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  1. 10000 ETH in the prize pool, whoevers wins this gets at least 5000 ETH.
  2. 3000 ETH in the pot. Yes, I'm serious. https://exitscam.me/fomo3d
  3. 1600 ETH in the prize pool, players have gone insane today!
  4. 1083 ETH in the prize pool.1083 ETH in the prize pool.
  5. There's over 1000 ETH in the prize pool now, the winner will get over 500 Ethereum :o Time to celebrate with a Fomo3D song. The song is made by no other than the great Jamaican charmer Crypto Yarde https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8Bx6NnIrss Fomo into Fomo3D here: https://exitscam.me/fomo3d
  6. A good 20 ETH to go and we'll be at a 1000 ETH prize pool. Will the flood gates of ETH open at 1000? Who will be the lucky winner of at least 500 ETH? When will it happen? I do not know da wae of how it will end, but an emotional ride is guaranteed :o
  7. 910 ETH in the pot and 2 gwei ETH gas prices today. Thanks for letting us breathe Fcoin.
  8. 840 ETH prize pool and 6 gwei prices today. Great timing with the smaller crypto bull run today 😀 https://exitscam.me/fomo3d
  9. 780 ETH in the pot and gas prices are beginning to normalize around 10 gwei.
  10. Today was a rough day because of the insane Ethereum gas prices, but we're still standing. 737 ETH in the prize pool at the moment.
  11. We've surpassed 1000 daily active users. Fomo3D is the most popular Ethereum game. It is the second most popular Ethereum dapp, most popular being IDEX. There's currently 600 ETH in the prize pool. Fomo into Fomo3D here: https://exitscam.me/fomo3d
  12. Ok, 500 ETH in the pool prize. The dividend ROI will get smaller as times goes on by because the key price keeps increasing. We're on our way to be more popular than Forkdelta, Fomo3D is spreading like wildfire.

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