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  1. Official Argentas Announcement Argentas Telegram Group https://t.me/joinchat/HPwImhFyoDHYhgN_WIZj5A Website: https://argentas.io White paper (Github): https://github.com/argentasio/Documentation/blob/master/whitepaper.md Twitter: https://twitter.com/argentasio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/argentas.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HPwImhFyoDHYhgN_WIZj5A Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXWWAuLmMqMhKAMWUWoNhw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/argentas.io/ Medium: https://medium.com/argentas AXU (Argentas Exchange Unit) Token pre-distribution started & ongoing ICO 3rd quarter 2018 – dates to be announced later Pre-distribution hard cap 100,000,000 AXU Tokens (corresponds to 40,000,000 XLM at the fixed rate of 0.4 XLM for 1 AXU – 1 AXU is ca. USD 0.11) XLM-compatible AXU Tokens are verified and listed on https://stellarport.io decentralized exchange Official bounty campaign: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4438466 ----- * * * ----- Incumbent banks and central banks will not change the world. We will. While the incumbents focus on maintaining and defending their power, we focus on helping to build a new open global financial system that is accessible to all. Argentas introduces the new Architecture of Money (AOM) https://www.argentas.io/documents/aom.pdf AOM helps to transform global banking, payments and other financial services, migrate such activities into blockchain ecosystem, and generate entirely new economic and financial activity in the crypto-driven economic system. AOM decentralizes banking and finance, and eventually banks and bank accounts as we know will disappear into the blockchain. The future is now. A 2nd generation financial blockchain platform As a powerful second generation blockchain project, Argentas helps to build new open global financial system. The Argentas ecosystem, based on its new Architecture of Money, will be formed around its core HydraNet blockchain, network interfaces and bridge entities, and an eventual decentralized application platform focusing on global financial applications. Argentas has the potential to become the decentralized blockchain application platform and ecosystem for global finance. See the video: ----- * * * ----- Banks and bank accounts will disappear Global finance will 'go crypto', and there is no way back: (1) Bank accounts and banks as we know them will disappear and morph into blockchain network interfaces – blockchain will record transactions and hold ‘account balances’. (2) Bank services will become dapps, decentralized applications. (3) Enabled by the distributed ledger technologies (DLT), first time ever, truly global, instant and virtually free payments are possible. (4) DLTs have first time ever made possible to create a truly global open financial architecture and system – without any central authority or control. No one has so far created a ‘perfect’ solution to make this all happen: This is the perfect opportunity ahead. ----- * * * ----- (1) Backed by strong financial services and technology (Fintech) experience and expertise in building and launching real life business grade Fintech platforms and operating businesses, the Argentas team has a realistic project that creates a powerful second generation blockchain platform to transition global payments and ‘centralized’ banking into the decentralized world of blockchain. (2) The project is not only to create the right kind of blockchain platform and native cryptocurrency, but an ecosystem also covering the interfaces, bridge entities and dapps to facilitate smooth movement and transition between traditional and crypto economies, migrating and creating real business activity, boosting the growth of the crypto economy. (3) The project is not “proof-of-concept” but focuses on helping to build sustainable real value-adding economic activities, and growing the new decentralized economy. (4) Argentas decentralizes banking and payments and gives financial power back to the people. (5) The network will become the ‘de-central bank of crypto’, which will generate immense value to its users in terms of money, time and effort saved and new crypto economic and financial activity created. (6) Global finance will be made democratic: universal access will be given to all, and the bank will truly be in the pocket of every user, enabling true financial inclusion. ----- * * * ----- The space we are in is enormous, potentially covering the business of traditional banks, payment firms, payment card schemes (Visa, MC, Amex etc.), financial messaging networks (Swift) and other financial services providers. The total global market cap of banks (largest ones ca. USD 400 billion) is into tens of trillions of dollars, leading card schemes more than a trillion, and e.g. SWIFT processes trillions of dollars worth payments every day. These amounts tell something about the value of this space of tens of trillions of dollars we are disrupting, and migrating and growing the activity into new crypto ecosystems with enormous value-added. Most financial transactions will be digital and decentralized, and Argentas is well positioned to capture this vast creation of new value. ----- * * * ----- Some of the key requirements for such 2nd gen blockchain in order to be successful are the following, leveraging our substantial Fintech experience in building and operating streamlined and most modern enterprise grade financial platforms: (1) Speed (low latency): Fast transaction confirmation times of 2-5 seconds (base case), w/objective instant (sub-second) (2) Transaction throughput (scalability): Targeting at least 50-60 thousand transactions per second (e.g. the global volume of Visa), but research on “lightning network” (no viable commercial application exists yet) as secondary payment channel and/or powerful primary layer solutions to enable up to millions of transactions per second (3) No mining: Consensus-based transaction validation (based on a fault-tolerant variation of ‘Byzantine Generals’ Agreement), no proof-of work (PoW) /proof-of-stake (PoS), consumes much less computing power, much more environmentally friendly (4) Low transaction cost: Lack of mining consumes much less computing power, causing much less network congestion and capacity problems, which enables much lower costs (5) Decentralized control, transparency and flexible trust: Anyone free to access and participate the network and choose who to trust – anyone equal, enabling complete financial inclusion (6) Safety and security: The security should not only rest on “normal” digital signatures and hash families (base case) but eventually be quantum resistant (for which more research is needed) (7) Smart sharding: Research on the possibility not to replicate the whole ledger entirely (as in base case) but portion it across the network through “smart sharding”, lowering network load & increasing overall capacity (8 ) Easy, convenient, intuitive user interfaces: User interfaces – e.g. the native the wallet, are simple and easy to use, intuitively facilitating buy, sell, store and transfer of value and use of any available app. ----- * * * ----- Our thinking is that in order to be successful, we do not only need core blockchain protocol, but an entire new synergistic ecosystem that facilitates the migration of true economic activity between the traditional economy and the cryptoeconomy, and the creation of entirely new kind of economic activity in the crypto sphere. The Argentas Ecosystem (“AE”) will have three principal dimensions that will create automatic internal synergies, reinforcing it and increasing its value-added through every additional piece of economic activity or transaction: (1) HydraNet – the Argentas-developed protocol and blockchain (including its all is components) (2) HydraNet interfaces / bridge entities such as native wallets, exchanges, banks and other actors interfacing with HydraNet (3) HydraNet dApps – further decentralized applications (dapps) that leverage the power of HydraNet for economic activity Given the fast-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency sphere and the underlying technologies, the structure and components of the AE are likely to evolve accordingly. The AE has been conceived so that every dimension will support and the strengthen the network and the ecosystem itself, so the growth of any dimension – the number of network nodes, the volume of transactions (in its native assets or otherwise), the number and type of network bridges and interfaces, and the number and type of other dapps (e.g. wallets are also dapps) – will boost the position and value of the network, all components being mutually synergistic to benefit the ecosystem as a whole, potentially creating the leading blockchain ecosystem for global finance. ----- * * * ----- The development of the ecosystem is divided in two major phases: Phase 1: Development and implementation of (i) the HydraNet protocol and blockchain, and (ii) its key interfaces & bridges i.e. wallet (native), exchange (native) and banks (non-native connecting through APIs) or similar, because the network use, when interfaced with the “rest of the world” will significantly increase through the bridge entities compared to the singular use of its native digital asset / cryptocurrency for transactions, when not interfaced. In order to facilitate the transition between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ systems towards the ‘post-banking’ era in the new global financial system, Argentas may or may not partner with, invest in, hold, acquire, set up or dispose various network bridge entities such banking units, while the fulfilment of its strategic objectives is independent of such units. Phase 2: Development of further dapps & wider ecosystem – the further dapps, which may also interface with the other network key user interfaces such as wallets, exchanges and banks, will focus on financial activities that boost general economic activity, crypto and traditional, and provide value-adding services that could be ones like decentralized lending that will be inherently supported by HydraNet structure. Dapp development and interfacing will be open to all, and it will be the intention of Argentas to support the development and integration of interfaces, bridge entities and dapps in the AE through venture funding or similar initiatives, depending on the resources available. ----- * * * ----- Why a bank entity adds value for a network that will render banks useless? Even if banks and bank accounts will eventually disappear, as of today, they can interface with and act as important bridges between the crypto economy and the traditional economy, holding balances of fiat money and other non-crypto assets that are issued as network credit. Recent bad treatment of crypto users by traditional banks, blocking access to their payment, card and other services, makes it urgent to have crypto friendly banks available. A bank entity can act as a laboratory for the transition from closed-ledger “centralized” banks to the DLT “decentralized” crypto banking, and dapps replacing banking services on the network, eventually making the network the bank. Such model bank(s) would run an entirely digital online platform leveraging machine learning / artificial intelligence and minimize human intervention. ----- * * * ----- Mission Argentas as a project was formed to fulfill its mission of Vision The objective of Argentas is to evolve into the leading blockchain ecosystem for global finance. ----- * * * ----- Argentas offers its community – the early believers, fans and supporters – an early opportunity to currently participate, in preferred terms, in the private pre-distribution of the Stellar XLM compatible AXU (Argentas Exchange Unit) Token through its website https://argentas.io – just click “Get AXU” and follow simple & easy instructions. There are also articles on Medium to explain the easy & quick steps to acquire AXU Tokens: (https://medium.com/argentas/how-to-acquire-axu-tokens-4205e1472171) as well as how to buy some XLM and set up your wallet (https://medium.com/argentas/how-to-buy-xlm-in-order-to-get-axu-tokens-107d45b596dc) if you don’t yet have any. The AXU Tokens are also listed and verified on the StellarPort (https://portal.stellarport.io/) decentralized exchange and can be acquired and traded (independently of Argentas) through the exchange. A public token distribution at higher rates will take place later during the third quarter of the year. The price per token at the ICO phase may be twice the level in this pre-distribution. ----- * * * ----- Please visit the Careers page of our website and consult the current job openings. ----- * * * ----- To find out more about the Argentas project check out: Website: https://argentas.io White paper (Github): https://github.com/argentasio/Documentation/blob/master/whitepaper.md Twitter: https://twitter.com/argentasio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/argentas.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HPwImhFyoDHYhgN_WIZj5A Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXWWAuLmMqMhKAMWUWoNhw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/argentas.io/ Medium: https://medium.com/argentas ----- * * * -----

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