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  1. ⭐ Homepage ⭐ Qt-Wallet-Download ⭐ BlockExplorer ⭐ WebWallet ⭐ EXPERIMENT CRYPTO REBELLION WE ARE THE BEGINNING OF A CRYPTO REBELLION Born to be rebels. It runs in our blood. The crebellion is a squad of crypto rebels. Designed for a large number of rebels! Let's do it together Crebellion projects: CREBELCOIN | CREBELGAME | CREBELBOARD | CREBELMESSENGER CREBELLION CURRENCY CREBELCOIN (CREB) We use crebelcoin as the main currency for the Crebellion. Designed for a large number of rebels! ⭐ STATS Algorythm: Scrypt 100% Proof of Work Block Reward: 500 CREB Block Time: 30s Retarget: 5 minutes (10 blocks) Total coins 2,1 Milliarden CREB coming soon: °V3.0: Aqualis Protokol upgrade° (reprogrammed routing for fast and anonymous transaction) Onion Tor Nodes WebWallet Qt-Wallets How To Get Free Crebelcoins? CREBEL QUEST GAME PASSIVE INCOME MINING TRADING Miners are very important to a working crypto network. Support the project by mining CREB and we do our best to support you with a good reward. Exchange: There is enough capital for a good ordinary exchange. We will add the coin as soon as possible to a major exchange. ⭐ Homepage ⭐ Qt-Wallet-Download ⭐ BlockExplorer ⭐ MINING-POOL ⭐ ⚡️Crebel-Crypto-Game⚡️ Our goal is to employ a large community to earn money together. Similar to an online game, you can earn Rank Points (RP) with Quests! For every rise of a rank, a very generous reward awaits you! Only starting from rank 6 (general) you can passively earn from the generated income of the Crebellion! The bigger the Crebellion the more revenue will be generated! Anyone with a PC or Smartphone can join the Game. CREBELLION RANKS and REWARDS: 1. Lieutenant 100RP Belohnung: +1000 CREB 2. Captain 200RP Belohnung: +1000 CREB 3. Major 400RP Belohnung: +2000 CREB 4. Commander 800RP Belohnung: +4000 CREB 5. Colonel 1600RP Belohnung: +8000 CREB 6. General 5000RP Belohnung: +34.000 CREB +PASSIVE INCOME (Extrabonus for the first General 50.000 CREB!!!) Orden: Jedi Knight 30000EP Belohnung: +250.000 CREB +PASSIVE INCOME (Extrabonus for the first Jedi 100.000 CREB!!!!) Jedi Master: 60000EP Belohnung: +300.000 CREB +PASSIVE INCOME (Extrabonus for the first Jedi Master 100.000 CREB!!!) Quest-Tree-Level: Level 1 > Lieutenant - Captain Level 2 > Major - Commander Level 3 > Colonel - General Level 4 > Jedi - Jedi Master ++++ level groups in the crebellion discord channel First CrebellionStarterBonusQuests: Earn FAST and EASY Rewards and Ranks by recruiting new PEOPLE to the Crebellion-Discord-Server. 10 Members Reward: 100RP 20 Members Reward: 200RP 40 Members Reward: 400RP 80 Members Reward: 800RP 160 Members Reward: 1600RP 500 Members Reward: 5000RP 3000 Members Reward: 30000RP 6000 Members Reward: 60000RP (each member has his own Refferal link assigned) We have set up a WebWallet for the rewards. Discord and the Crebellion homepage are interconnected. Just join the Crebellion-Discord-army and you're ready to go. PASSIVE INCOME: It depends on us how much one earns as a General. Ok, I can give you some insider info until everything becomes official. One thing should be said! After this starter Quest it will be very hard to earn new points! As easy as it is now it will never be again to collect ranking points. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to build a very good passive income together. It is very important to us that not only the rich get richer. We are the crypto rebellion. We want to do it together, all of us play a big role!! How we do that? 2 new coins for the Crebellion Secrebel | Merebel You only get a MasterNode as a General +Jedi +Jedi Master!!! Crebellion Mining Pool: Fees are also split from level 6 onwards. Crebellion Mining Farm: Part of the revenue generated will be used for Mining Equipment, which will also be split. Staking: A part is spent on stake coins, which is also split. From every level rewards increase continuously! There are very hard times right now in the crypt world, those who are still motivated can happily join us! ⚡️CREBELLION MAIN BASE⚡️ ⚡️CrebelBoard⚡️ The crebelboard should become the main base of the Crebellion and will be a legal forum in the deepweb. It will serve us with a decentralized anonymous blockchain messenger and integrated webwallet for best condition of being anonymous. The crebelboard is additionally aligned with a cool dashboard for the crebel-quest-tree, with rank subdivision and much more. Before everything is ready, we chill on the crebellion discord server. For early starters there are extra rewards. Get a fight now!! Of course, your rank will also be transferred. CREBELLION MESSENGER Crebel-Anonymous-Blockchain-Messenger STATS * Anonymous Blockchain-Crebel-Messenger! * anonym and dezentral * Blockchain-Messenger for Peer to Peer! * integrated PGP encoding * °Aqualis° Routing! * the Crebel-Messenger is in symbiosis with the Crebel-Board and the Crebel-Coin! How can you earn CREB? CREBEL GAME PASSIVE INCOME MINING TRADING Quest bounties for early starters! CREBELCOIN-GITHUB MINING POOLS Official Pool: NEW CREBELLION MININGPOOL http://pool.crebellion.org -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u "your wallet address" -p c=CREB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROFESSIONAL HIGH TECH POOL https://minpool.net/coin/CREB Host: minpool.net Port: 6900 User: Your wallet address Password: c=CREB Fee: 1% Payout: Every hour ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREBELLION ⭐ Homepage ⭐ Qt-Wallet-Download ⭐ BlockExplorer ⭐ Discord-Squad ⭐

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