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  1. Cryptoportfolio - the most promising mobile application of the cryptocurrency portfolio [WEBSITE] - [GOOGLE PLAY] 1. Introduction Our company has been developing mobile applications for more than 3 years, and we decided to start developing ready cases of blockchain projects, one of which is the Mobile application Cryptoportfolio. Monitoring the capitalization of your crypto-currency portfolio and the blockchain of the market as a whole is one of the most important things for any user of the blockchain industry. However, most popular tracking services for coins do not have an intuitive, pleasant interface, which affects their audience. According to our observations: poor usability is the problem of the whole market of products of the blockchain-sphere. Statistics clearly says: a complex and multifunctional software always loses a product with powerful usability (simple and understandable to the user at a glance). It took 5 months for the entire development process. 2. About Project Cryptoportfolio is the best free tracker / manager for crypto-currency portfolios. Includes the possibility of monitoring Bitcoin and popular Altcoins (such as Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, Miota and others.). Managing your portfolio conveniently and understandably both for beginners and advanced users. Some possibilities and advantages: Intuitive interface Actual information about coins - the ability to view the current price and the graphs of changes for different periods Portfolio - add and store information about your coins to track the change in value Pricing alerts - add signals that alert you about changes in prices for currencies in real time Transaction history - save all your transactions in a convenient form in 2 clicks Active technical support 3. Created and launched (fully working) + Mobile android application + Publication in Google Play + App stores CEO (app name, description, icon...) + Back-end for storaging and processing data + Landing-page 4. Benefits The project is specially designed to gain audience quickly, creating competition to market leaders such as Blockfolio and subsequently bypass them by popularity. The most effective way to promote an application is to optimize it for app stores (GooglePlay and others). We carefully thought out and realized all the marketing details, in particular: The name of the application and its description greatly affect its delivery in app stores Icon - application icon affects which application the user will install when viewing the list (for example, searching for "portfolio" or "crypto tracker") Most powerful Design & Usability - Due to the design of the interface and its convenience, by screenshots in GooglePlay, our application will always be "closer" to users than other applications. “Feedback or Rate the app!“ system - increases the average rating of the application, raises it in the search result and increases its relevance And we also took care of the opportunities and advantages for the buyer: Presentability - good appearance and internal stability will always draw attention to the project. Great potential for ICO - having an MVP (ready-made product), you are able to raise funds for the development of the project, which will be enough to hold a marketing company and become one of the leaders of the popular segment in the Blockchain industry. Highly supported product - the structure of the project allows you to easily make changes or modify the functionality of the application. It also allows you to easily implement any way to monetize the application: for example, paid subscription or premium features. Accompaniment - for convenience we suggest you after purchasing choose our team to finalize the application at your discretion. Only one buyer - all the intellectual property created during development is transferred to your hands, and the developer's GooglePlay account with the published application is either deleted or transferred to you. 5. Price and additional information Price: 19 000$ This is close to the cost of the developing. In this case, we work more on reputation, in order to continue to deal with larger systems. Therefore, if there is a choice from buyers, priority will be given to: buyers with a reputation, global and clear plans for the project our subsequent participation in the project In the future, we are ready to assist you in the further development of the product, the preparation of the work plan and their implementation on mutually beneficial terms. For Russian partners, personal meetings are possible. 6. Contacts (Lokos Developing Studio) E-mail: mobdevelop@mail.ru Mobile phone (WhatsApp, Viber): +79222188623 Website Facebook VK Instagram Telegram Youtube Regards, Mikhail Vdovin.

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