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  1. Kineticex Telegram Bounty Campaign How to join: Complete this form Join our Telegram group Join the group – 50 tokens! Be an active member – between 50 and 500 tokens as follows. Earn tokens by discussing the Kineticex project in our telegram group for at least 7 consecutive calendar days. Participants who send spam messages/advertisements of other projects will be removed from the whole Bounty Program and group. This bounty campaign will run from June 16, 2018, to July 15, 2018. The topic could be but not limited to: a. Raise/answer questions about Kineticex b. Your own opinions about the Kineticex ecosystem and its related technologies c. Constructive discussion on the Kineticex token sale Based on Activity % (Attention: bad "flood ratio" could disqualify you). If you are in top 3: 500 tokens If you are ranked 4 to 10: 300 tokens If you are ranked 11 to 20: 200 tokens If you are ranked 21 to 50: 100 tokens D. The first 300 members who register with the exchange will be rewarded with tokens as well. Refer and Earn program Share Kineticex with your friends who are interested and invite them to our Telegram Group to claim 20 tokens for you and 50 tokens for your friend. Please note: Max 20 referrals per person. When you finish any of the above items, submit the Campaign Submission Google Form with the following information: Telegram ID: XXX ETH address: XXX Referrer/Referee telegram ID: XXX Screenshots of my joining Kineticex telegram group and still in there. Screenshots of my discussion in the Kineticex group for a consecutive 7 days. Rules: Users who have the title of another ICO in their usernames are not allowed to participate in this campaign. Participate in the Discussion group. Follow and respect these guidelines. Be active and supportive in the channel, but don’t overdo it. Stay in the channel until the end of the crowdsale – otherwise, you will be disqualified. Activity % will be checked weekly by Combot. If your flood ratio (showed by Combot) is bad we reserve the right to disqualify you for the week. Activity % of the team members will not count in the ranking. We reserve the right to remove you from the campaign if you are not following the rules. Extra 1000 tokens for the person that is ranked Number 1 at the end of the crowdsale! Kineticex Team reserve their right to change these terms or apply new ones.
  2. There is a new player in town that provides the fastest payment platform which contains merchants and their live stores running in the platform. With lowest transaction fees, you can check out their live and running exchange without any hassles from their platform.
  3. This project holds much promise in Blockchain payment gateway solutions. Another worthy mention is Kineticex that also provides an innovative blockchain payment gateway with a seamless exchange and an underlying cryptocurrency to establish a sustainable environment for merchants to trade with cryptocurrency.
  4. I think this is a great platform to use for payment processing. Another good one is Kineticex that also processes payments in various platforms and also provides a mobile app to track the tokens in it.
  5. Yes; the inherent qualities of blockchain being a decentralized, public, and immutable ledger makes it a much more secure and transparent option. Blockchain records are time-stamped and stored with extremely high levels of data encryption, thus making it incorruptible and irrefutable.
  6. Kineticex is a blockchain based mobile payment solution for fast, reliable, secure, private and mass services. Only blockchain recognized service profile with major worldwide mobile networks.

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