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  1. Guys, arbitrage is an effective strategy? I'm new, I read a lot about arbitration bots and I plan to install some
  2. You can install BibitBot. It compares the course of any coin and keeps track of pamps nd dumps
  3. Do not forget about commissions. I choose coins with a small commission for withdrawal and small exchanges. BibitBot allows you to select any currency and exchange and sends notifications to Telegram
  4. I agree with you. Arbitrage between exchanges is very effective and there are no risks. I can earn a lot on pampas and dumps. I use this bot, because it can track absolutely any coin and exchange. It's also not automatic, I make all the transactions myself. No scum. I advise. See free trial http://www.bibitbot.com/
  5. Trading signals are analytics and insider information. There is no guarantee that this information is accurate and transmitted promptly!
  6. I am not a supporter of passive income. In my opinion, the trader must analyze, compare and act. I have been earning arbitration for a long time. Installed the bot, now only buy and sell
  7. Automatic bot is not safe. The bot should not have access to the wallet and user data

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