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  1. Gratzio, when are you going to announce the winners?
  2. See, the team just came up with two more updates. I can see the sales picking up on Monday.
  3. Gratzio, can you help me in finding a suitable accomodation?
  4. Good. We need more publicity like this. Why don't you target Asia as well for such events?
  5. With only 5 days to go, this may be the last opportunity for everyone to invest in this project.
  6. Gratzio, need to borrow a professional suit for tomorrow's meeting.
  7. Yeah thats true. Many forums prohibit from writing email addresses. Thanks for providing the information.
  8. Gratzio, can you deliver some pasta and some coke at my house tonight?
  9. Ahh that one. Yeah hoping for some more good news coming in for the project. This project should get more and more attention. The idea is very unique.

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