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  1. Thanks Jimmy. I will upload the logos now and use the other threads at a later date.
  2. Hi and welcome to our ANN thread for Hanacoin! www.hanacoin.com WHITEPAPER Links Website: https://www.hanacoin.com Whitepaper: https://www.hanacoin.com/downloads/whitepaper.pdf Windows Wallet: https://www.hanacoin.com/downloads/hanacoin-wallet-windows.zip Linux Wallet: https://www.hanacoin.com/downloads/hanacoin-release.tar.bz2 OS X Wallet: https://www.hanacoin.com/downloads/osx.zip Mining Pool: https://www.hanapool.hanacoin.com/ Github: https://github.com/hanacoinproject/hanacoin Block Explorer: https://explorer.hanacoin.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hanacoins How to setup wallet and mine Hanacoin: https://youtu.be/A9VHHHD4xEY Questions and Answers: Q: When will Hanacoin launch officially? A: We are hoping to launch Hanacoin on June 12, the same day that the peace treaty with North Korea will be signed (if it proceeds). We feel that it will be a very symbolic day to launch our new coin. You are welcome to mine Hanacoin now. Q: What will you do if someone develops an asic computer for Lyra2REv2? A: We will look to adjust the algorithm settings to keep the coin asic resistant. Q: Why do you have a pre-mine and what will it be used for? A: Part of it is for profit. Without a profit for the founders, there would be no motivation for us to keep working on the coin and increasing its value. We will pay wages, pay for the mining pool, website hosting, promotions, computer hardware, payments to get Hanagoin listed on exchanges, press releases, office space the list goes on. There are a lot of costs involved in making the coin a success. Q: Who will you be marketing this coin to? A: The coins goal is to help young Koreans build wealth for a better future. A future where they can afford to take time off work in a country that has some of the hardest working people in the world. Q: How many coins will be donated to charity each year? A: One of our founders, Soo Yeon has been supporting a Korean charity for more than 10 years personally. We do not want to name the charity that we will donate to until the coin is up and running and the charity accepts our donations. Initially, we will donate Hanacoin to our chosen charity if they accept the payment and we hope to form a long-lasting relationship with them. If the North and South Korea form closer ties, we would like to support the impoverished North Koreans. Q: How quickly will Hanacoin grow? A: If you are looking for a coin to reach the moon in a few months then Hanacoin is not the coin for you. We are aiming for steady, long-term growth of Hanacoin. We will be focusing on marketing and promoting the coin to gain widespread adoption and as the coin is adopted, it will grow in value. Q: Which Exchanges will you be listed on? A: The goal is to be listed on Korean exchanges which is difficult because Korean exchanges usually do not list a lot of coins so we will be in contact with a number of other Asian and Western exchanges and grow before we attempt to list on Korean exchanges. Q: Are you looking for any help? A: Yes, we absolutely need to grow our community and we would love any help that you could provide. Please support us and we will do our best to be a standout coin for all the right reasons. Q: Who is running your mining Pool? A: We have established our own mining pool using miningcore and will monitor resource usage and the requirement for expanding our existing hardware pool vs engaging a third-party pool provider. Q: Why did we set up our own mining pool vs engaging third-party upfront? We feel that any good coin has its own mining pool. Whilst this mining pool may not always be the preferred pool once larger providers come on board, we felt it was important to provide our own. Q: Why is your pool fee 2%? A: Running your own pool is expensive. We need to generate some funds to cover the ongoing costs and hardware expansion. We still don’t know if this will cover the expenses, but couldn’t justify it being any higher and hope to reduce the fee as the coin gains momentum and the value of Hanacoin increases. Q: How many connected miners can you handle? A: We have stress tested as much as we could, however, do not have a fixed number. We have resource monitoring in place and the ability to expand hardware within hours of alarms triggering. Our thresholds start pretty low so we get plenty of warning that our resources need upgrading. If you have any other questions, please post them below and we will do our best to answer them. We are actively seeking people like you reading this to become part of our project and we really value your feedback and comments. Thanks for taking the time to read our ANN :)

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