is passing. Today only, my friends were talking about this project and the impact it will have, once the full version of the app is launched.
  2. Reduce by one percent means that on first day, discount was 30 percent, on second day, discount was 29 percent, ........
  3. Their pre-sales ended few weeks back. Main ITO is going on now. They started with 30 percent discount on the first day, which will reduce by one percent every day.
  4. 30 percent discount alone is sufficient to hit the markets and become a a successful investment for the investors.
  5. https://dollardestruction.com/7922/ Just came across this article. Is this a good news for the project?
  6. I think the main benefit of lendsbay is that we can get loans in fiat currency which will be backed by the cryptos. I have never used Eth Lend.
  7. Hey with this speed and this low transaction costs, dont you think your project will be going to challenge the well established banking systems around the world?
  8. But most of the projects prohibit USA and for China they leave to the individual decision of the investors.

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