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  1. Here is the latest update from our development department with new screen-cast of the Gratzio dApp: Please register for our alfa test here: https://gratz.io/register
  2. Here is the previous interview of our CEO Serge Ustiuzhanin for the "Enter the Block" segment of "New to the Street" program that was aired back in August. The next appearance on the program is scheduled around the September 21st. It will feature Olga Beckman and Serge Ustiuzhanin where they will showcase the Gratzio dApp. The second program will be broadcasted on FOX Business News.
  3. Here is a sneak peek preview of Gratzio dApp work-in-progress. We are very close to release it for testing, and currently working on a front-end. It is still very raw, but we figured it would be nice to show the progress to our community: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kafiS27KLYY
  4. We are excited to announce that Gratzio entered into a partnership with Clavis Systems to protect Gratzio wallets with an AI-powered algorithm that recognizes user behavioral patterns and makes Gratzio wallet one of the most secure on the market.
  5. Gratzio team represented by Olga Beckman and Serge Ustiuzhanin on the Set of the "Exploring the block" segment of "New to the Street" program that will be broadcasted on FOX Business News right after the end of Gratzio ITO on the September 21st. Great timing to showcase the working Gratzio dApp to 100 million US households precisely after Gratz token hit exchanges, so US residents will finally be able to acquire tokens.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT: As a strategic move to preserve the value of gratz token in current market conditions, and in response to numerous requests from our investors, the team decided to extend the Initial Token Offering period for 21 additional days until September 20th at 23:59 (GMT+1)
  7. It is our pleasure to announce that Dickie Armour joined the Gratzio board of advisors. Dickie is a Member of the Bitcoin Foundation, an expert on ICOBench, a strategic partner with TokenMatch and the ICO Advisory Board at the IDACB. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dickiearmour/
  8. It is our pleasure to announce that James Peters joined the Gratzio board of advisors. James is a dynamic, articulate Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, ICO Advisor and Blockchain Consultant, Innovator. James is a CEO at Procorre, United Kingdom https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-peters-038298156/
  9. Gratzio was featured on Ukrainian news portal (Russian Language) http://daily.com.ua/publications/Kriptovalyuta-Gratzio-novyy-sposob-bystro-zarabotat-v-Seti
  10. Sorry, my bad. The forum probably prohibits publishing emails. so it is gratzio(at)gratz.io
  11. Gratzio was given an "A" (STRONG) rating by the independent Risk-Enterprise rating agency. https://gratz.io/media-kit/evaluation-summary.pdf The full report is available upon request.
  12. We are in negotiations with several cryptofunds. We will announce the results shortly. Hopefully, you will hear a couple of very well known figures in the crypto-community that will back Gratzio project. Stay tuned!
  13. We do not have the set date yet. We will announce it after the official launch.

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