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  1. Gratzio Decentralized app for instant person-to-person services powered by blockchain. Scroll down for the bounty question! BOUNTY: The 5 most original answers to the question below will receive 4,000 Gratz tokens ($200 worth) each. INSTRUCTIONS: Post your answer in the comments, under this post. QUESTION: What favor would you ask Gratzio? Examples: Gratzio, bring me a dozen roses to my exact location within 15 min Gratzio, hold a free parking for me at City Center Gratzio, jump-start my car battery Gratzio, drive me home in my car Gratzio, mow my lawn Gratzio, walk my dog Gratzio, I’m fishing. Bring me six pack of Corona beer to my location Gratzio, shovel my grandma’s driveway before 10AM All winners will be announced in this thread and will be able to register on Gratz.io website to claim their bounty tokens. Website: https://gratz.io
  2. Gratzio advisors: Michael Atkinson Managerial, advisory and administrative services to Initial Coin Offering projects. Founder of KCS services. Australia LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-atkinson-0a1a40161/ Octavio Padilla Member of Advisory Board on Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force. Mexico. from Mexico LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/octaviopadilla/
  3. ONLY 4 HOURS LEFT UNTIL THE END OF GRAT TOKEN PRE-SALE. Last chance to get 40% discount. Buy tokens here: https://gratz.io/buytokens
  4. Yes, GRAT will be listed on StellarTerm and StellarX exchanges on August 30th. Additionally, we are in negotiations with several other exchanges.
  5. That is why we do not employ any aggressive FOMO tactics. We do not pressure anybody to buy tokens, because we have enough investors who love the idea and would hold gratz at least until the launch of the platform. Plus, we have a lot of requests from investors from the USA who would like to invest but can't participate in the token sale because of regulations. We suggest all of them to wait until the end of ITO. I can't give any official predictions, but with that volume and capacity of people who are interested in Gratzio from USA I can say that even when some investors will start to unload to get even after the ITO - the demand should overshadow the supply.
  6. This is a great news for the whole cryptocommunity. No fee exchange to any crypto or fiat on a truly decentralized exchange. This means Gratzio users will be able to utilize this feature right from their wallets and exchange Gratz to any possible crypto or local fiat currency... Between StellarX and Gratzio launch Stellar will have an enormous boost in user base and adoption and Gratzio users will automatically join this ride...
  7. We've launched a presale as a test of the market and to raise funds for our mass media campaign that will start simultaneously with our ITO on July 30th.

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