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  1. Hello community, MinersHeaven has a own Exchange We have listed MinersHeavenCoin [MHC] and Frenchcoin [FRE] to time. More Coins will be listed!! https://mh-exchange.de/signup Happy Trading
  2. MinersHeavenCoin now in Voting on :https://cryptohub.online/voting/ every vote become 400 MHC ,send me a screenshot with your vote.
  3. !!! 200000 MHC PreSale !!! We offer 200000mhc premines for sale. The profit alone should help us to write it down on Exchanges. We treat revenue and expenses as transparently as possible for all Investors The price for 1Mhc is 0.00000210 Btc. This amount is based solely on the cost of rental and revenue on MHC coins of an Antminer L3 + for 24 hours. If you are interested please contact us here in the Thread , PM or Email [email protected]
  4. Bountie for Pool Owners The MinersHeavenCoin Team say THANKS for the Support to following Pool Owners. We want to send you 1000mhc as thanks. Please send or post your Walletaddress. 1: https://cvmpool.pw TX: 2: https://minpool.net TX: 3: http://easypool.win TX: 4: http://youcrazy.me TX: 5: https://mhc.coin-miners.info TX: 6: https://weekendpool.org TX: 7: https://smithpool.net TX:
  5. MinersHeavenCoin Technical specification of the coin -Algo: Scrypt -Type: PoW/PoS -Coin Name: MinersHeavenCoin -Ticker: MHC -Block reward: 20 coins -Coin supply: 22050000 coins -Premine amount: 1050000 coins -PoS percentage: 10% per year -Last PoW block: block 10000 -Min. stake age: 1 hours -Max. stake age: Unlimited -Coinbase maturity: 60 blocks -Target spacing: 60 seconds -Target timespan: 1 block -Transaction confirmations: 15 blocks Official Sites Twitter: https://twitter.com/coin_heaven Wallets Windows: https://mega.nz/#F!3jAGlbwJ!WLOshhcrvoZ7d6MDx0Pfuw Source: https://github.com/MinersHeaven/mhcoin Pools http://unomp.minersheaven.eu https://cvmpool.pw https://minpool.net/ http://easypool.win/ http://youcrazy.me/ https://mhc.coin-miners.info Blockexplorer http://mhc-expl.minersheaven.eu/ Exchanges https://c-cex.com/?id=vote&coin=mhc Coming soon Airdrop Coming soon

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