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  1. profits will be amazing...cryptohawk is more than exchange, its a bank, a payment platform, fiat,is reality and virtual at same time all in one!
  2. it is incredible all the benefits that this project gives you ist amazing! - burns 95% tokens - ERC20 tokens and NEM tokens suport - every exchange can you want it - easy to change tokens to fiat - ATM´s
  3. Come on, come on, the sale of Hawks is almost over to buy more! The best short benefit is the burning of tokens over 90%!
  4. And just a couple of days before the ICO ends, do not wait any longer and buy more CryptoHawk ... and then to the moon
  5. BIG NEWS IN MEDIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://medium.com/@CryptoHawkAG/cryptohawk-news-june-of-2018-6dadff3885a0
  6. IT IS VERY LITTLE FOR THE ICO TO END! Hurry up and get your 10% extra !!!!!
  7. buy Hawks and get 10% extra bonus , the ICO ends soon!!!!! https://medium.com/@CryptoHawkAG/cryptohawk-news-june-of-2018-6dadff3885a0
  8. love this benefits in addition to these benefits the service you get 25% monthly profit from the first month
  9. the best investment of the year ! https://medium.com/@CryptoHawkAG/cryptohawk-news-june-of-2018-6dadff3885a0

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