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  1. ICOsherpa.com @ 0.55btc BitcoincashBCH.org @ 1.25btc CryptocurrencyHYIP.com @ 0.35btc | CryptoCronies.com @ 0.3btc eCoin.info @ 0.3btc (taken in 77 other extensions) eCrypto.club @ 0.2btc BtcBch.org @ 0.35btc BitcoinBtcBch.com @ 0.35btc CryptoGame.blog @ 0.4btc ** Will Consider Reasonable Offers ** All sales will be processed via Undeveloped.com using their escrow service. This is for both our protection (I will cover Undeveloped.com fees)
  2. What console is that screenshot taken from? I'm asking because I would like to know what appraisal parameters they are using

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